Reset Amazon Firestick Remote

How To Reset Amazon Firestick Remote – Easy Steps


Wireless remotes are lovely until they cease to connect and you are unable to even turn on your TV. If your Amazon Fire TV Stick (better called “the Firestick”) Remote doesn’t work, and you’re sure that it’s got new batteries, You should attempt to reset Amazon Firestick Remote. Resetting the Firestick remote can refresh its connection to the streaming stick and solve issues.

Contrary to other devices, you cannot reset the Firestick remote by turning the switch. The precise buttons you’ll need to push will depend on the kind of Remote you’ve got.

It’s a good thing, as it will only take a couple of minutes for any remote. Here’s how to reset your Firestick remote – and all other types of Amazon Fire TV remote.

How To Reset The Firestick Remote

Reset Amazon Firestick Remote

The Firestick remote may be reset on its own. Hold and press several remote buttons for a reset on a Firestick remote that isn’t working. After that, take out the batteries from the remote for a couple of seconds. Different models of Firestick remotes are made. Each model has different resetting processes.

What Happens If You Reset Amazon Firestick Remote

It is possible to reset Firestick Remote to remove the FireTV Stick remote from the TV. It erases any connection between the television and the remote, and it will require the user to set it up once more. If a problem with the user occurs and their Remote does not work, this is the ideal method to fix the issue.

In this article, I will discuss two options; in the first case, we restore the Fire TV Stick remote while performing an initial reset in the second. The second method is only used in the most extreme case because it will erase all settings, apps, downloaded files, and everything else from the device.

When you use this method, you’ll enjoy many advantages as you find that the apps are running faster since it erases the cache and junk files generated by these applications. However, it does not erase all downloaded data; it also removes the app backup you download with Downloader.

This way, you will save vast amounts of storage. You can also make your device operate much more quickly than before. If you fill-up the storage on the Firestick 4K, you’ll encounter overheating, Buffering, and various other issues.

However, remember that after you have performed an initial factory reset, you’ll have to reset the FireTV Stick once more.

7 Steps To Reset The Remote For Your Firestick

Steps to reset the remote for your Firestick

#1: Unplug Your Fire TV Stick

To begin, disconnect the power cord of the Fire TV Stick.

Disconnecting the cable of your Fire TV is necessary not to interfere with the process of resetting.

Making a series of presses from your controller is a part of the procedure.

If it’s plugged into the power source, it’ll follow the directions of the buttons.

So you’ll notice that your Firestick remote won’t be able to reset.

Additionally, disconnecting your Fire TV Stick will allow the resetting process to be completed properly.

Failure to reset can result in the Firestick remote failing more often.

The unplugging of the Fire TV is necessary not to interfere with Resetting.

The pressing of a set of buttons on your device’s Remote is an integral part of the procedure.

If it’s plugged into the system, it will obey the directions of the buttons.

As a result, it is possible that your Firestick remote will not reset.

Additionally, disconnecting your Fire TV Stick will allow the reset to occur correctly.

A failed reset could result in the Firestick remote performing more poorly.

#2: Click And Hold To Activate A Sequence Of Remote Buttons

Click And Hold To Activate A Sequence Of Remote Buttons

There are a variety of models available for Firestick remotes.

Their resetting methods differ. In the least, to this specific process.

Before proceeding, determine first which remote version you’re using.

Here’s a quick overview of the various Firestick remotes:

  • Basic Version Remote (non-voice).
  • Remote control for Fire TV TV (have buttons for channels).
  • Alexa Voice Remote (with volume and power buttons).
  • Alexa Voice Remote Light (have a TV icon on the right).
  • 1. Gen Alexa Voice Remote (no volume or power buttons).

Next, determine the group that your remote version belongs to.

There are two methods to reset the Firestick remote. It all depends on the version you own.

To help you understand the concepts, let’s divide the different versions into two for more straightforward navigation.

Group 1:Basic Edition Remote and 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote.

2. GroupAlexa Voice Remote Alexa Voice Remote Light and Amazon Fire TV intelligent TV Remote.

Two remote variants within group 1 use the same method.

This is also true for the three remote versions of group 2.

Now that you know what group your remote’s version belongs to, so let’s move on to the actual reset step!

To Reset Basic Edition Remote & 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote (Group 1)

To reset Basic Edition Remote & 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote (Group 1)

There is only a need to push two buttons to activate to use the Basic Edition Remote and 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote.

For Group 1, Press while holding the left button and the menu button for 12 seconds.

Notice: The left button is the left-hand part of the circular navigation buttons. And the menu button is the one that has a three-horizontal-line icon.

Reset Alexa Voice Remote, Alexa Voice Remote Light, or Remote for Fire TV Smart TV Remote (Group 2)

For Group 2, you need to press three buttons simultaneously.

Hold and press the menu button and the back button for 12 minutes.

NOTE: The back button is the one with an arrow-left icon.

#3: Put the remote in place for 5 seconds.

When you have released the buttons, hold them for a minimum of 5 seconds.

This will enable the Firestick remote to take care of the actions you performed.

It will also allow the remote time to recharge its system.

Notice: When you reset your Firestick remote back to its factory setting, the remote will not erase any information. Resetting it’s just refreshing the system in an aspect. It will remove your remote from its Fire TV Stick device, but it’s not other than.

  1. Remove the batteries from the Remote.

The 4th step is that you must take the batteries off the Remote.

All models of Firestick remotes come with batteries on the back.

It is enough to slide off the cover of the battery compartment. After that, you can take off the batteries from the Remote.

Two AAA batteries power remotes for Firesticks.

Based on the type you choose, the batteries will be placed either vertically or side-by-side.

While you’re there, make sure to change the batteries in your car should you require it.

In general, the batteries for Firestick remotes can last up to 5 months. Suppose you’re not an avid user.

Removing the battery from this device has become a typical procedure when reset.

Once removed, the device is wiped of all memory that it holds. It also helps restart your Firestick remote with greater efficiency.

#5: Replug your Fire TV Stick

After taking the batteries off, you need to reconnect to the Amazon Fire Stick.

Connect your device through the same port as you do.

You need to be able to tell whether the reset process is successful.

Additionally, you’ll need to connect your Firestick Remote to the Amazon Fire TV Stick again later.

Attention: Wait for 60 seconds after plugging in the Fire TV Stick. This will allow the device to run and perfectly refresh its system.

#6: Reattach the batteries back to the Remote.

Then, place the two AAA batteries into your Firestick remote.

Be sure to put the batteries in the correct position.

Verify that both sides of the battery are connected to the correct contacts.

#7: Click”Home” or the “Home” button

The final step!

You just need to hit”home” on your remote one time to do this.

Notice: The home button is the one with the house icon.

All Firestick remotes have their home buttons located in the same spot. Except for Amazon Fire TV Smart TV Remote.

The home button on most versions is just beneath the circle navigation button.

To access the Amazon Fire TV Smart TV Remote, Click the home button, which is located above the navigation circle button.

It is necessary to follow this step to connect the Firestick remote with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The indicator light on Amazon Voice Remote and Fire TV Smart TV Remote should turn blue. It means that the reset is completed.

If it isn’t, then hit the home button once more. Repeat this for 10 seconds. After that, verify that the Firestick TV has reconnected.

This technique works for other Firestick remotes that have failed to connect.

When is the right time to change the settings on to reset your Firestick remote?

It is recommended that you change the settings on your Firestick remote whenever it stops responding if it cannot connect to your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If a Firestick remote isn’t responding, the reason is an issue with the software system.

The error is due to a software bug.

It’s not your fault.

Software bugs are defects, mistakes, or mistakes within the system. They could cause devices to malfunction or misapprehend commands and codes.

These bugs are caused by developers who fail to update the system.

Developers fix these issues by releasing new software upgrades.

Also, if your Remote isn’t responding, Check if there’s an update on the market.

Make sure that you upgrade your Firestick remote’s software right away.

This can also solve problems with connectivity that your Remote has with the Fire TV Stick.

What happens if there’s not an update?”

Don’t worry!

You can get rid of common software bugs by resetting your Firestick remote.

Resetting your device resets the system.

It erases temporary memory information.

If there are software issues with your remote Resetting, the device will be able to fix them.

Are you still here? We’re not finished yet…

Resetting your Firestick remote is a reliable method of solving various problems.

It doesn’t have to be your primary option.

A variety of things can trigger the Firestick remote to cease to respond.

It might surprise you because these aren’t significant problems.

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