How to Report Spam Text Messages

How To Report Spam Text Messages


Have you ever received a text message from an unknown sender on your mobile phone? There is a possibility that a scammer is trying to steal your data. Here’s how you can stop unwanted text messages from being sent and how to report them.

A spam message is any unwanted message. Examples are:

  • Mass advertising
  • Uncertain “special offers.”
  • Notifications that your contest entry was successful
  • Messages from IRS and other government agencies
  • You may receive messages requesting verification of information from banks or credit cards.

There are simple steps that you can take to fix the problem. This step-by-step guide will show you how to report unsolicited texts.

Spam Text Messages And Phishing

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The scammers use fake texts to trick you into providing your personal information, such as your password, account number, or social security number. They could also access your bank account, email, and other accounts if they have this information. They could also sell your information to other fraudsters.

The scammers will tell you various stories that can change at any moment to lure you in. They might try to lure you in with a variety of stories.

  • Offering free prizes, coupons, and coupon codes
  • Offers a credit card with low or no interest
  • We will help you repay your student loans

Scammers may also send false messages claiming to have information about your account and a transaction. Scammers could also send fake messages claiming to have information about your account or a transaction.

  • Say they have noticed suspicious activity in your account
  • Pay attention to your payment information if there’s a problem
  • Send you a false invoice and ask you to contact them if the purchase was not authorized.
  • Send you a fake delivery notification.

You might be asked to provide personal information, such as how much money you make or how much you owe. They may also tell you to click on the link to find out more. It may take you to a fake website, which might look natural, but it isn’t. The scammers may then use your password and user name to log you in.

You may be able to install malicious malware in other messages. This will steal your data without you even realizing it.

How To Deal With Spam Text Messages

How to deal with Spam Text Messages

Don’t respond to any text messages asking for personal information if you don’t expect it. Legitimate companies will not ask you for information by text about your account.

You can contact the company by calling a number you know or visiting a website if you believe the message is genuine. The text message is not accurate.

There are several ways to filter unwanted text messages and stop them from reaching you.

Forward Unwanted Messages To 7726

Forward Unwanted Messages To 7726 (SPAM robust)

Global System for Mobile Communications has assigned 7726 (SPAM) to be a number for reporting spam messages. The GSMA includes hundreds of providers worldwide, and most major U.S. carriers are members.

You can report spam messages to 7726. If you don’t have unlimited texts, it will not count against your plan.

How To Forward A Text Message On An Apple Phone

How to forward a text message on an Apple phone

Apple users will need to hold the message down. Next, you’ll need to hold down the message until a menu appears.

After clicking the blue arrow, your message will be displayed as a new text. Enter 7726 into the contact box, and click “Send.”

How To Forward A Text Message On An Android Phone

How to forward a text message on an Android Phone

Android users have different processes, depending on their hardware and SMS apps. However, Android users need to hold down the message and choose the “Forward” option. The message will be displayed as a new text message. Enter 7726 into the contact box, and click “Send.”

Report Unwanted Texts To The FTC & FCC

Report Unwanted Texts To the FTC & FCC

Visit the Complaint Assistant webpage to report any fraudulent text messages. Click on “Report Now,” then select “Phone internet, TV service,” then “Cellular/landline phone service.” This will prompt you to complete a short questionnaire about the message and who sent it.

You can also report spam messages to the Federal Communications Commission. Visit the Consumer Complaint Center to report spam texts. Fill out a brief form with your email address and details about the incident, and then click on the button.

Register Your Number In The Do Not Call Registry

Register Your Number in the Do Not Call Registry

By adding your name to the FTC’s Don Not Call Registry, you can block unwanted texts and phone calls. Registering your number is easy and free.

Follow this link and then click “Register Your Phone.” Once your number is registered for 31 calendar days, you will be able to report unsolicited calls or texts. This is more useful for spam calls, but it’s also helpful if you want fewer unsolicited text messages

Spam Can Be Blocked Or Reported To Your Phone.

You can also block spam messages using the call blocking feature in your messaging app.

How to Block Spam Text Messages from an Apple Device

Apple allows you to filter and block messages but not to report them. These steps will help you block unsolicited numbers:

  1. In the Messages app, open the Spam text.
  2. Tap the contact number
  3. Tap “info” and then the grey arrow in the upper right
  4. Scroll down to select “Block this Caller.”

How to Report and Block Spam Text Messages from an Android

You can report and block inappropriate text messages using an Android phone. These steps will help you to report and block spam messages.

  1. Open the Messages App
  2. Hold down the message that you wish to report and select it.
  3. Click “Block,” then “Report Spam,” and finally, “OK.”

Texting DOs and DON’Ts

Texting DOs and DON'Ts

Spam Text Messages Should Not Be Replied To Directly.

Replying directly to spam messages lets spammers know your number is actual. What next? They may sell your number to spammers, who might try to bombard you with offers of products and gifts.

You Should Treat Your Personal Information As If It Were Cash.

Spam text messages can tempt you to reveal personal information such as how much you earn, owe, your Social Security number, and your credit card details. Most legitimate companies won’t ask for personal information via text messages, such as passwords and account details.

If in doubt, search for the company’s phone number and call them to verify that a legitimate request is to be made. Do not call the number in the text message.

Do Not Click On Any Links Within The Text Message.

A spam text message may contain a link that could download malware and collect your personal information. It may take you to fake websites that appear genuine but are intended to steal your data. Malware can also slow down your phone’s performance by taking up memory. Once the spammer has it, your information can be sold to marketers or identity thieves.

Unwanted changes can be added to your cell phone bill. If you asked for it, your wireless carrier might charge you for sending a text message.

Do Review Your Cell Phone Bill Regularly.

Regularly reviewing your phone bill is wise to ensure that it accurately reflects the amount. Call the phone company if there are any unusual charges.

Check The Settings Of Your Phone.

Most phones have built-in functions that can block unwanted calls or text messages. Use your phone’s search function to type in “block.”

To use Android phones, you will need to look for the three dots at the top-right corner of your text. To stop receiving spam messages from this number, click on the icon and choose “People” or “Options.”

Click on the “i” in the upper right-hand corner to access iPhones. Next, click the number and choose “Block.”

Do Not Place Your Cell Phone Number In The National Do Not Call Registry.

Are you looking for ways to block spam calls? You can opt out of most telemarketing calls by adding your phone number to Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry. Report an unwelcome call to the FTC if you have been on the registry for at least 31 days.

Check To See If Your Provider Offers Call-Blocking Services.

Many major carriers offer call-blocking services or plans that allow you to block unknown callers’ phone numbers for a specified time. It is possible to check if third-party call blocking apps and services work with your carrier’s wireless service.

Are you looking for a way to block text messages from being sent? These apps or call-blocking services can often block text messages as well.

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