How To Remove Security Tags From Clothing

How To Remove Security Tags From Clothing


Many stores have security tags on the products they sell to stop shoplifting. These security tags are activated when you leave the store with them attached. In busy times staff members may not remember to take the security tags from the clothing you purchase.

Perhaps you purchased dresses on the internet but when they were delivered the security tags remained stuck on. It isn’t easy to take off these tags and if you’re not cautious, you could cause damage to the clothing. Do not worry. We’ll show you some ways How To Remove Security Tags From Clothing.

What Are Security Tags?

What Are Security Tags

Security tags are signal transmitters that companies put on their products including clothing. If someone is trying to steal the item and goes by the exit without paying for it or taking off the tag, it will sound like an alarm.

The majority of items with security tags include clothing as well as accessories and booze. It is inserted with a pin that passes into the fabrics of products in the case of clothing and soft goods. Then, the pin is inserted into the tag.

There are two kinds of security tags utilized by companies: magnetic locks and locks made of mechanical. There are many different kinds of magnetic lock strength to select from. The stronger the magnetic force is, the more difficult it will be to take the tag off.

When you’re trying to take off the security tag on yourself, you’ll require the proper tools. Security tags come in many forms, including circulars, cubes, and pencils. Research suggests the circular tag is most difficult to get rid of.

Mechanical Security Tags

The mechanical tags can be the most simple to take off. These tags make use of the pins and other fasteners that are mechanical to secure them to clothes. There are a variety of methods to remove these tags using mechanical methods that we’ll discuss in the next article.

Magnetic Security Tags

Security tags with magnetic security are among the most complex and challenging to remove. It is essential to have the right tools to de-magnetize them. If you try to remove them without understanding the correct method could cause permanent damage to clothing.

Ink Security Tags

Ink tags aren’t the most often used tags as they are quite expensive. The ink is put inside tiny glass tubes that could leak when you try to open the tube with too much force. Ink tags that are transparent, meaning that you can see the inside of the ink, and you’ll be able to tell it’s an ink label.

But, some ink tags aren’t equipped with windows that show the ink. If that’s the case, consider the tag to be an ink tag, and be cautious when trying to take it off. Be sure to follow the guidelines on the label to prevent spilling ink on your clothing.

How To Remove Security Tags From Clothing

How To Remove Security Tags From Clothing

Removing Security Tags Using A Rubber Band

  • Step 1 Make certain that the cartridge in the tag is facing downwards. It is this area of the tag which protrudes from the plastic bag. It’s on the other part of the pin.
  • Step 2 Pull the tag off from the clothing. As far as you can and ensure that the ink doesn’t damage your clothing as much as it would if the sensor isn’t working.
  • Step 3 Wrap an elastic band around the pin on the security tag, and fix it. The bands that are wide and sufficient in thickness to be strong yet small enough that they can wrap around pins work well for this job. This can help loosen the pin.
  • Step 4 You hold the largest portion of the ink tag by using just one hand. On the other hand, take the pin off. The pins should apply enough pressure that the pin of your tag eventually breaks off or is easily separated from the remainder of the tag. Repeat the procedure in case the first rubber band does not loosen enough.

Removing Security Tags Using A Screwdriver

A screwdriver that has a flat end can be used to take security labels from clothes in your home.

Step 1 Make sure the cartridge’s ink is facing upwards while placing the garment on an even surface. Underneath the squared-pyramid cartridge place a screwdriver that is a small flathead and moves it around.

Step 2 Firmly use the screwdriver to push down on the cartridge. This should cause a piercing and lift the plastic. With the screwdriver, push it down until the edge appears to be lifted off the plastic.

Step 3 After you have removed the ink cartridge, you’ll see a silver paper liner that covers a metal plate below it. Remove the silver paper.

Step 4 Lift the arms of the metal with the screwdriver. Pull the pin away and then take it off of the tag.

Removing Security Tags Through Freezing

Step 1 Another method to eliminate the security tags from clothing is to put the clothing in the freezer. After the freezer has been cooled remove the clothes and allow them to rest for a minimum of an hour before beginning to take off the tag.

Step 2 You could use the tools, such as scissors or pliers to get them removed. You may also use the method of removing rubber bands when you do not have any pliers or scissors at hand. It is safer as you are sure that it won’t leak because the ink has been frozen.

Removing Security Tags Using Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1 Place the garment on the floor using the cartridge of ink facing upwards.

Step 2 Using pliers, grasp the other edge of the rectangle tag.

Step 3 Use an additional pair of pliers to hold the tag from the other side.

Step 4 Use the pliers to slowly bend and bend at both ends. Be cautious not to bend it too much, as doing this could cause the ink to leak.

step 5 Keep moving until it snaps open Then stop. Be sure to pull the pin to loosen it.

Removing Security Tags By Hitting The Tag

Step 1. Repeatedly remove the tag from the clothing to remove the pin.

Step 2 Get grip on a huge nail. It is suggested that the nail’s head be at least as large as a penny to allow the nail to be able to fit properly.

Step 3 Remove this tag of the clothing by pulling it off. The tag’s long, plastic end is clear of the way.

Step 4. Open the cartridge with ink by pressing it. To open the cartridge, tap it on a smooth surface several times. For it to be properly opened you may need to tap it 20 at least. The tag may explode if you strike it too hard and you are not careful.

Removing Security Tags Using Two Forks

It might seem impossible however, two forks are all that is needed to take off those security labels.

Step 1:Take two forks, and then place them opposite one of the tag’s sides. This will accomplish this.

Step 2:To open the tag move them in opposite directions until the tag is loose. This is among the most efficient tag removal techniques that are available.

Removing Security Tags Using Candle And Plier

For this technique, you will require two items including a candle as well as the cutting plier.

Step 1 –Using an open flame, heat the domed area on the tag.

Step 2 Then with pliers, begin by removing the melted plastic part to release the spring attached to the base of the cylinder.

Step 3 Then you’ll find the needle is enclosed by a ball bearing. Remove the needle gently.

How To Remove Security Tag With A Powerful Magnet

Electromagnetic devices serve to block security tags that are found in stores. Use a strong magnet to take them out of your home. Place the tag on the magnet’s surface with the cartridge ink or dome facing downwards. Once the tag is disengaged, you should hear the sound. The pins inside the tag are released by wriggling them upwards and down.

Forcefully Removing Electromagnet Security Tags

The majority of modern tags have electromagnets, not ink pouches.

Step 1 –Place some object between the tag’s head and the pin’s head. the pin so that there is some space for movement.

It’s as easy as simply twisting it in a circular motion until it snaps.

Step 2 –Pull the tag in a straight line until the pin is out through the hole. Take the tag off of the clothing.

Removing Electro-Magnets Tags Using A Knife

Step 1. Use the flame of a lighter to melt the dome-shaped area of the tag. After a couple of seconds of being exposed to the heat source, the tag is almost certain to catch the flames.

Step 2. Cut the dome into pieces using a knife or similar tools. The tag and spring will pop out almost completely while you continue scraping into it.


This article about security tags will have given you a better idea of how to remove tags without the need for any tools that are specifically designed for this purpose. We hope this will help! To prevent the risk of damaging a costly item of clothing You can visit the place where you bought it and show the receipt. Avoid using any of the methods listed below to shoplift since it’s illegal.

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