How To Put Follow Button on Facebook Account

Do you wish to substitute the “Add friend” Button by following the Follow button on your Facebook profile? If so, in this article, you’ll discover How To Put Follow Button on Facebook Account. The “Follow” option is disabled once a brand newly created Facebook profile is created. This means you’ll only receive friend request messages or personal messages from the other Facebook members in your email inbox.

Since no one follows your profile in default, nobody will be able to view your posts as newsfeeds on your Timeline (all of your posts on public display remain visible to anyone Facebook user who views your page).

There are various benefits to having an FB profile with the Follow button activated. This method is ideal if you already have many Facebook friends that look like clients or potential customers, but you don’t (and likely won’t) create a business profile.

You can add”Follow” to add the Follow‘ option to your Facebook profile, both on the desktop or laptop computer or from your Android or iPhone.

Why Should You Activate The Follow Button On Your Facebook Profile?

Why Should You Activate The Follow Button On Your Facebook Profile

If you’re using your personal Facebook account to conduct business, too, you must follow the Button in your Facebook profile is essential.

Because this method is entirely adaptable, you will never bump over the limit for Facebook’s 5000 followers. There’s no limit to the number of people who can be a part of your profile on Facebook.

It is possible to use the Facebook page as an additional avenue to promote your brand or company.

How To Put Follow Button on Facebook Account On Android And iPhone

How To Add Follow Button To Your Facebook Profile On Android And iPhone

Here are the steps to follow to set up the “Follow” option in your Facebook profile on both Android and iPhone. (Follow the steps in the following)

Step 1. Open the Facebook app.

Step 2. Tap on the Menu option on the left lower corner. After that, tap the Settings & Privacy Settings.

Step 3. Select Followers and Public Content.

Step 4. Here, you’ve to modify the settings.

  • Change My Follower List in Public.
  • Change Who Sees Your Followers on your Timeline to the public.
  • Make Public Post Comments to the public.
  • Last but not least, switch your Public Profile Information to Public.

5. Tap the Arrow icon to return to the Settings and privacy page. Here, tap the How People Find You Button and contact you.

Step 6.. Click on the who can ask you to send a friend request?

7.. Finally, select Friends of Friends.

How To Check Whether You’ve Set The Follow Button

How To Check Whether You've Set The Follow Button
  • Start Facebook. Open the Facebook application.
  • Log into Your Profile.
  • Click to reveal the 3-dot menu adjacent to the Edit Profile option, and then choose View.
  • Here you can check whether you’ve enabled following via the Follow button on your Facebook profile.

How Do You Disable The “Follow” Button On Your Facebook Profile

  • Start Facebook. Open the Facebook application.
  • Select to open the options menu option and then select Settings and Settings & Privacy Settings. Settings.
  • Choose Which People Can Find You and get in touch with you.
  • Choose Who can contact you with invitations to friends?
  • At last, select Everyone. You’ve disabled the Follow button and switched it back into Add a friend.

Check If The Follow Button Has Added You To More Likes On Facebook Pages

This CTA button that you place on your Facebook profile is among your most important assets, and it is vital to ensure that it yields results.

Fortunately, we can determine if the following Button is bringing any additional followers to the account or not.

It would help if you simply counted one month before putting in the Follow button. You should also measure the number of new followers you have added to your page.

Make the same calculation a month later than you’ve included in the following Button. This way, you will be able to discern whether the Follow button has helped increase the number of Likes on your Facebook page.

The Benefits of including the following Button

  • When an individual follows your profile, the person will see your Public Updates in the News Feed. Alternatively, your profile can be seen in a box on the right side of the user’s News Feed or through a friend’s News Feed story.
  • Your followers can share your posts on Facebook that broadcast your post and your profile to a broader number of people.
  • You can have unlimited followers (no more than 5,000 followers).
  • You’ll still be able to stop potential followers from following you by altering Your Privacy Settings’ Block List.
  • You can interact with other users on Facebook who prefer signing up to a company page and like it.
  • If the Follow button is enabled and you click it, anyone who asks to become your friend automatically is a follower unless you remove them. You’ll know that they’re receiving your public updates, but you don’t need to be friends with them unless you’d like to receive updates from them.
  • If you remove someone from your friend list you follow, they will remain as a follower unless you remove them.
  • You can de-follow a friend. It’s still a friendship, but you no longer get their updates on the News Feed.
  • Profiles with personal information are more prominent on Facebook’s News Feed due to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. There’s a greater chance of being noticed by people posting on your account to publish information regarding your organization.

How To Change The Follow Button To A Different CTA Button?

If you notice that the “Follow” button hasn’t helped increase the number of fans on your page, change the Button to something more practical.

As you see, there are many buttons for Facebook’s CTA choices you can pick from.

To change the Follow button’s name to something other than:

  1. Start the Facebook page
  2. Click on the Edit Follow. Click on the ‘Edit Follow’ Button.
  3.  Choose another CTA button.

Can’t Add Follow Button To Facebook Page

If you can’t follow the procedure we’ve described in the previous paragraphs, you will not be able to include the Follow button on your Facebook page.

In this situation, check your Facebook page’s permissions, as only Facebook page administrators can implement the follow Button to the Facebook page.

If you’re a mere editor or a lower-level administrator of a Facebook page, you cannot alter the CTA button.

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