How To Program A GE Universal Remote Without Codes

How To Program A GE Universal Remote Without Codes


The remote is among the most beneficial gadgets in the home. If your home has begun being flooded or disorganized due to the numerous remotes in your home, it’s time for you to program GE Universal Remote to a television Without Codes. You can accomplish GE Universal Remote setup without codes in only a few steps. So learn here How To Program A GE Universal Remote Without Codes?

Today, devices such as TV, cable box DVD player, music players, and others typically have remotes. This means it is simple to get confused about the remote that controls the device. The GE four-device universal remote can be described as a remote that can turn on and operate any part of equipment or device at home. Let’s discuss how to program the GE Universal Remote to a TV Without Codes.

Method 1: How To Program A GE Universal Remote Without Codes

 How To Program A GE Universal Remote Without Codes

It is possible to program a GE Universal remote without codes through the Auto Code Search feature that will automatically search for the correct code among all codes stored in the remote’s memory.

Following the instructions below, you can use auto-code search to program the GE universal remote with no codes. Auto Code Search functionality:

  1. Turn off the device manually if you wish to manage
  2. Hold and press the SETUP button until the indicator light in red remains on; after that, press and release it.
  3. Click and release the button corresponding to the device type you want to manage ( TV, DVD, etc.)
  4. The remote should be pointed at the device you want to control, and then hold and release the power button.
  5. When you press the POWER button, the device will shut off.
  6. When the device stops or begins to play when it is playing, hit on one button to store the code.
  7. Make sure to point the remote at the device and check whether the remote functions correctly.

If the remote you have isn’t functioning properly,

  • The first step is to examine the batteries inside the remote. If they are low, then replace the batteries with a fresh set. If your battery is good, you can try reprogramming your device.
  • Follow the Second Step and start the auto search process again until your device can find the right code compatible with your device.

Method 2: How To Program A GE Universal Remote WITHOUT Codes On Older Models

How To Program A GE Universal Remote WITHOUT Codes On Older Models

The previous GE universal remotes have to be set up in a slightly different manner as compared to the latest models:

  1. Control the device by turning it on manually. You would like to manage.
  2. Hold and press”SETUP” and press the “SETUP” button until the indicator light turns on, then let it go.
  3. Select the device you would like to program and then press and release the appropriate button (TV CBL/SAT, DVD, etc.). The indicator light comes on.
  4. Place the remote control in front of the device you want to program, and hold after which you let go of the “POWER” button for a TV or the “PLAY” button for any other device to begin looking for codes. The remote control will look for the appropriate code, and the LED will start to flash. (The remote control needs to be pointed at the device while searching, as the remote control will search through a list one at a time until it locates the right number for that device.)
  5. When the correct code is found, and the device is turned off (if it’s a TV or DVD, or play if it’s a DVD, for instance). Press button 1 to save and secure this number. You have to be quick as you only have around two seconds to secure the code after the device has shut off or started playing.
  6. The device should be turned on, and you can put the remote control on it. You can verify whether it functions well by testing all the effective buttons. If it works, the GE remote control program is working, and you do not need to change anything. If not, go back to step 2 and begin the program again.

Method 3: Program GE Universal Remote Without Codes on SOME OLD MODELS

If none of these techniques above work, there’s an easy method to program the GE Universal Remote without codes for some older models. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the unit manually you want to program.
  2. Hold and press your “SETUP” or “SEARCH Code” button until the light goes on. Then press and release it.
  3. Release the button for the device you want to program (TV, DVD, TV, etc.). A light will blink once.
  4. You must hold and then release your “Power” button every 2 seconds until the device is turned off. This lets you check the codes stored in the memory of your remote control, each one at a time until you discover the correct code. It is possible to hit the power button more than 200 times before you locate the correct code.
  5. After the device has been turned off, Press the ENTER or SAVE buttons to store this code. The indicator light goes off, and the device will exit program mode.
  6. Make sure that the remote is correctly programmed and that the buttons function. If not, try reprogramming the programming until you discover the right code.

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