How To Poke Someone On Facebook In 2022 – Quick And Tested Ways

You’ve reached the right place if you wonder How To Poke Someone On Facebook in 2022.

Back in the early days, poking was a very popular feature.

It would be used to push people around or to encourage them.

You can also poke someone if they have not been on Facebook in a while.

After poking the user, they’ll receive a notification by Facebook and email.

This guide will show you how to poke someone via Facebook’s mobile app.

Learn what poking is and whether it’s considered flirting.

What is Facebook Poking?

What is Facebook Poking

Facebook’s unique Poking feature allows you to send an individual a “poke” notification.

You can use Facebook to make contact with someone you haven’t seen in a while as an icebreaker.

Poking on Facebook is possible in many ways.

It can be used to send a greeting.

To see if they will poke you back, you can also poke them.

If they do, poke them again. The poking can go on backwards and forwards.

You can only send another poke to someone if they poke you back.

You can choose to ignore or block someone’s poke if you don’t want to get more than one.

How To Poke Someone On Facebook?

How To Poke Someone On Facebook

Search for “Poke” in the search function to poke someone on Facebook.

Navigate to the “Pokes” shortcut and tap “Poke” for someone to poke.

After you poke someone, they will receive a notification.

Notifications will be sent to the person via email and Facebook.

The poke feature still exists in the present.

It is hidden on Facebook, so you will need to search for it.

You’ll find a list of your Facebook friends who have poked you once you get to the pokes page.

A list of suggested pokes will also be available.

These are the steps to poke someone on Facebook.

Click on the search icon.

Click on the search icon

Open the Facebook app from your mobile device.

This can be done by visiting your pokes page.

Navigate to any page once you have opened the Facebook app

You’ll then see a search icon at the top of your navigation bar.

You will need to search for the pokes page to find it.

This is because Facebook has hidden the pokes page from its menu.

To open the Facebook search function, tap on the search icon

You can use the search function to search for people, posts, shortcuts, etc.

You can search for the poke function by using the search function.

Continue to the next step for instructions on navigating to the poke function.

Tap On “Pokes” After You Search For “Poke”.

Tap On "Pokes" After You Search For "Poke"

Once you have tapped the search icon, the search function opens.

Below the search bar, you will see your most recent searches.

Search for “Pokes” in the search bar.

Next, click on “search” and search for the poke function.

After you search for “Pokes”, a header “Facebook shortcuts” will appear.

You’ll find a shortcut named “Pokes” under the “Facebook shortcuts” header.

You want to use the “Pokes” shortcut.

Simple Method To access the poke function, tap on “Pokes.”

Next, learn how to poke friends on Facebook.

  1. To poke someone, tap on “Poke”.

Once you tap on the “Pokes”, you will land on the pokes page.

You’ll find a list of friends who have poked you via Facebook under “Pokes” on the pokes page.

A list of your friends will be available under “Suggested Pokes”. You can also poke them.

Facebook suggests these friends based on an algorithm.

Simply touch the “Poke” button next to their name to poke someone.

Once you poke them, they’ll receive a poke notification via email and Facebook.

Your friend can then choose to ignore or poke you back.

You can poke them back if they choose to poke you.

If your friend ignores your poke, you won’t be able to poke them again.

You can poke back your friends who poked you under the “Pokes” header.

To do this, tap on the “Poke back” button.

The “Poke Back”, similar to the “Poke” buttons, will notify your friend that they’ve poked you back.

You have learned how to poke people on Facebook!

Are you flirting on Facebook by poking?

Are you flirting on Facebook by poking

Not all flirting is done through Facebook.

It can send a friendly message, a greeting or an icebreaker.

You can poke someone if they have not been on Facebook in a while to get them back.

You can also poke someone to say hi in an informal way.

It all boils down to the intent behind the poke.


Over the years, Facebook poking has received a bad reputation.

Some people find this feature disturbing because they may be poked by others unfamiliar with it.

Others consider the feature redundant as it is just poking each other back and forth.

Poking can confuse you as you may not understand what the other person is trying to do.

Do you want it to be a simple greeting?

It’s up to the receiver to deduce the final result.

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