How to Order Checks From Bank of America App

How To Order Checks From The Bank of America App – 3 Easy Ways


You have come to the right place if you’re looking for how to order checks from the Bank of America app. This guide will show you how to collect reviews and use the Bank of America mobile banking app.

Bank of America is a top bank in the USA. It offers a variety of convenient ways for you to access banking services. You can order checks, which is a standard banking need.

Bank of America offers easy ways to order checks from your smartphone via the mobile app or online through its website.

Let’s take a look at how to order checks from Bank of America

Despite being less common than they once were, people still use statements. Tenants are often required to pay rent by check. However, some people still prefer writing reviews to pay their bills electronically.

It’s essential to be able to order additional checks for those who still use many statements. Some banks offer standard reviews, such as Bank of America, free of charge for account holders. Continue reading to find out how to order checks at Bank of America.

How To Order Checks From The Bank of America App

How to Order Checks From Bank of America App
  • Method 1: Use Online Banking to Order Checks on the Bank of America Website
  • Method 2: Use the Bank of America Mobile App on your mobile phone
  • Method 3: Visit Local Bank Branch (offline)

Let’s now examine the specifics for each of these methods.

Bank Of America Online Banking: Way 1: Order Checks

Bank Of America Online Banking: Way 1: Order Checks
  • Step 1 Visit the Bank of America Website
  • Step 2 Login using your Online ID or Passcode, if you are enrolled in Online banking
  • If you do not have the “Enroll Now” link, you can proceed with new enrollment. Keep the Account numberTax ID, or SSN handy.
  • Step 3 After you have logged in, click on the “Help” link to go to the Support Page.
  • Step 4 Next, click on the “Checking and Saving Account” Link.
  • Step 5 Click the link “Order checks & deposit slips”
  • Step 6 Order the checks and check “Review order Status” for order status.

The checks you order are usually around $25 plus shipping costs. It may be possible to get it free for premium accounts that meet the monthly average balance requirement.

Bank Of America Mobile App: Way 2 Order Checks

Bank Of America Mobile App: Way 2 Order Checks

The Bank of America Mobile App offers a variety of valuable features to make your banking easier. It is user-friendly and allows you to check your account balance, deposit,

pay bills, and order checks.

Erica, a virtual assistant for finance, is available.

Step 1 Download and Install the Bank of America mobile app. This option is available on all smartphones, including iPhone. Android and Windows Phone

Step 2 Log in to your saving or checking account

Step 3 Next, go to Order Checks & Deposit Tickets

BoA is constantly improving its app by adding more features. You can type the query on Erica to access the virtual financial assistant. This will give you the link to the appropriate option.

You can personalize your checks by choosing a font, image, or saying. Accessories such as cardholders, stamps, and checkbook covers can be ordered. You can also order accessories via the app.

You can confirm and change your address online, and the checks will be sent to you at your registered address.

You have the option of expedited shipping if you need your checks quickly.

Online checks require a minimum order.

Visit A Bank Of America Branch: Way 3 Order Checks

Visit A Bank Of America Branch

You can also order checks online by visiting any Bank of America branch nearby. Although this saves you money on shipping, it can take longer.

It all depends on your location. If you can go to your branch, this option is also great. To get assistance with your order, ask the teller at your branch.

For assistance, if you have any difficulties, please get in touch with Bank of America customer support by phone at 800.432.1000.

Check for more information on BoA.

The following numbers are included in a standard BoA check.

  • Check Routing number- This is usually a 9-digit number in the bottom left corner. This number is also known as a routing transit number. It is used to identify the exact location of the bank account opening.
  • Account Number – Next piece of information for your check is your specific Account number, usually 8-12 digits in length.
  • Check Number – The next step is the unique number for the check leaf.
  • Personal Information- The address and name of the account holder are usually located in the upper left corner of checks

Wrap up

You can order Bank of America checks in three convenient ways. You can also collect reviews from other sources, but ordering directly through the bank is safer and more convenient.

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