How to Make Your Instagram Profile More Appealing with These Tips and Tricks?

This is the age of social media. Around 4.71 billion internet users are using social media accounts to keep themselves connected to the outside world. 

An avid user of social media always looks for tips and tricks to make their social media profile attractive. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that is extremely relevant among young ones. According to the survey, 13% of the world’s population is using it. It is known for its aesthetically pleasing features. 

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are also looking for hacks to make the profile more appealing. 

An interesting Instagram profile not only gains you followers but can also give you some monetary benefits. Instagram accounts with a huge number of followers can attract a lot of brands for advertisements. 

As an Instagram user, you may have noticed that you are compelled to follow some accounts. The content of these accounts just brightens up your feed. 

This is not a mere coincidence. Do not think that it can happen by chance. You would have to carefully create the content that makes the profile more aesthetically appealing. 

How to make your Instagram profile that is visually appealing? 

How to Make Your Instagram Profile More Appealing with These Tips and Tricks

Creating a professional-looking and attractive profile is called the optimization of your Instagram profile. We have carefully discussed a few tips that will instantly liven up your Instagram following game. 

Make sure to go through them and carefully incorporate them into your profile. We hope this guide helps you. 

  1. Choose an attractive display name 

The first and the most important feature is the username and the display name that people use to find you on Instagram. The character limitation for an IG username is only 30 characters, meaning that you need to choose a username under this limit. 

The Instagram usernames are written as @reedevelyn. It is also known as the Instagram handle. On the other hand, the display name is the one that shows up below your profile picture. 

To make your profile more appealing, you can use an attractive display name instead of your real name. 

And fortunately, mirror text can be the most suitable in this context but how can we write a mirror text?

Here the mirror text generator can help you. 

It helps you generate an attractive username for you just by mirroring your original name such as Evelyn Reed will be mirrored as: 

‘bɘɘЯ nγlɘvƎ’ which is looking cool right?  

  1. Choose a beautiful profile picture 

Choosing a perfect profile picture is also important because it will act as the first impression to new followers. The photo should be clear, professional, and show off your personality.

If your Instagram profile picture is appealing, interesting, and professional looking, you are more likely to attract more people and gain a following. If it’s not, they come to your profile and return back without following you. It’s nothing more than an extra clutter for them. 

Instagram works on the old school principle, ‘‘take it or leave it’’. And if your profile picture is not evoking the interest in people, they won’t even come to your profile the second time. 

So, everything boils down to the fact that you need to take a beautiful profile shot taken with a high-quality camera that is not only well-lit but also seems stunning. You can also give avatars a try to showcase your fun side. Design your display pic with one of the many cool avatar maker apps online. Capture your personality with a comic-like image for more likes!

  1. Write an interesting bio

After your name, your bio is the first place the visitor will notice. Your bio must tell the people your story so that they get to know you better. There is the right place where you can plug your ambition, passion, your dreams, and the things you love. If your own a website put a link up here. 

Here is an example of a perfect bio that is expressive enough to tell the audience what he does and what are his dreams. 

  1. Stand out with great content 

If you are running an online business, you better know that creating great and attractive content for followers is the basic social media marketing approach without which your profile may not stand out in the crowd. 

No doubt, people know the significance of quality content for all social media platforms, not just Instagram but consistent posting is what they overlook most of the time.  

Your exceptional content might win you a lot of following but also put you into the spotlight, meaning that now your followers want to see your posts more regularly than before. 

Here if you fail in delivering valuable content to your audience, you may face serious unfollowing. Therefore, focus on producing quality content and just don’t stop entertaining your followers with more interesting posts. 

Here’s what you need to bear in mind to create great content for your Instagram profile: 

Informational: Post informational content according to your audience’s interests. It must be relevant to your industry. You can write some tips, facts, honest reviews, and your personal experience regarding some goods or services. 

Engaging: Keep your posts engaging so that followers find them fun to read. 

Entertaining: People come to social media platforms like Instagram for some entertainment. So keep that in mind, and provide them with something entertaining that helps them forget their daily worries. 

Use hashtags: Hashtags are important because they let people know what kind of content they should be looking at next, so make sure they’re relevant to whatever it is you’re sharing

  1. Pick a fab filter and stick to it

There are tons of filters available on Instagram (I’m sure there’s at least one for everyone), so make sure that the filter you choose fits your picture well and gives off the right vibe.

However, don’t use too many filters at once because they can make photos look strange or unnatural. Pick one filter that looks good on all of your pictures and stick with it throughout your feed.  

The Takeaway 

Instagram is a great platform to share your interests with friends, family, and following audience. It’s also an opportunity to show off your style, personality, and creativity. Therefore, it is important to set up your profile to be more appealing. 

You can use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to change up your Instagram profile to attract new followers and keep the existing ones glued.

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