How To Make Your Facebook Avatar? Few Easy Steps

Sometimes you may find yourself staring into a mirror thinking, “I wish that I were someone else” or “I wonder how I would look like a cartoon.” Facebook avatars can help you realize your wildest fantasies. But how to Make Your Facebook Avatar?

You can use Facebook avatars to express yourself through a cartoon-like avatar. Perhaps you make a cartoon-like avatar of yourself. Or you can go crazy and create a ridiculous parody of yourself.

Facebook avatars allow you to create a Bitmoji-like cartoon character that you can use across all social networks to express your feelings or respond to posts with custom stickers.

How To Make Your Facebook Avatar

  • Open the Facebook app for your phone.
  • The ‘More” button is located in the upper right corner of the screen. This appears as (three vertical lines).
  • Scroll down and click on See More.
  • Now select avatars
  • To get started, tap Next.
  • Click on Next to select your skin tone preference.
  • Select a hairstyle that you like. You have the option to choose between Short, Medium Or Long hairstyles.
  • Next, choose your Avatar’s facial shape, complexion and lines.
  • Select an eye shape and a colour to create your Avatar.
  • Next, choose the eyebrow shape and colour.
  • You can also add glasses to your Avatar.
  • Now, customize your nose and mouth.
  • Next, choose the beard colour and facial hair colour.
  • Next, pick a body shape.
  • Now, choose the outfit for your Avatar.
  • Click on Next, then Done.

The avatar creator can also be accessed from an avatar that has been shared on Facebook. You can access the Facebook avatar creator from Bookmarks within the Facebook app and the comment composer.

How To Use Your Facebook Avatar

How To Use Your Facebook Avatar

You’ve created a Facebook avatar, and it’s smiling at you proudly. It can be an approximate representation of your bodily self or a grotesque, abominable creature. Perhaps you have created the person you desire to be in the waking universe. It doesn’t matter what; it’s time to start using it. You’ll be happy to know that using your Facebook avatar is very simple if you are tired of communicating with words.

You can share your Facebook avatar on Facebook to spread it far and wide. It will appear in your friends’ Newsfeeds.

But that’s not all. The social network will also create digital stickers for your use. These stickers come in pre-determined sets of reaction stickers. These can express your feelings and thoughts towards a post, a comment or an item in your Facebook feed. These stickers allow you to express your thoughts and feelings in digital form.

1. Comment With Your Facebook Avatar

Comment with your Facebook avatar

To use your Avatar to communicate your thoughts in a post, tap the comment button, then the emoji buttons. You’ll be presented both with your avatar stickers and standard emojis.

You can do this in the web version of Facebook by clicking the sticker button. You will be presented with both your Avatar stickers and other generic stickers.

It’s easy to add an Avatar sticker to a Facebook comment.

  • Click Comment on a Facebook post you want to comment on.
  • Tap the avatar icon in your comment box. Then tap a sticker.
  • If you’d like to leave a comment, tap Send. Include your Avatar sticker in your Comment.

2. Messenger Chats Can Use Facebook Avatars

Messenger chats can use Facebook avatars

The same thing can be done for chat messages on Facebook’s web version. Click on the stickers button to open a chat window. This will display a selection of stickers. Click on the icon to show your Facebook Avatar. This will open a menu with custom Avatar stickers.

The Messenger app also supports Avatar reaction stickers. To access your Avatar stickers, tap on the emoji icon in the chat bar. Next, swipe right to open the stickers menu.

It’s simple to add a Facebook Avatar sticker to a Messenger message.

  • Tap a conversation in Messenger or create a new one.
  • If you wish, you can type a message and then tap the Emoji symbol in the message box.
  • Tap an Avatar sticker under Stickers. You will receive your sticker and message.

This is it. Facebook Avatars are still being released around the globe, and it’s possible that the Avatars and the reaction stickers can be used in other Facebook-owned services. We’ll have to wait and watch what Facebook does next.

3. Share Your Avatar in A Post or Profile Pic.

Share your Avatar in a post or profile pic.

After you have accessed Facebook Avatars one time, the Avatar option will be more prominently displayed in your menu on how to share your Avatar on Facebook in a new post or make it your profile picture.

  • Tap Settings to open Facebook. Your Avatar will be loaded.
  • To add your Avatar to a new post, tap Share (arrow).
  • Tap Next to select a pose.
  • Tap Post. Type your message and select an audience. Your Avatar has been shared in a new post on Facebook.
  • Go to your Avatar page and tap Share. Next, tap Make Profile Picture.
  • Select a pose and background color. Then tap Next.
  • To choose a time frame for your Avatar to remain your profile photo, click Save. Now your Avatar is your profile picture.

Wrap up

As you can see, the Facebook Avatar feature is a fantastic one from Facebook. It’s very interesting to use your own digital Avatar in your interactions with Facebook. Facebook Avatar Stickers can add some spice to your conversations. To avoid Facebook Avatar issues, make sure that you are using the most recent version of Facebook.

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