how to make immortality in little alchemy 2

How To Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2


How much are you curious to know about the making of immortality in little alchemy 2? Well, I guess a lot that’s why you are searching here for how to make immortality in little alchemy 2. Right? If we talk about the past alchemy where the elements were combined in the games and then the players effortlessly made the immortal gods and monsters.

They did it by combining the complex elements with the help of basic elements. There are many special elements in little alchemy 2 and one among them is immortality. One thing here is for sure you can’t make immortality by combining the special elements. But worry not we will tell you here how to make immortality in little alchemy 2.

You just need to follow these steps and then there you are. So follow this step-by-step guide in order to make immortality in little alchemy 2. Let me clear you with one thing and that is if you want to have immortality then you need to have myths and monsters content pack so follow these easy steps in order to have it. 

How To Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2

how to make immortality in little alchemy 2

Create Your World

In the first step, you need to create the world on the right device, and let me tell you that the myths and monsters content pack is only available on android and iOS devices. In case you are playing it on a web browser then you need to download the little alchemy 2 app for a compatible device, tablet, phone, or any other device.

You can easily find it on your device if you have an android device then you will find it on Google play and if you are an iOS user then you will find this on your apple app store. Do you have another drawback of switching to another compatible device? Well it is that you need to start from scratch and the developer of the game doesn’t allow you to transfer your current browser-based progress and you are unable to transfer your collected elements to the app. 

Navigate To The Store

In the second step, you need to navigate to the little alchemy 2 store and during the time of the publication, players can use the myths and monsters pack if they purchase it in the app store. They can purchase it for $2.99 and it is for the US and then afterwards they have to pay the applicable tax. 

Although it is a small amount to pay and still some users think it should be free for them but they don’t understand that the developer of the game has made several hundred elements free to everyone and they should really appreciate that.

There is also one store icon button and it features that there is a line that is drawing a brick and also mortar store with the old fashioned awning and there is a word store that will be beneath it and it will be located on the left side of the screen or it can also be on the button of the screen that will be in the yellow navigation bar that is near the encyclopedia and there is some hints option.

Add On Into The Pack

In the third step, the user needs to add the pack if they want to acquire immortality and for immortality, the user need not collect a lot of elements and combine them as they did in the other alchemy style games for immortality elements. 

The user will receive this automatically this is a basic element and it is the starting item in the game and then the user can add this to the content pack to the main game. Although if we talk about the immortality element it is the basic building block that is used in the creation of myths and monsters along with the evil, good, and monster elements.

If you want to add this to your pack then you need to tap on the purchase button and then you need to follow the on-screen instructions. And this was all for immortality and this will appear in your collection of elements with a golden infinity symbol that has a dark circular background.

Immortality is defined as the perpetual shelf life of a god. 

Importance of Immortality

If we talk about the necessity of immortality then it is not that necessary in the game as you can enjoy the creation of 720 elements even without the myths and monsters pack. You will not be able to fully explore the game world or the real-world educational lessons. Even the 110 additional elements that are in the myths and monsters pack. 

There is no need to make the immortality element a priority even if you can’t access the mythic deities and the monsters that are noted in the previous walkthrough guide without the pack and even the immortality element. 

Humans explained the unexplainable in their world and they also explored their desires and fears with the creation of myths and monsters. Immortality will represent the human need in order to overcome death with the idea of everlasting life. 

Some people are there still believe that there are only certain beings and including gods and goddesses and they have the right to retain beauty, life forever, and also the youth. On the other hand, some believe that there is immortality of the soul and they can achieve eternal life after they will die and there is an inadequate human form. 

This word was traced back in the 14th century and from then many ancient civilizations believed that there is something in everlasting life and some of the people believed that there is complex architecture and some other wonders in celebration and they worshipped the immortal gods and also the monsters.

In some of the cases, they believe that gods can be imbued with them or they can be chosen people with the protection that is against harm and also against perfect health. There are many scholars that have gone through various ways to become immortal with the help of various objects and they believed that it has been created by magic or gods.

Some of them have got their answers about immortality through geographic exploration, alchemy, and scientific inquiry. 

So this was all about how to make immortality in little alchemy 2. We told you the step-by-step guide and now it is easy for you to make immortality in little alchemy 2. Still, if you find any difficulty then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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