How To Make A Group Chat On Instagram?

What is a group chat? Group chat is a form of chat where you can talk to multiple users at the same time. When Instagram launched these features, it opened incredible doors for its users. Instagram presented its users the opportunity to rise from the traditional one-on-one chatting and experience a new, more open, and transparent way of communication.

But How To Make A Group Chat On Instagram?

Group chats ensured a faster way of delivering messages. Traditionally, an Instagram user, while communicating, would have to send the exact text to multiple users to ensure that every user receives their bit of information; however, using group chat will ensure that the same message will reach every person without you having to type each one of those individually.

In this article, we have briefly explained how you can make a group chat on Instagram, the ways to operate it, and the related features.

How To Make A Group Chat On Instagram – Step-By-Step Process

How To Make A Group Chat On Instagram - Step-By-Step Process

To create a group on Instagram, you need two to three people. When you have your list ready, follow these steps to create your own Instagram group chat: 

  • Open your Instagram account. 
  • On the top right corner, you can find a rocket icon. 
  • Once you enter your message section, click on the pen icon in the top right corner. 
  • Once you click, a list of suggestions will appear. 
  • Tick the circle on the names you want to add to your group. 
  • You can also use the search bar available to find your friends too. 
  • Once you are done, tap on the chat icon in the top right corner. 

Once you have named your group chat and added friends, you can share as many photos, videos, and memes with them without having to send them separately as before.

How To Add More Friends To Your Instagram Chat? 

How To Add More Friends To Your Instagram Chat

Once you have started off your group chat on Instagram, there may come a time when you want to add more friends to your group; more friends on group chat means more stuff to share, more stories to laugh about, and more people listening to you. 

So, Here is how you can add more users to your Instagram group chat: 

  • Go to your Instagram feed and tap on the message icon. 
  • Click on the group that you want to make changes to. 
  • Click on the group name.
  • Navigate to the members’ list, and tap add friends. 
  • Your friends will receive a notification about the group and can join through the invite.

 How To Leave A Group Chat On Instagram?

If you are frustrated with the bombarding messages and no longer want to be part of the group chat, you can leave it in a few simple clicks. 

Here is how you can do that, 

  • Go to your message section of Instagram.
  • Tap on the group name that you want to leave. 
  • Click on the group header and enter the profile of the group.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the group and tap on the left group option.  
  • Tap on Yes if it asks permission.

 This will ensure that you no longer receive unwarranted messages from the group chat. 

Another problem Instagram users face these days when it comes to group chats is that they are added to random groups on the gram, and no matter how many times they leave the group, they are added to a new one right after. To tackle this problem, Instagram has added a new feature on the application regarding group chats where you can decide whether you directly want to be added to group chats or they should ask your permission before adding you to Instagram group chats. Follow these steps to do so  

  • Go to settings in your Instagram handle. 
  • Go to privacy and security. 
  • Here, select “who can add me to groups.” 
  • Change it to “No one.” 

No one can add to random group chats unless you accept a group chat invite.

How To Delete An Instagram Group on Android

How To Delete An Instagram Group on Android

If you ever want to delete a group, here are some quick and easy steps you can follow if you wish to delete an entire Instagram group using Android. However, remember that to delete a group chat, you ought to be the admin of that group chat; otherwise, you will not have the authority to delete the group chat.

  •  Login to Facebook messenger with your Messenger ID. Select the group you want to delete. You can look through the search tab or group section if it is not found quickly. Open the group conversation. Tap on the “i” icon at the top of the screen. Tap on the three bars option next to the user. Tap on the ‘remove from group’ option. Do the same with other users and remove all the users from this group.
  • After deleting all users, go to the previous page and press the ‘leave group’ option. Confirm it by choosing the leave option.

How To Delete An Instagram Group chat on iPhone

 Follow the below steps to remove a group chat from your ios device.

  •  Open the Facebook Messenger app.
  •  Using your login information, enter Facebook messenger. 
  • Enter the group’s name in the search box you want to delete. 
  • Tap on the group and open it. Tap on the group’s name at the top.
  •  Scroll down and tap on the ‘see all group members’ option. 
  • Tap on the group memberTap on the ‘remove from group’ option at the end.
  •  Remove all users with the same remove from group option. Only you will.
  •   After deleting all users, go back again and scroll down. Tap on the ‘leave chat.’

Besides this, remember that the admin of the group chat has the most power; they are the only ones who can add and remove members from the group chat; they can also delete previous chats in the group or restrict them. A group admin is also the only person who can delete a group chat and make it permanently disappear from the application. 

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