How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices – 8 Easy Steps

If you are signed in on multiple devices, you might wonder How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices. This could come in handy if you don’t know which devices you are signed into. You might forget to log out of a school library computer or your friend’s mobile phone.

Instagram is now a common way to update your status on WhatsApp. It would help if you did not allow it to be logged in from other devices. This is for your safety and privacy. This guide will show you how to log out of Instagram from any device. This guide will help you log out of any unnecessary devices.

  • One account could be public or business. You can log out of Instagram on your device from a team member’s device to remove them.
  • Although you may have shared your login details with someone, now you don’t want them to log in to your account. This guide will help you log out of your device.

It is best to keep your login information secret in any event.

How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices

How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices

You might log out of Instagram from multiple devices for many reasons. Your Instagram account contains a lot of personal information. This includes your messages, search history, and followers. It also holds archived posts and stories. Saved posts are just a few examples. This information is available to anyone who logs in to your Instagram account. They could misuse it.

It is possible that you used another person’s device to log into your account and could not log out. You could also have saved your password accidentally on someone else’s device, giving them access to your Instagram at any time. You could be logged in to your account by someone else without your consent. You should be able to log out from your Instagram account on any device, regardless of privacy concerns.

This is not possible because there is no built-in feature. There is an option to log out from Instagram on all devices. You don’t need to log out of each device or use third-party apps. You only need to change or reset the password.

You might have changed your Instagram password before. Instagram asked you if you would like to log out or remain logged in. This happens each time you change your Instagram password. It doesn’t matter what device you use to do this.

You can also check your login details on Instagram if you are unsure if you are signed in on Instagram from another device.

These are the steps:

Step-1: Open the Instagram App: This can be done from your smartphone. Open the app to access your Instagram account. If you wish to use the app from this device, log in to your account.

Step 2 Go to your account: This homepage shows you posts from the people you follow. To begin the process, click the profile photo in the bottom-right corner.

Step-3 Three Dashes Option: Look at the top-left corner. The icon has three vertically aligned horizontal dashes. To open a menu, click on this icon.

Step 4 Click on Settings: Select the options to log out from Instagram from all devices in the menu.

Click on Security: Logging in from all devices and your login information is essential for Security on Instagram. Next, click on Security.

Step 6 Click on Login Activity: Next, select the option of login activity. You can then see which devices have been logged into with your login information.

Step-7 Choose the Device: Can you see the list with all the logged devices, as shown in this image? You will also see a dotted line option at the right end if you answer yes. Click on the dash to sign out of Instagram.

Step-8 Click Logout: You can click on the three dots dash to see an icon for log out at the bottom of the screen. To log out, click on this icon.

How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices (By Changing Your Password)

How To Log Out Of Instagram On All Devices (By Changing Your Password)

Open Instagram App:

First, open the app from any device you have logged into to change your password. This is a simple but essential step.

Once you have opened the app, click on the account icon. This icon appears in the lower right corner. It looks similar to a human face. Your profile will be displayed. Next, tap the icon with three horizontal lines. Click on the horizontal lines. The slide will show a bar. You will find an icon that says settings at the bottom of the slide. Click it.

Once you click on Settings, another bar will appear. Scroll down until you see Security. This option is located just below privacy and just above ads. Click on this option. Once you click on Security, a new tab will open. Go to the section called the password. You will find the password option under the login security option.

Changing password:

Once you have selected the password option under login security, a new tab will open. You will need to enter the required details here. In the first text area, enter the password you have previously set. Next, enter the new password you wish to create in the second text area. Next, enter the new password again in the third text box.

This option is only for you to confirm your password. After entering these details, click on the tick icon located in the upper right corner. Once you have completed all details, the tick will automatically turn blue.

Your process is complete after clicking the blue tick. Your password has been successfully changed, and you have logged out from all devices. The algorithm will log you out of all devices except the one in which your password has been changed.

If you’ve been using this app for many years, it can be challenging to change your password. It isn’t easy to create strong passwords that are easy to remember. It is difficult, but it is necessary if your account is in danger.


Instagram is a popular app. The app has security settings that ensure safety, but people still want to violate another person’s privacy. Hacking Instagram accounts have also become very popular. When you log in to another device, the app will send you an email warning. You can report an account hacker to take your account down. This is common for many people.

Fake accounts can also be created to harass or troll people. You can report any such accounts to be taken down. This is a great feature that protects privacy. You can keep your privacy as high as possible by following these steps and methods.

Instagram is a fantastic app with a beautiful interface and is very user-friendly. While it can be a great way to connect with people online, there are some cons. Some people on Instagram could pose a threat to you and your information.

You can also log out of your device by selecting the logout option from the settings menu. To log out, the app will ask for confirmation. There is an option in your profile that you can access after logging out of your account. This option is called Remove and is shown in a blue tab. This option allows you to delete your account on that device. If the user is not familiar with your username, they can log in again.

If you are logged in to fewer devices, this method can be used. This is useful if you’ve logged in to a friend’s device. After using the app, log out and delete your account. Logging out of your account is a good practice whenever you use the app on another device. This will ensure your cyber Security and keep you from being hacked by other web users.

It is crucial to practice online safety as we spend most of our time online. Social media is the centre of our world. The internet has shaped our lives. Social media is so popular that many of us never get tired of it. We want to share the most important and memorable moments in our lives.

Protecting your account password is crucial to ensure you are safe. Simple steps include using one device to access your Instagram account and creating a strong password. You can also report people trying to harass you or block or report inappropriate content. These are just a few simple steps to protect your account.

Logging on your device is always better than using any other. There is a lot of great content on the internet, but it is crucial to be safe. You should only follow content that inspires you. Avoid content that might harm people or is highly inappropriate.

Only you can do it. Follow these instructions to avoid being tagged by dangerous and weird people on Instagram.

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