How To Lock The Screen On Youtube: 4 Easy Solutions

Sometimes, I put my phone in my pocket, and my screen locks YouTube and instantly pauses whatever I play. The result? I can no longer listen to videos while on the go.

And YES, it is as irritating as it sounds, but I still want to hear the audio of what I’m watching, even when I lock the screen on Youtube. 

So, I began the quest to find out if there was a way to lock the screen on Youtube and continue the entertainment without any interruptions.

Fortunately, after extensive research, I found some easy ways to lock the screen on Youtube.

The first and foremost is Youtube premium, but why spend your hard-earned money on things you can get for free?  

If you also want to learn how to lock the screen on Youtube without spending any greens, read along as I explain briefly the methods that will help you do that.


Method 1:  Try YouTube Premium

Method 1:  Try YouTube Premium

The YouTube Premium streaming service is the best and most efficient way to lock the screen on Youtube. You can lock your device at $11.99 per month, but your Youtube will keep on running, and the subscription has added benefits.

It may be worth looking into YouTube Premium if you use YouTube a lot. There are other benefits with the subscription other than just the locked screen videos.

Method 2: Play YouTube Through Google Chrome Browser On Android

Method 2: Play YouTube Through Google Chrome Browser On Android

The Google Chrome Browser on Android is another way to lock the screen on Youtube. You pull up the Chrome Browser, which should come preloaded on your Android phone, and watch the video in question.

If you lock your phone, the audio should continue playing. However, you can control the pause and play features via your lock screen thanks to Google’s integration—a nice, if not unintended, touch.

If you want to do this, you need to ensure Google Chrome is in Desktop Mode on your Android device.

  1. Open your Google Chrome mobile browser and head to the three dots on the top right of the screen.
  2. Tap that and select Desktop site from the resulting list of items.

It will check a box, and the page will refresh into a more prominent, desktop-themed website. Do this if your video playback is still cutting out when using the Chrome Browser in mobile mode.

However, if you have the browser in desktop mode, you can’t control the playback features via the lock screen, which is unfortunate. But it’s better than not being able to lock your screen.

Method 3: Lock The Screen On Youtube Using A Web Browser

Method 3: Lock The Screen On Youtube Using A Web Browser

You can use Firefox or Opera instead to lock the screen on Youtube. Install one of these apps and browse YouTube.

Be careful to avoid being redirected to the official YouTube app if installed on your iPhone. If that happens, type into the address bar in Firefox or Opera, and you should see the mobile site load.

  • Search for the music to listen to and choose a video (if you can’t think of anything, try Le Flex).
  • Start playing the video and wait for any adverts to finish, and the video itself is playing.
  • Tap the fullscreen icon (bottom-right of the video, arrowed) to hide the rest of the web page.
  • Return to the home screen or switch to another app.
  • Swipe to access Control Centre and press the play button in the music controls to resume playback.

The music should continue to play. You can now use another app or press the power button to turn off your iPhone’s screen and keep listening to music.

Method 4: Play YouTube In The Background Using A Third-Party App

Method 4: Play YouTube In The Background Using A Third-Party App

The last method you can use to lick the screen on Youtube is to Search the App Store for an app that can play YouTube, such as iPlay Tube. If you can’t find this app, others work similarly: such apps are regularly removed from the App Store.

  • Launch the app, and it will show you a list of the latest music, and it should look a bit like this:
  • Use the search function to find the song you want to listen to, and then start the video playing.
  • To listen to the music in the background, make sure you wait until any adverts have finished and the actual video is playing.
  • Now return to the home screen. The music should keep playing, but if it stops, swipe to bring up Control Center. Tap the play button to continue playing the audio from the YouTube video.
  • You can launch another app, such as Messages or Mail, and the music will keep playing. Some games (those which allow you to keep listening to your music) will still be usable without cutting off the audio from the YouTube video.
  • You can listen to YouTube with the screen off, too. Press the sleep/wake button to turn your device off, and the audio should continue to play. Again, if it doesn’t play, press the power button and tap the play button on the lock screen to restart the audio (you can also skip between songs in a playlist too).
  • The audio will keep playing when you turn off your iPhone or iPad, and you can lock the screen on Youtube without any worries.

With that, we have reached the end of the article; you can follow any of the methods mentioned above to lock the screen on Youtube and enjoy what you are watching without interruptions.

You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.  

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