How To Locate Your HP Laptop Serial Number On Windows 10- Easy Ways


Sometimes, it is necessary to know about the HP laptop’s specifications, such as HP Serial Number (S/N) or Product Code, or knowing your Laptop warranty. In this article, you’ll discover four different ways to discover or learn what is the HP laptop serial number on Windows 10.

However, Serial Numbers are usually found on a label attached to the item. However, in some instances, they appear inside the instruction manual on a sheet of paper included with the item. They are usually numeric and the Alphanumeric, e.g. 0233456679 or A1G3C6F4.

What Is A Serial Number?

What Is A Serial Number?

Your serial number is an array of letters and numbers that identify your specific HP device. A laptop series are similar to HP Envy, for instance. HP Envy will have models, or product numbers similar to other laptops made simultaneously; However, the serial number can only be assigned to every particular Laptop.

Although they are not the same serial numbers, they usually include numbers and letters. There are a variety of numbers and letters. The serial number is different according to the manufacturer or product and the model. Most serial numbers contain seven or six characters or more, while some serial numbers contain 20 or more characters.

How Do I Find The Product Number Of My HP Laptop Utilizing CMD?

How Do I Find The Product Number Of My HP Laptop Utilizing CMD?

If you cannot locate the label containing your serial numbers, the label could be damaged or go missing. If your Laptop is functioning, you will also be able to find the serial number using the Command Prompt. Your serial number will appear after you type the command.

  1. Start the Command prompt by entering cmd into the taskbar next to the Start menu. You might need to start the Run dialogue box for specific versions of Windows, then type the command prompt.
  2. Type WMIC bios to get a serial number within the Command Prompt and then press enter.
  3. Your serial number will be displayed following the command.

Find The HP Laptop Serial Number In BIOS

Find The HP Laptop Serial Number In BIOS

In the second method, you can find the serial number in the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings panel. When you place an order, the BIOS will get the serial number, so if you don’t have the WMIC button, you won’t be able to get the serial number with this strategy. Nevertheless, if you are still unable to register to run WMIC commands on Windows, testing the BIOS may help.

Go to the BIOS or UEFI firmware setup screen and search for “Serial Number” somewhere in the System Information panel. It’s in a different location on various PCs, but usually somewhere on the “Main” or “System” screen.

How to Get BIOS in HP:

  • To find the serial number, turn on or restart your computer.
  • You can access the BIOS settings menu by tapping the F10 key while the screen is blank.

You Can Find How To Find The HP Laptop Serial Number By Using HP Support Assistant

You Can Find How To Find The HP Laptop Serial Number By Using HP Support Assistant

The most convenient way to gather information on the Laptop you own from HP is to use HP Support Assistant. This helpful software gives you details such as the product’s name, serial number, product number, battery status, warranty check and auto support upgrades, fixes and other helpful information regarding your HP laptop.

HP Support Assistant can be used to check the serial number of an HP laptop:

  • First, you need to download and install HP Support Assistant.
  • After it is installed, start the app.
  • Now, select the My devices tab. Here you can check and find the Product nameSerial numberand Product number of your HP laptop.

Look For Your HP Laptop Serial Number Under The Battery Compartment

Look For Your HP Laptop Serial Number Under The Battery Compartment

This makes it easy to locate the serial number of your Windows HP laptop. The Laptop’s serial number can be usually located on the Laptop’s side or beneath the batteries compartment. To find your Laptop’s serial number, take a look at the lower part of your Laptop. If you’re unable to find it, remove the battery, and you’ll find the serial number beneath the battery compartment that can be removed.

When Will I Need To Know The Serial Number Of My HP Laptop?

Your serial number is a way to identify your particular HP product making it easier to take the headache of troubleshooting away by identifying when the Laptop was made and what hardware was employed.

If you call customer support to resolve an issue, they will request your serial number. It is also possible to use your serial number to verify the warranty status of your Laptop. If your Laptop is still under warranty, you’ll have to supply the serial number if you are sending your Laptop in for repairs.

How Old Is My HP Laptop Based On Serial Number?

How Old Is My HP Laptop Based On Serial Number?

Even after the warranty on your Laptop expires, you can utilize this serial number to find out the date your Laptop was manufactured.

Serial numbers are composed of letters and numbers. You can identify your Laptop’s production date by studying the fourth, fifth and 6th digits of your serial number. The 4th number is the final digit of the year, while the two numbers following it indicate the week. The sequence of numbers 050 indicates that a laptop was manufactured in the 50th week of the year 2020.

Where Is My Serial Number Located?

To locate your serial number, The first place to examine it is on the underside of your notebook. It’s typically placed on a label with the model numbers, the model and the warranty duration. If you can’t see this label on the outside, it could be inside your battery’s compartment.

Where Can I Find The Serial Number?

The serial number is accessible within the System Information window of your HP laptop. To open the System Information window, use the keyboard built into your Laptop to input the key combinations (Fn+ESC)(on particular laptops, it might have to be the combination of Ctrl+Alt+S).

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