How to Hide Chat on Instagram Live

How To Hide Chat On Instagram Live?


While Instagram began as an exclusive social network for sharing photos initially, it has grown as time went by. A billion users joined the site, making it one of the top popular social media platforms today. Instagram has evolved from an image-based platform to a live video and chat streaming platform.

But How to Hide Chat on Instagram Live? It is utilized by people as well as influencers, celebrities, musicians, and other people from all kinds of backgrounds. The features and capabilities of these networks are similar to Facebook; however, Instagram is more secure since users can have complete control over their databases.

With Instagram, users can communicate with other users quickly. Look at their profile photos and videos if their accounts are public. You can also leave comments on their media or video content to begin an exchange. Also, you can connect with like-minded network members and talk to people without boundaries. That’s the great thing about almost every digital network accessible to us in this day and age. Beyond the visual narratives and presentation, Instagram has much to offer today’s users. If you’re a company or an acclaimed influencer, you can live stream to communicate directly with your followers and fellow users.

Live Streams and Interactions

Live Streams and Interactions

Live streaming is standard practice for many individuals, businesses, and Instagram influencers. It allows them to communicate with their followers, customers, and friends and respond to their questions. For instance, if, for example, you are a company that deals in “shoes”, you might already use Instagram to post and share promotional content. The content for promotion includes audio, videos, and one-to-one marketing with advertisements. Whatever methods you employ for promotion to boost sales, you’ll need to be prepared for your customers at all times.

They might have questions and questions about the products you offer. To answer your customers’ questions, you can broadcast live and respond to all the questions. In addition, if you’re an influencer or an artist, you can respond to followers by reading your stream’s comments. This is more personal than promotional videos since it is utilized by nearly every businessman, gamer, and influencer. Live streams are when viewers pay more focus on what you are trying to say or say. If you have to promote an item or advertise an event, you should appear live and give your view on the item you’re trying to make the revenue for.

The Reasons To Hide Chat On Instagram Live

The Reasons To Hide Chat On Instagram Live
  1. There are many motives for users to block comments and disable live chats live to chat on Instagram live. You can disable comments from live streams, allowing you to communicate your thoughts more comfortably. The main reasons behind making these changes may be as follows: You’re facing negative and toxicity. While others are positive about it, they make angry and violent remarks. This could turn off your customers and followers from purchasing your products.
  2. Some Instagram users love trolling. They may not be involved; They just participate in live streams and make out-of-topic comments. Their opinions could cause anxiety. It is, therefore, crucial to get rid of them by shutting off the chat feature on live streaming.
  3. You’ve built up a massive audience through the Instagram profile as an influential, the likes of a celebrity, and you’re now overwhelmed by so many questions. If your followers make messages on Instagram live, you might feel overwhelmed by the thought that you must respond to every single person. If that’s not what you want to do, then you can remove the comment feature in the Instagram live videos.
  4. Spam comments may be another reason to block comments. Thousands of users may join the stream, but being sure of them is incredibly infuriating. They will not cease posting messages, emojis, and stickers. It could be distracting for you when you’re giving a presentation on an important topic. Instead of allowing them in your speech to distract you, just switch off the comment section altogether. Also, you have the option to block the comments of specific users. It could take a long time when more than 10 users post spam messages continuously.

How to Hide Chat on Instagram Live

How to Hide Chat on Instagram Live

It can be done in a matter of minutes. If you are doing Instagram Live, You are in total control of all. The first step is to begin the live streaming. Here’s how you accomplish this: Click the icon for the camera; it’s located on the left-hand side of the Instagram application.

Select the live option from your camera’s settings.

The live option is found under the option to capture.

  • After you have gone live, you can make some tweaks from time to time. When you start the stream, you’ll find yourself bombarded by emojis, stickers, gifs, and comments. Here’s how to make comments invisible in Instagram live: On the next page, you’ll notice three horizontal dots beside”comment” and “comment”.
  • There you have an option “turning off comment section”.
  • Press the option, and you’re good to go.

When you turn off the comment section, all comments posted, shared, or written by followers will disappear. If you want to conduct a discussion on questions and answers and answer, you can activate the comments feature for your followers of yours at any time.

It makes no sense to ignore asking questions when the stream aims to answer the questions of your followers. Be aware that you cannot remove permanent comments that will remain on your Instagram live stream unless you end your streaming. It is good that you can enable comment sections within the live streams if you wish to. If you want to share your thoughts with your followers in a non-stop fashion, You can disable the comments. Turn them on again when you’re ready to read the comments your friends have to say.

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