How To Get Weapons In High School Simulator 2018

How To Get Weapons In High School Simulator 2018


The ability to cut using scissors in the corridor could be limited, but why bring scissors into a gunfight? This is not your typical school game. How To Get Weapons In High School Simulator 2018. High School Simulator 2018 is all about the survival of the strongest. If you’re interested in being in the kill group, not just the dead ones, this guide is for you!

Therefore, without explanations, we’ll start with a High School Simulator 2018. listing of the weapons available:

  • Katana
  • Ax
  • Sledgehammer
  • Knife
  • Cat Hat
  • Pistol
  • Shovel
  • Bat
  • Spear

There are other items you could think of as to be a weapon should it be it is used as such:

  • Car
  • Motorcycle

These weapons can be used to fend off enemies and get them to flee, so if you’re into that, I’ll tell you where you’ll be required to go to obtain these. This is how you find High School Simulator 2018 weapons:

This knife is in the cafeteria of the school. It’s on the desk near a juice maker. It’s a tiny but dangerous weapon.

The pistol is available in a variety of places:

The first place to find the pistol is in the school building, on the 1st floor in the Office of the Principal (on one of the tables).

The second location is a little more effort than just walking in and obtaining it since it requires you to notify the police of a particular place and then kill the officer (they are armed with a gun). I don’t need to show you how to go about it since it doesn’t matter if you speed the cops over using your motorcycle or cut them with a knife.

The Shovel, along with an Ax, is located at the entrance to the school within the shed. They’re great fun, especially the Ax.

Cat Hat can be found on the school’s roof, which is located near the generator. If you’re not sure the purpose of this, it allows you to fly around and cast magical spells. It’s pretty amazing! (one of my top choices).

Katana is one of the most exciting guns and is situated in the bar across the street from the Police Station.

Spear is located inside the Barber Shop. This is a fun weapon; it was the first I encountered and struck an unintentional blow to.

The bat (baseball bat) is located right in front of the gym at school on the wall, leaning against it. A second Bat is found in the gym upstairs.

If you’d like the luxury of a vehicle or motorcycle, You can look into the parking space outside your schoolyard if you’re looking to make your mark and get an official police car or motorcycle!

A different High School Simulator 2018 tip If you’re looking to become the ultimate thief, you could go to the market and rob it! That’s how you turn into a true baddie in this world.

You’ll also be able to find all weapons at the entry point of the school, which is located across from your home; however, If you do not want to play fair or square, you’ll be able to go to “Settings” and spawn a random item (here balls can also be considered weapons; however, they aren’t weapons and don’t cause any harm to other people so that you can throw them) in the category of weapons.

How To Dispose Of A Body In High School Simulator 2018

How To Dispose Of A Body In High School Simulator 2018

The best advice during this contest is to ensure that you cover dead bodies or eliminate them. Because any evidence could result in people threatening you instead. The most efficient method of disposing of a body is throwing it into the toilet or placing the body beside an open fire pit on the grounds of the school’s entrance on the High School Simulator 2018.

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