How To Get Unshadowbanned On Instagram

The problem is that it happens to even the very best of us. Sometimes, your followership on Social Media like Instagram or Twitter falls without rhyme or reason or explanation, or your content isn’t getting to the number of people it once did. Most of the time, this isn’t something to worry about. It could be that you’re less popular by Instagram’s algorithm, or you’re not posting the type of content Instagram believes its users would like to be able to see.

It is usually cyclical and is expected since engagement isn’t a linear graph. However, sometimes, it may occur that your engagement does not improve regardless of weeks spent posting timely and relevant content. If this happens, it’s easy to think that your account may be banned from shadowbanning.

Here are the ways How To Get Unshadowbanned On Instagram?

Shadowbans For Instagram – Fiction Or Fact?

Shadowbans For Instagram - Fiction Or Fact?

Shadowbans can be caused by someone who is spamming or causing trouble for other users. If you’re not certain whether your account was removed, log on to Instagram and check out several accounts to see what kind of response they have compared to yours.

Instagram Shadow Ban” refers to hiding posts on social media without notifying the creator that something is happening. This happens typically when someone violates one of the numerous community rules enforced by Instagram or posts inappropriate content, such as hostility towards a person or group.

Does the Instagram shadowban exist? Indeed, we cannot be certain. Instagram made a statement back in February of 2019 on the Instagram for Business page after a few users complained about their posts not being seen by specific hashtags.

Although the statement implied it could have been linked to algorithmic adjustments, they haven’t acknowledged or denied that there was a shadowbanning strategy. At this point, we could only think that Instagram utilizes shadowbanning as a method to block content that they believe to be offensive or unoriginal and, therefore, insufficient to warrant a greater audience.

What’s The Reason You Were Shadowbanned On Instagram?

What's The Reason You Were Shadowbanned On Instagram

Instagram hasn’t made an official announcement on why it is shadowbanning accounts on its platform. However, in the recent surveys of accounts that have been banned from shadowing, we have identified several factors that have led to the Instagram algorithm blocking the account.

Community Guidelines infraction

For certain, a major social media company such as Instagram cannot stand up to any account that violates its guidelines for community members if Instagram finds that your content is untruthful or offensive. It will deny your content to its users.

What is Spammed content?

Suppose you’re being followed by more than 50 users per day and liking at least 100 posts a day. If so, Instagram will be able to determine your account to be run by a bot and place it on the list of spam accounts.

Utilizing The Same Hashtags Infrequently

We have already mentioned the shadowbanning of spam content on Instagram. If you’re using the same hashtag frequently, it could give the impression to Instagram that this is a bot using the same hashtag to make it popular. There is a chance that you will be banned from shadowblogging by Instagram.

Making Use of The Banned Hashtags

There are many hashtags on Instagram that oppose the views of specific communities. Instagram has removed those hashtags from its site. If you’re using those hashtags on your posts, you risk getting banned shadow-banned on Instagram.

Inappropriate Content

We have already mentioned that inappropriate content is a constant issue. Therefore, if you think you’ve posted content, not in line with the guidelines for community members for this Instagram application, you should remove the content immediately to avoid being shadowbanned from Instagram.

Reports From Other Users

If many users have complained about your account on Instagram, Instagram will scrutinize the kind of content you upload, and should it find it offensive to the users, it will then shadowban your account.

How to Determine If You’ve Been Shadowbanned

How to Determine If You've Been Shadowbanned

Although there are tools that claim to monitor accounts for any shadowbanning issues, they are not always reliable. It is more beneficial to perform certain tests to ensure that your posts reach the right people.

  • Upload an image using hashtags that aren’t commonly utilized. (If you choose a hashtag with millions of posts linked to it, you will not be able to discern the difference between banned content or hidden by rivals). After posting, you can ask people who aren’t following you if they can view your post using the hashtag. You’ve likely been banned shadowbanned if no one can see the post.
  • You should check Your Instagram Insights. Your page on the insights pages page will give you an exact idea of whether or not you’ve been shadowbanned. If you examine your statistics on engagement and reach in the last couple of weeks, you’ll accurately understand whether your account is shadowbanned. A drastic drop in the number of people who visit your account for accounts that don’t adhere to your guidelines is usually a sign of shadowbanning.
  • Be sure to check your hashtags to find secret posts. Instagram blocks some hashtags since they are thought to be inappropriate. If your posts contain these hashtags, your account may be identified by Instagram. The best way to find banned hashtags is to check the pages for the hashtag of Interest. If you find an error message stating posts are hidden, the hashtag has been prohibited. Some banned hashtags include #tag4like#beautyblogger#antivax, and even #snapchat!!

How To Get Unshadowbanned On Instagram

How To Get Unshadowbanned On Instagram

One method to avoid getting banned from shadowing on Instagram is posting authentic content and adhering to best practices in expanding your reach. It’ll require more time; however, the slow and steady strategy is the most effective – you won’t be banned forever!

If you suspect your account is blocked, here are the ways you can make sure you are not shadowbanned.

Now that you’re aware of the shadowban and what causes that cause the Instagram profile to be shadowbanned. Let’s now examine how to be unshadowbanned on Instagram.

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

The best way to be Unshadowbanned on Instagram is to remove and reinstall the application. Before that, you must delete the latest Instagram video you’ve been updating. Sometimes, you require an update to get it to work correctly, and then installing it again would solve the problem.

Use the Hashtags judiciously

  • Remove all hashtags from your latest posts
  • Use hashtags in the caption but not in the comments.
  • Do not use banned hashtags

Eliminate Offensive Comments

We’ve already told you that inappropriate content is an issue that’s always there. If you believe that you’ve posted content, not in line with the community guidelines on Instagram, you should immediately remove the content from the Instagram application. It is recommended to delete the content as soon as possible to avoid being shadowbanned on Instagram.

Contact Instagram

To contact Instagram go to

  1. Click on the Instagram Settings
  2. Choose “Report the Issue”
  3. Choose “Something doesn’t work”.

Do Not Switch To A Business Profile

If you’ve recently switched your profile to a corporate profile, you can switch it back to your profile.


Place A Hold On Your Instagram Account

After removing all offensive content from Instagram, we suggest clearing the cache and then updating the application. Then, you should take a break from Instagram for a couple of days before logging back in. This can help you remove shadowbans on Instagram.

Original Content Posted By The Poster

Once you’ve been banned from shadowblogging by Instagram, you can begin posting original and creative content that isn’t at any time offensive. This will aid you in reaching more people.

It is evident that the Instagrams algorithm is becoming more sophisticated, and the days of having to purchase followers or hashtags solely to boost engagement or follower numbers. Although bots remain present, Instagram is becoming increasingly strict in removing any accounts that look suspiciously like bots. Many accounts are removed each day due to suspicion of suspicious activities, so make sure you follow Instagram‘s guidelines for community members.

The growth of an Instagram following can be a lengthy method that rewards those who follow the rules and stay consistent. There is no quick fix; however, the result is worth the effort if you do it right.

Closing Up

Instagram will not inform the user that his account is banned shadow. It is important to remain vigilant and watchful to avoid this. If you think that your posts aren’t receiving the same amount of attention as in the past, you can try these tricks described above to stop being banned on Instagram.

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