How To Get Unbanned From Tinder

How To Get Unbanned From Tinder


Tinder is a popular dating app worldwide. It has millions of users and fans looking for a partner. Although most people believe that being banned from Tinder is easy, each app has its own rules. Tinder has its own rules that are different from other apps. If you don’t comply with them, you could be banned. You must follow the Tinder protocol.

The following information can be helpful if you’ve been banned from Tinder and don’t know How To Get Unbanned From Tinder

Why Tinder Bans You

Why Tinder Bans You

There are many reasons you could be banned from Tinder. The following graph shows that Tinder accounts have become more popular recently. Here are the top reasons you might be banned from Tinder.

  • 1. Fake Profile & Policy Violation
  • 2. Inappropriate or offensive language
  • 3. Being homophobic
  • 4. Racist Comment
  • 5. Spam account
  • 6. Posting inappropriate pictures

Fake profile and policy violation

One of the main reasons Tinder accounts are banned is because it has a fake profile. Many Tinder scam accounts are created to hack data, cyber-bullying, or be sexual predators. The first step to getting unbanned from Tinder is to use your correct information and provide specific interests. You can also report fake Tinder accounts. The creators of Tinder will then decide whether to ban the person. Tinder creators are investigating these fake accounts.

Inappropriate or offensive language

While you can chat with anyone on Tinder, you risk being banned for using inappropriate language. The other person can also report your account if you use offensive language during a conversation. To prevent your profile from being banned, you must read the Tinder guidelines, rules and conditions.

Being homophobic

Tinder is open to all people, even LGBTQ, as we all know. If you’re a bit homophobic, you’ll be banned from Tinder. When creating your Tinder profile, be clear about your sexual preference and interest. Don’t disrespect other people’s sexual preferences.

Racist Comment

Racist comments can come in song lyrics and stupid things that could hurt or seem racist to the other person. Tinder will immediately notify the contact if they make a note. If the behavior continues, the account can be banned. Tinder will not give you a second chance because it takes racism seriously.

Spam accounts

Your account can be banned if you are suspected of spamming or a spam account. Constantly texting someone who isn’t interested in you can lead to a warning or blocking. Tinder will also block copy-pasting of the same messages to multiple contacts. It could receive multiple “Feels like Spam” feedback from its matched connection.

Uploading unsuitable pictures

Tinder has a strict policy regarding pictures. Tinder has a strict picture policy. It is okay to post a photo with skin-showing on your photos, but it is not allowed to post inappropriate pictures. Tinder prohibits posting images that violate Tinder’s guidelines or animal corpses, as Tinder considers them part of the gallery and not suitable for Tinder.

Solutions: How To Get Unbanned From Tinder?

Solutions: How To Get Unbanned From Tinder

Do you still have questions about how to unban Tinder? These tips will help you find the answer.

  • 1. Appeal
  • 2. Create an account
  • 3. Make new data and pictures
  • 4. Get a new number
  • 5. Create a new Google account


You can unban Tinder by politely appealing to the Tinder support system. You can contact the service to ask for the unbanning procedure. This will reveal the reason your account was banned. You can appeal to the service and get your account back.

How to submit an appeal

You can only appeal to get out of a ban. Contact Tinder customer service to submit a request via the website. These steps are:

  1. Select the Trouble with your account login option in the How can we help with question
  2. Select I was banned and cannot log in.
  3. Please provide your email address, telephone number, and explanation.

These are the tips for the Description Section of your request:

  • Describe your side of this story
  • Respect others and be polite
  • If possible, provide photos to prove that your behavior was acceptable

You can’t call or chat with the app, but you will need to wait for them to reply, which can be pretty slow.

Subscribe to DoNotPay if you have poor formal communication skills or want to speed things up. This handy product will help you to put pressure on Tinder for a timely response and resolve your case quickly.

However, we can only help you appeal the original decision. If Tinder decides to ban your account, there is one option: creating a new account.

This method may not always work.

Create a new account

If your appeal doesn’t work, you can use this method to use Tinder. Make sure you create a brand new Tinder account that looks great.

This is how you should start from scratch:

  1. You will need a new Apple ID/Google account. This account cannot be linked with your Tinder profile.
  2. Install the app using your new account
  3. Purchase a new SIM card – The app will ask you to verify the number. You can’t use your old SIM card.
  4. Do not link your Facebook account. Either create a new account or use your existing phone number to sign in.
  5. If you don’t want Tinder to recognize you, you can use different content for your profile.

It can be challenging to create a new account. DoNotPay can be used to create a demand Tinder will not ignore.

Use new data and pictures

To improve your profile, you can upload new photos and bio. However, it is important not to post any data that Tinder could use. You will get a bonus point, which Tinder services will not recognize.

Own a new number

If you are banned from Tinder or trying to create a new Tinder account, ensure you use the most recent number.

Create a new Google account

Clear all data and create a new Google Account before you can download Tinder. You can create a new Tinder profile with the new Google account.

How long is a Tinder ban effective?

How long is a Tinder ban effective

Tinder bans can be permanent. There are options to get your Tinder back.


“User Safety is Always at the Top of Our Minds, and We Don’t Take Violations of Our Policies lightly.”

This means we won’t let you return to Tinder as long as your information is kept.

If you delete your Tinder account, Tinder will retain your data for three months.

Click to find out more about how long Tinder keeps your information.

Tinder is a unique way to deal with banned accounts!

Tinder retains your data for one year after you have been banned.

If you don’t want to wait for Tinder, wait for them to delete your data for 365 days or forever.

It is impossible to predict when or which data will be deleted from Tinder’s systems.

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