How To Get Type Face Skin Warzone

How To Get Type Face Skin Warzone


Do you know How To Get Type Face Skin Warzone? Warzone Season 4 is over and comes with a shiny new battle pass that will go through and unlock a lot of great cosmetics. As for the future, there are over 100 tiers of rewards to grab, in free and premium tiers. The new face of Captain Butcher, which has taken a lot of fans’ eyes, is flawless skin that has caught many eyewitnesses. Many players don’t know how to unlock this legendary operator’s skin. Learn how to get rid of this slick skin.

How To Get Type Face Skin Warzone

How To Get Type Face Skin Warzone

The new Warzone season, Mercenaries of Fortune, has arrived with a brand new operator, the captain. In the official description, Butcher used to fight against the 16th Panzer Division and served in the British Army. However, he was pronounced facial injuries and was dismissed. He started joining the Special Operations Task Force, and now, we will be able to play as him.

And although his default look is somewhat badass, nobody can deny that his Type Face skin looks just fine. But how can you unlock this skin? This skin isn’t part of the regular battle pass and is unavailable on a tier. Type Faces are only available as a bonus when you purchase the Battle Pass Bundle for Season 4.

A bundle of 2,400 coins is available for download. Only one can get all the premium points from every 100, unlock the first 20, and buy the exclusive Type Face Legendary Operator Skin for Captain Butcher. Fortunately, when you have already purchased the standard battle pass, you will not be able to add the battle pass bundle to the battle pass bundle. That means you haven’t got this skin.

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