How To Get The Serpent's Cave Genshin

How To Get The Serpent’s Cave Genshin


The Serpent’s cave is one of the new locations included in the most recent update that is part of Genshin Impact. Aptly called the Serpent’s Cave because of it being home to the newly introduced world boss who lives there the cave, it isn’t immediately accessible to players, instead, it is in the depths of Chasm the new region that is linked to Liyue which was added in the latest patch together with the New player character Kamisato Ayato weapons, as well as other events to be able to follow.

This guide will outline the steps required to gain entry into the underworld parts of The Chasm, and How To Get to The Serpent’s Cave Genshin.

How To Get The Serpent’s Cave Genshin

How To Get The Serpent's Cave Genshin

The Serpent’s cave is situated just West of the nearest route point in the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel that runs over a wooden bridge that is high in the sky. There is a tunnel that could eventually be opened to reveal a waypoint over an incline that overlooks the ground which is the Ruin Serpent tunnels below.

As is the norm with new patches for Genshin the game, if you are looking for new patches in Genshin A series of world quests are typically linked to discovering and unlocking all options and waypoints The new area offers. The Chasm Delvers series of world quests requires progress for players to gain access to access to the Underground Mines that are located in The Chasm. Follow the steps of the NPCs who are connected to the quest till you’ve finished the secret Seven-Star Seal Sundering. this will open the Mines under The Chasm and is the location that houses the Serpent’s Cave.

Once they have reached the Underground Mines, players should start looking for their Lumenstone Adjuvant which is a device that is acquired as they progress through the Chasm questline. Obtaining it can make the battle against the Ruin Serpent much easier since some of the mechanisms associated with the Boss can be defeated through the use of the gadget. Upgrades to this Lumenstone Adjuvant increase its range and effectiveness. Players can start by doing this before taking on the Ruin Serpent if willing to do so.

If they follow the correct path If the rules are followed correctly, players will be in a vast open space and the Ruin Serpent below them, sliding across the earth. Earth. If you’re confused The Ruin Serpent doesn’t drop any materials required by the characters of the past, for example, Ayato who needs items that can be found in Inazuma. If you’re trying to cultivate resources to help Yelan who is a future hydro bow user, however, However, the leaks indicate that this is where you need to be. Let you win against the Ruin Serpent during battle.

Genshin Impact is available for download on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Android, and iOS.

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