How To Get Safari Icon Back On iPhone

How To Get Safari Icon Back On iPhone


Like Mail and Messages, Safari is a component of the app package that is pre-installed in iOS as well as macOS. Safari is the browser that comes as default for iPhones, iPad, and Mac. So, you are unable to delete or transfer data from Safari in contrast to other apps that are preloaded on iOS like GarageBand, iMovie, Pages as well as Keynote. Then How To Get Safari Icon Back On iPhone.

If Safari isn’t working on your iPhone and iPad, then you may be thinking of restoring it.

It isn’t possible to reinstall Safari on the iPhone since the application exists already on either your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, you can’t upgrade Safari via the App Store since it is updated automatically whenever there’s any iOS update.

If you are unable to locate Safari on your iOS device, don’t be concerned. Safari is still running and accessible on the iPhone with all its settings and data, including the login and browsing data. Perhaps, Safari isn’t showing up because you’ve removed the app from your screen at home, moved it into one of the folders for apps, or shut down the application at some moment in the past.

Fortunately, you can Add Safari to the home screen and use it as before.

How To Get Safari Icon Back On iPhone

How To Get Safari Icon Back On iPhone

Utilize one of the methods below to enable you back the Safari icon back to your iPhone and iPad.

From the App Library for iOS 14.

  1. Open the App Library and then open it. Then, go to the Utilities Folder.
  2. Find the Safari application.
  3. Hold the empty screen until you can see the Jiggle Mode.
  4. Click the Safari icon in the app and drag it over the home screen of your choice.
  5. Tap “Done” in the top-right after moving the application.

Utilizing Search

Utilizing Search

Spotlight Search for Safari using Spotlight Search

If Safari isn’t showing on your iPhone Home screen make use of Spotlight Search to see if it is in the application folder. This method is also compatible with iOS 13.

To use this you need to swipe your screen downwards when you are at the main screen. Type Safari in the search box that is at the top. Then, you will view the specific app name of the folder if Safari is located within a particular folder. It is then possible to move Safari from the directory to your home screen or some different app folder.

Find Safari on the App Library

If you don’t find Safari within the Utility app group, simply look for the app within the App Library.

To do that simply swipe down the App Library page and look for Safari. To add Safari back to the iPhone dock simply hold and press the Safari icon, and keep pressing it until you can restore the app on the screen of your home. Drag and then put the app on the dock.

Alternately you can tap on the Safari icon within App Libray and then select “Add to the home screen”. It’s important to note that the option to add your home screen will not appear when Safari is already on your Home Screen, within the app’s folder, or in some of those hidden page pages on iOS 14.

Find Missing Safari On Hidden Home Screen Pages

Safari will not display the app if you’ve hidden the app’s page to get better viewing on iOS 14.

To locate Safari on the hidden home screen pages of the app Follow the steps below.

  1. Long-press the space of your desktop, or the app’s homepage.
  2. If you are in edit mode, press the button for the page dots located in the bottom middle of the display.
  3. Find the hidden app page with the Safari application.
  4. Mark the page in the app to reveal it.
  5. Hit Done in the right-hand corner.

Set Home Screen Layout to Reset

This is the most efficient method to restore your home screen’s layout and design of either your iPhone as well as iPad.

Note Note: We don’t recommend this method as it will rearrange all apps that are on your home screen, and will remove the widgets from your home screen as well.

To reset the home layout default on iOS 15, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone. Choose Reset, then Reset Home Screen Layout, and then click “Reset the Home Screen” for confirmation.

Re-enable And Unblock Safari on iPhone

Re-enable And Unblock Safari on iPhone

Parental Controls for iOS permit users to limit access to the built-in apps. If you turn off or disable an application on your iPhone and the app does not show up, it is simply temporarily hidden from the home screen.

If you’ve turned off Safari in the past, then you won’t be able to locate it on your iPhone by using the techniques mentioned above. To be able to access the Safari browser it is necessary to activate the application. To do this,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Display Time.
  2. Click ” Content & Privacy Restrictions“.
  3. If asked, enter a passcode and ensure that the toggle on the right side of Content and privacy restrictions is switched on.
  4. Select “Allowed Apps”.
  5. Click the toggle switch next the ” Safari” to make Safari unhid.

Safari will appear on your main screen, and you can also find it via Search.

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