How To Get Rebirth 2K22 Current Gen

How To Get Rebirth 2K22 Current Gen


How do you gain access to Rebirth? Rebirth rewards within the NBA 2K22 game is a question many players are asking right now since season 2: Build Your Empire is on the way.

Initially, it debuted with NBA 2K19; the Rebirth system is now available on both Current and Next Gen versions of NBA 2K22. If you’re looking to benefit from the new feature and build the big or guard design they’ve always wanted and more, here’s the breakdown of How To Get Rebirth 2K22 Current Gen to save files within MyCareer for NBA 2K22 on Next Gen as well as Next Gen.

How To Get Rebirth 2K22 Current Gen And Next-Gen

How To Get Rebirth 2K22 Current Gen And Next Gen

To gain access to access Rebirth saves files, the players must complete a brand new quest:

  • The Current Generation: Reach the 90 OVR, and then play ten games of 3v3 on deck 15
  • Next-Gen: Play 10 3v3 or 2v2 games in the city with a score of 90 or higher.

Once they’ve completed, the quest players earn the Rebirth reward and can select a standard save file or the Rebirth Save file while you create MyPlayer.

The indefinite Rebirth will allow players to start with pre-completed MyPoints levels, up to 20 Badge points on Current Gen, and the chance to increase their score to 90 overall score, which is 30 Badge points can top, and previously-earned Pre-Draft Quest prizes in Next Gen.

Be aware that Rebirth build can technically benefit from a head start on Badges and Attribute upgrades. However, players must invest upwards of 100,000 dollars to get their build maximum.

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