How To Get Puzzle Pieces In Hay Day

How To Get Puzzle Pieces In Hay Day


You’ll need 36 puzzle pieces for each animal. Here’s How to Get Puzzle Pieces In Hay Day!

Hay Day‘s most recent update, which includes The Wildlife Sanctuary, adds even more animals to your range. However, there’s a catch; you must find their puzzle pieces to unlock the animals.

Contrary to other animals you encounter during Hay Day, those in Wildlife Sanctuary are different. Wildlife Sanctuary is wild animals and can’t be purchased. There’s a hunt to find puzzle parts; however, they’re difficult to come across. They’re not distributed often and are only available pieces in specific ways…which we’ll cover shortly.

Let’s first look at the animals you can find in the latest update and why you should get them. 36 puzzle pieces are quite an amount of pieces to collect for one animal

Unlockable Wildlife Sanctuary Animals in Hay Day

Unlockable Wildlife Sanctuary Animals in Hay Day

There are three distinct species of animals at this Wildlife Sanctuary at the time of this writing, all three with two colors. Each one unlocks two different decorations to spice things up.

Every animal requires specific housing to live within the Sanctuary. Hippos require to have the Hippo House, elephants need the Elephant House, and giraffes require a Giraffe House.

What can you expect after the hassle of collecting their puzzle pieces and creating their houses? 25 EXP per 10 hours as long as you regularly check them. This isn’t bad!

How to Get Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day

How to Get Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day

There are many different ways to acquire Puzzle pieces that you imagine! They’re certainly difficult to find since the game is extremely stingy when it comes to them; however, if you’re engaged, you’ll get them.

For clarification, It is important to be able to open your Sanctuary before you begin gathering puzzle pieces. The pieces must be on the ground that touches the Sanctuary and then make repairs to the book stand adjacent to it to let it open. It will cost 10,000 coins and four hours to fix your book stand.

After you’ve opened your Sanctuary, This is how you make puzzle pieces that will populate your Sanctuary with an animal.

Derby Rewards

Sometimes, puzzle pieces are used as derby prizes. You should consider if you’ve never participated in your local derby. You can also get them from players on their own at the derby.

Red Tool Boxes

They can be found on the farm’s property sometimes, with some locked and others unlocked. They can also have pieces of a puzzle. If you’re looking to purchase the latest Wildlife Sanctuary animals, it is best to open them when you get the opportunity.

Treasure Chests

They occasionally appear in the town lakes and require five diamonds to be opened. There are puzzle pieces from time to time, So keep an eye on them.

Boat Rewards

If you need more reasons to make shipping by boat, there’s an opportunity to collect puzzle pieces as a reward. It’s not easy; however, it’s well worth it if you’re attempting to gather wild animals. Be aware that you can only collect them through satisfying your own boat’s demands, not the requests of another player.

Wheel of Fortune

As with all other items you can find on the wheel, obtaining an item that is a puzzle is a chance to win, it’s not too different from other methods of getting puzzle pieces.

Some people claim that puzzle pieces can be acquired through level thresholds in the present; however, I’m unable to confirm that, but it’s something to keep in mind.

The principle behind gaining puzzle pieces is “play the game normally, but also spend diamonds on chests sometimes.” It’s not an easy task to acquire the pieces; it takes a long time to gather an entire animal’s puzzle pieces in 36 parts. However, the simple EXP earned from animals over the long term is worthy of the time and effort.

Using Puzzle Pieces

Using Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces are collected into the log book on books on stands. After the players complete the puzzle for an animal, it becomes available. If they already have the proper shelter, they can place animals in their shelter. In other cases, they must buy shelter at the shop.

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