How To Get Organic Polymer In Ark

How To Get Organic Polymer In Ark


If players have difficulty getting regular Polymer, the ARK Survival Evolution game, and want to improve their game, they must also consider acquiring Organic Polymer. Organic Polymer is utilized for nearly everything normal Polymer is used for but with slight variations.

But How To Get Organic Polymer In Ark. Those hoping to gather a large amount of this resource in the ARK Survival Evolution must be prepared to investigate and try when needed.

How To Get Organic Polymer In Ark

How To Get Organic Polymer In Ark

There are three primary methods of obtaining Organic Polymer within The ARK: Survival Evolved through killing animals who drop it, taking it from certain wild animals, or grinding specific objects with an industrial grinder. There are more specific methods that yield high returns. However, the ones given below are the least complicated and hazardous methods.

Creatures That Drop Organic Polymer When Killed

This method of farming the desired resource is likely the longest-running and challenging unless the player has controlled animals or weapons which can damage their targets. However, it will remain the least effective method to obtain Organic Polymer, albeit the simplest. Here are the creatures which release Organic Polymer when they are killed:

  • Mantis
  • Kairuku
  • Hesperornis
  • Karkinos
  • Deathworm

When a creature is killed and taken, it is possible to obtain additional Organic Polymer from corpses by striking them with the help of a Chainsaw, Sword, or Wooden Club, similar to how you can harvest wood from a tree employing other equipment.

Creatures That Harvest & Produce Organic Polymer

Since the AI of various creatures allows them to roam, forage or hunt for resources independently, players can let their non-human friends help them get the most of these resources. Be sure to examine their inventories every often to collect the products from them. These are the animals that can harvest Organic Polymer:

  • Dire Bear
  • Direwolf
  • Pelagornis
  • Sabertooth
  • Thylacoleo
  • Therizinosaur
  • Mantis

It’s important to mention that the best animal to tame for passively obtaining Organic Polymer is Achatina, the gigantic snail. Instead of simply collecting Organic Polymer from the wild, Achatina produces the material. When Achatina is out, and about the sea, they naturally have four organic polymers every 5 hours, so make sure to look at their supply daily or every two days.

Items That Can Be Destroyed For Organic Polymer

All products made of regular Polymer may be broken down into organic Polymer when tossed into the Industrial Grinder. Accordingly, players must throw old objects that no longer are needed into the grinder to reuse them.

Best Organic Polymer Farming Tips

While the previous methods for getting Organic Polymer are the easiest to use, the following techniques could yield much more of the required material, even in more risky situations.

Harvest The White Plants In The Aberration & Valguero

The vast white plants with large orbs of flowers will produce a good volume of Organic Polymer every time they are taken care of. Because they’re ordinary plants and players, they don’t require any equipment to harvest them. Walk right up to one and take it. They are easily spotted in the dim and dark Aberration, which is why it’s advised to search for them in the Aberration; however, the white plants are found in Valguero.

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