How To Get National Dex In Pokemon BDSP

How To Get National Dex In Pokemon BDSP?


One of the most common questions that players are likely to ask is How To Get National Dex In Pokemon BDSP?

The National Dex opens up several new contents during the game’s postgame Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. In particular, it is the introduction of a lot of brand new Pokemon to the game.

The number of Pokemon available in the Gen-four remakes is rather short and includes an assortment of mixed and matching Pokemon of all four initial Pokemon generations. In the National Dex, National Dex introduces a boatload of brand new Pokemon in Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. Shining Pearl and Shining Pearl, as well as returning some that stood present in the 8th generation.

It also unlocks most of the game’s postgame features, including Ramana’s Park, and rematches with Sinnoh’s Gym Leaders, The Elite Four, and Cynthia. Here’s how you can get to the National Dex in Pokemon BDSP.

What Exactly Is National Pokedex?

What Exactly Is National Pokedex

While technically it is a concept found in Gold and Silver, the concept of “National Pokedex” was first used in the year 2002’s Ruby & Sapphire. In each new game, players must find each character within the region.

After completing the story and mission, Trainers can take on Pokemon from earlier generations. It’s an expanded Pokedex that includes all Pokemon from earlier games.

Even though there will be eight Generations in 2021, Studio ILCA capped the National Pokedex to Gen I through IV in the Sinnoh remakes to remain as they did in original titles from 2006.

That’s all there is to it. People who make a point to stop on every route and attempt to take every Pokemon that crosses their path will find this Sinnoh Dex a breeze. Battles alone are enough to fill most of the characters you’ve left.

Trainers who do not spend more time outdoors must make an inventory of all the Pokemon they’ve lost and then research the best place to locate them. It’s a good thing that you only need to be able to spot your Pokemon as opposed to catch them to be able to access your copy of the National Pokedex.

How To Get National Dex In Pokemon BDSP?

How To Get National Dex In Pokemon BDSP

The players can get their National Dex from Professor Rowan after having seen every 150 Pokemon from the Sinnoh region.

The players do not need to collect the entire 150 Pokemon to obtain a National Dex in Pokemon BDSP. They need to spot them, which means they can acquire their National Dex without trading with other players. It is also not necessary for players to acquire Manaphy and Phone as well as Mew or Jirachi. The many mythological Pokémon are accessible from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl; however, they aren’t required to complete the Pokedex.

Although this may seem like a lot of work, it’s simple. The players will meet many Pokemon within the Sinnoh region by simply reading the story. They could shorten the journey by actively looking for trainers to fight in the gyms and on routes.

There are some Pokemon that players aren’t comfortable finding or are only observed in the postgame. One of them is Dialga within Pokemon Shining Pearl or Palkia in Brilliant Diamond. In both instances, it is recommended that the player talks to an old lady living in the home directly to the north of the cave within Celestic Town after beating the Elite Four. The woman will show the player a photo of the cover of the game that is legendary, which will allow them to add it to their Pokedex.

Trainers are only allowed to access their National Pokedex in the BDSP following finishing this main campaign. This will mean winning those who are the Elite Four and becoming the new Sinnoh Champion.

After a successful game, trainers must do extra work to get the Pokedex. Follow the instructions below to acquire an entry in the National Pokedex:

  1. Once you have been crowned Champion, you have to finish your Sinnoh Pokedexby seeing the entire 150 Pokemon within the region. There is no requirement to catch every Pokemon, but you must have observed these creatures in their natural environment or during combat.
  2. Once you’ve seen the 150 Pokemon Return in Sandgem Town, go into the Professor’s Lab and talk to him.
  3. After Rowan confirms that you have observed all Pokemon you have seen in Sinnoh, a cutscene will play that features Professor Oak from Generation I.
  4. Kanto Professor Kanto professor will be pleased and make sure you upgrade the Sinnoh Dex to the National Pokedex

What Happens After Acquiring The National Dex In Pokemon BDSP?

What Happens After Acquiring The National Dex In Pokemon BDSP

After getting the National Dex in Pokemon BDSP, players gain access to new areas, meet new Pokemon, and participate in new combats.

The mainstay in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s content after the game with The National Dex is Ramana’s Park. The park allows players to experience a wide range of famous Pokemon from the early three generations. This includes Pokemon like Lugia, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Latios, and Latias. While players can visit Ramana’s Park after obtaining the Surf HM, they can’t access the area until they possess their own National Dex.

Within the Grand Underground, a slew of brand new Pokemon has been introduced. These include the starters of the first three Pokemon generations. This is especially notable because Gold and Silver’s first Pokemon have not yet been available within Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Players who are part of a National Dex will be approached by the first gym boss Roark. Roark will inform the player that he and the other gym leaders want a brand new Sinnoh champion, setting the stage for rematches against the characters. The rematches are extremely difficult and count as the most difficult battles for trainers ever recorded in the Pokemon franchise.

The most important aspect is that it gives players access to the Pokemon Radar. This Pokemon Radar is used for managing wild encounters. It allows players to fight the same Pokemon in a row, opening the possibility to capture Pokemon with hidden abilities and shiny shinies easily.

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