How To Get Money Off A Gift Card?

How To Get Money Off A Gift Card

Did you clean an old drawer only to find an unopened pile of gift cards? Have you ever had the initial excitement turn to frustration as you recall the reason for putting them all into the first in the first

Most likely, they were to restaurants or shops you didn’t intend to visit.

Instead of leaving unneeded gift cards lying around instead, you can trade them in for Cash. It turns out that making money out of the old cards you bought is relatively simple. But How To Get Money Off A Gift Card?

But, not everyone knows that you can earn money with gift cards. According to a recently conducted Bankrate survey, fifty percent of U.S. adults have unredeemed credit for store or gift cards; however, less than 8 percent of adults have ever sold the gift card. The average value of unredeemed credit and gift cards is $167 per person; a significant amount of money is left on the table, or in this instance, inside the drawers of our desks.

Most Popular Method

Our preferred method to convert to a Visa card is through Plastiq. It’s free to join and allows you to make purchases using credit cards, even in places where credit cards aren’t accepted.

There is a chance that you are also making use of any one of the fantastic ways to obtain Visa gift cards for almost zero cost:

  1. Opinion output Click here to use my link and receive $10 off after joining. It’s free to sign up.
  2. Swagbucks HTML0 Earn $5 free if you sign up with my link. It’s also entirely free to join and make use of.
  3. Rakuten HTML0 Receive $10 free when you sign up using my link.
  4. Drop app Connect your debit and credit cards and receive $5 free by using my link.

It’s so simple to receive free CashCash from these sites. All you have to be aware of is how to convert gift cards you are given into CashCash.

No matter how you’ve gotten the gift cards or the reason you’d like to convert them, you can apply the following methods to transform Visa gift cards into CashCash. Then, you can use the money to invest in or pay off the debt!

How To Get Money Off A Gift Card

Use the Visa Gift Card to Pay Your Bills 

Use the Visa Gift Card to Pay your bills

that’s as efficient as obtaining CashCash in liquid form is to use the gift card to pay your expenses. This can be accomplished using the free service called Plastiq, as described in the previous paragraph.

This can be done using the following methods:

Pay for large-scale bills, like your car loan, mortgage, and much more.

As you’d utilized CashCash to pay loan installments, such as your mortgage or car loan, The card you use is just as secure as CashCash.

Certain companies, like Plastiq, allow customers to pay for certain charges by using credit cards.

Furthermore, as Visa cards are viewed as credit cards, they can also use them at companies that accept credit card payments.

But, it is essential to know that because the company treats the card as a credit card, it is subject to charges. It’s free to sign up and test.

Pay for everyday expenses.

In addition to using the cards to pay more significant amounts, You can also make use of them to pay regular bills or, better yet, make a local purchase with your Visa Gift card.

This is because, generally, Visa gift cards are accepted in shops that accept regular cards.

Additionally, companies that accept credit cards will many cases, accept gift cards for payment.

Make Money Selling The Gift Cards.

Make Money Selling The Gift Cards.

The most commonly used method to change those Visa gift cards into CashCash is to sell them.

Through a site

Certain websites, like MyGiftCardsand, Prepaid2Cash, Giftcard Zen, and Cardpool, will purchase you a Visa gift card in CashCash. In some cases, they will provide you with prepaid postage that can be used to mail your gift card.

If the gift card you use is digital, some sites will purchase it right away from you.

However, ensure that you look up site reviews before agreeing with them.

These sites will probably give you a small portion of the amount the Visa cards are worth. It’s still a significant amount if you require CashCash.

This is the definitive guide to assist you in making money by selling gift cards efficiently and efficiently.

Utilizing an app

Many buying firms also provide mobile applications in which you can sell your Visa gift card. For instance, Raise has a mobile application where you can quickly sell your gift card.

All you have been able to do is install the application and make sure to send your credit card.

You can then choose the method of payment that you would prefer to use, such as PayPal or check. But, the business will charge 15% of the amount that the card’s value is as their commission.

Make it available on eCommerce websites.

Apart from the possibility of selling the Visa gift card on buying sites or other websites, you could also sell it on online marketplaces like eBay.

This means you can sell the card for the exact cost as its value, unlike other sites that take a significant percentage of the value. If you’re trying to sell it quickly, you can make an offer a little lower than what it is worth.

The most important thing to consider is the shipping costs if you are required to ship the card.

Sell your product to an acquaintance.

If you have a person who could purchase this Visa gift card from you directly, this could be the most convenient way to receive CashCash for the card. It is possible to ask for help in your circle of friends. They could also ask their peers.

This way, you can avoid commissions you would have paid if you had offered the gift card for sale online.

Buy Money Orders

Buy Money Orders

Certain retailers, such as Walmart and many other supermarket stores, allow you to buy money orders with Visa gift cards. Then, you can deposit the money order into your account and use your CashCash however you like.

Generally, money orders are put into an account at a bank as a method of transferring money.

While this might seem like a good idea, it is best to take your time. A lot of banks close accounts when they see an excessive amount of money deposit orders.

Be cautious using this method.

Emergency Disposal Options

Emergency Disposal Options

If it’s impossible to liquidate your Visa card with these methods, You can choose to use these two options; however, there is a cost.

Pay money using services like PayPal.

Certain service providers, such as PayPal, have been designed for users to be able to send CashCash to other individuals for fees.

Typically, PayPal charges a fee for transactions of 3 percent of the value. This benefit is that you can use the prepaid Visa gift card to transfer CashCash.

However, this can solve the problem of getting CashCash out of the card at an additional fee.

Mobile solutions for payment

Various mobile money service providers offer payment devices that allow you to accept payment via credit cards.

This way, you can use your Visa gift card and then pay money to a store. A word of caution: this isn’t as simple as it may sound.

Be cautious when using this option as an emergency plan since some companies may terminate your account if they suspect you are using it.

Additionally, if you use the merchant method of paying for yourself, taxes could be a possibility. This is why it’s recommended to speak with an expert in financial planning before taking this step.

You Can Trade In Your Card At The Card Exchange Kiosk

You Can Trade In Your Card At The Card Exchange Kiosk

A Gift Card Exchange kiosk is an excellent option to exchange Visa gift cards for CashCash. These counters are typically found in supermarkets and can be recognized due to their bright yellow colors.

In this case, you only need to input your gift card’s information at the terminal, wait for an offer, and decide whether you want to accept it or decline it.

If you find the offer favorable, you can accept and receive a gift card that you can present to a cashier to collect Cash.

  • Hand out your Visa Gift Card as a present

Sometimes you’re asked to gift a present to a loved one or family member to mark occasions like weddings.

Because prepaid Visa gift cards are generally purchased in amounts of $200, $100, or $500, it is an excellent present and functions as CashCash.

Instead of an actual check, a Visa gift card is equally as effective.

  • Jour Cards Store

Jour Cards Store is an online shop for games and payment. One of the numerous offerings offered in the Jour Cards Store is the exchange of Visa gift cards for liquid CashCash.

As many individuals struggle to find a simple way to exchange their cards, it is a significant comfort for some.

The store is an entirely fresh concept of trading electronic currencies via various platforms, including Bitcoin or PayPal.

Jour Cards provides you with an 80% share of the amount that is a Visa gift card. Additionally, they also take the remaining 20 percent. The company transfers the 80percent to your account or your purse email.

The entire process can take between 24 and 72 hours to be completed. This is because the exchange department will first verify the gift card.

  • Purchase of products to resell

You’ve probably been told about this technique. If not, this is the procedure.

This technique allows you to earn CashCash from your Visa gift card, but it also lets you make some extra cash. It’s all about taking advantage of fantastic discounts.

Platforms like PayPal allow users to pay for goods using prepaid gift cards, and many merchants accept online transactions.

Thus, you can also purchase purchases online or in-store with Visa gift cards via PayPal.

If you find a bargain that you think is perfect for a product you want to purchase, you can take advantage of it and later sell it for an income or at a breakeven cost to make money.

This is a good option if you’re in a position to find bargains on valuable items that you can later resell.

How To Get Cash From A Gift Card

How To Get Cash From A Gift Card

Gift cards are gift or present for just about every occasion, including birthdays, holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays… it’s hard to know the drill.

Gift cards are the best gift option if you aren’t sure what to give the person you love.

But what happens if you fail to find the perfect gift card?

This money shouldn’t be wasted, is it?

What would happen if I said you could earn Cashback from that gift card? It’s not a problem; it’s very legal and accessible.

How To Earn Money Off The Gift Card (Instead of Making Use of It)

How To Earn Money Off The Gift Card (Instead of Making Use of It)

Here’s how you can earn Cashback on gift cards.

The procedure is simpler than you imagine. The first step is to verify the balance on the card. This will help you know whether this is worth the money.

In the next step, you will need to bring your card to an exchange kiosk for gift cards. Follow the instructions in the display. Make sure you read everything carefully before you click Accept.

Bring the receipt to the cashier and collect your money. It’s similar to going to CoinStar.

If you want to withdraw money using your gift cards, you can follow these steps:

  • You can sell your gift cards.
  • Use the gift card to purchase an item that is in demand and then sell the item.
  • Purchase money orders online to make payments.
  • You can exchange your gift card for something other. It’s similar to selling it; however, you could get another product in exchange.

Can You Earn Money Selling Gift Cards?

Can You Earn Money Selling Gift Cards

Yes, it is. One of the primary considerations is that you might want to offer your card gift to your friends and family first. If they do not want it, you could use several websites such as Prepaid2Cash or MyGiftCardPlus to sell your gift card.

Be sure to verify that the website you visit is legitimate to ensure that you don’t get conned for additional money or lose the gift card you purchased.

Make sure that when you sell your car, it isn’t expired. The final thing you don’t want is to offer the gift card only to discover it’s passed.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, note down the gift card’s validity months before the date it expires to ensure you have sufficient time to make it available for sale.

Can You Cash Out The Gift Card?

Can You Cash Out The Gift Card

Unfortunately, it probably won’t. You cannot simply bring your gift card, cash it into an ATM, and receive Cash in a flash.

Why? Simply because that it’s the gift card of a gift. But, there are plenty of possibilities that you could use to receive CashCash to the value of your gift card.

It is possible to earn money from a reloadable prepaid card. But that’s not what we’re talking about. This is of gift card. As per our study, the most effective alternative to receive CashCash for gift cards is to sell it at a discount instead.


There are times when you have that Visa gift card and you’re not going to go shopping using it. You only need to withdraw CashCash from it to cover other expenses.

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