How to get Intel Ribbon Battlefield 2042

How to get Intel Ribbon Battlefield 2042?


This article will teach you how to get Intel Ribbon Battlefield 2042. In Battlefield 2042, players can earn ribbons similar to those awarded to soldiers for their bravery. As a result of meeting the requirements, players are rewarded with five different ribbons. Some of these are combat-related, while others are purely goal-oriented. Intel Ribbons can be earned by identifying and disrupting enemy troops in the game. Gathering these ribbons will unlock a variety of weapons and gadgets.

Players in Battlefield 2042 can earn various ribbons similar to those given to brave soldiers. Ribbons are awarded to players for meeting the game’s requirements in five different ways. Although a few are combat-related, others focus solely on accomplishing different goals. Players earn Intel Ribbons by spotting and disrupting their opponents. To unlock various weapons and gadgets in the game, you must collect these ribbons. So, we’ve put together this guide to obtain the Intel Ribbon in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Intel Ribbon BF2042

To earn the Intel Ribbon in BF2042 or Battlefield 2042, you need to locate and disrupt enemy forces on the battlefield. How specific can you be with something like that? Using this Ribbon, you can keep tabs on your teammates and your enemies. As a result, their kills count as your assists. Aside from disrupting the opposition, this is also about thwarting their efforts to win. As you can see, there are many ways to approach this, so let’s look.

EMP grenades can be used to disrupt enemy helicopters, tanks, and combatants’ vehicles and HUDs, a method for obtaining the Intel Ribbon. You can also use sensor grenades to get closer to the enemy when it comes to grenades. Move-in with your friends and cause havoc after that. That counts as spotting hostile forces, right? Casper’s Recon Drone, which automatically identifies every enemy within eighty metres, is another suitable method for obtaining the Battlefield 2042 Intel Ribbon. Each marked enemy killed by your team will earn you an additional 50 XP for spotting. Paik’s Prox Sensor can also be used with this.

How To Get Intel Ribbon Battlefield 2042?

How to get Intel Ribbon Battlefield 2042

How to get the Intel Ribbon in Battlefield 2042 is as follows:

As previously stated, the enemy troops are disrupted and detected using Intel Ribbons.

  • This Ribbon focuses on helping your teammates and letting them know where the opposition is located.
  • When teammates are given the information they need, they are rewarded with assist points.
  • EMP grenades can also temporarily disable your adversary’s HUD and vehicle weapons.
  • These grenades can be used against their aircraft and vehicles if need be.
  • Up to 80 metres away, the Casper’s Recon Drone can automatically detect your adversaries.
  • Whenever the drone spots an enemy, you get a bonus of 5 XP and 50 XP for each target killed by your teammates. That’s a great way to gain experience.
  • You can use the operator or the Paik’s Prox Sensor once you’ve obtained it.
  • The sensor grenade can be lobbed toward the troops of your opponent. To finish off the remaining foes, work with your teammates.
  • Intel ribbons have three additive tiers that add up to Windows XP.
  • If you’re able to complete the first three tiers, you’ll get an additional 1000 experience points and an additional 500 experience points for the second and third.

That is the total of the matter. You can earn the Intel ribbon in Battlefield 2042 by completing missions and achieving specific goals.

How Do You Get An Objective Ribbon In Battlefield 2042?

How Do You Get An Objective Ribbon In Battlefield 2042

You must play objective before getting the objective ribbon Capture, defend, and hold your dreams if you want to receive the Objective Ribbon. During the early game, the goals are neutral, making it easier to take as many as you can in this game phase. After tier 3, you must continue using this method.

How Do I Get the Wingman Ribbon in Battlefield 2042?

Wingman Ribbon can be quickly obtained in two ways: by reviving your teammates and by assisting your teammates. If we’re talking about reviving, you’ll want to use the Maria Falck operator as often as possible to help restore your teammates. Your tier will rise, and your XP will soar when you revive your teammates.

To help your teammates, you must shoot and hit your opponents and let your teammates finish them. To help your team, you can use Prox Sensor Grenade and Casper’s EMP Drones.

How Do You Get The Logistics Ribbon In Battlefield 2042?

How do you get the Logistics Ribbon in Battlefield 2042?

The Logistics Ribbon can only be obtained by repairing, healing, and resupplying other vehicles. You can use your medical crate to help your teammates recover from injuries. Throwing ammo or other gadgets at your teammates for resupply will allow you to reach tier 3 as quickly as possible, as your teammates will use that ammo and devices. You can get Logistics Ribbon much more rapidly by repairing broken-down automobiles.

Is There A Way To Get The Intel Ribbon In Battlefield 2?

Is there a way to get the Intel Ribbon in Battlefield 2

Enemies will need to be spotted and disrupted if you want to get to the Intel Ribbon faster Tanks, helicopters, and infantry can all be disrupted with EMP grenades. Spot enemies with a helicopter or tank. Several other tools are at your disposal for tracking down your adversaries, including Sensor Array, DysTek Pulse Meter, Prox Sensor Grenade, and Operator Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone.

How Do You Earn A Combat Ribbon In Battlefield 2042?

How Do You Earn A Combat Ribbon In Battlefield 2042

When you kill and destroy vehicles, you’ll earn a Combat Ribbon. As long as you’re confident in wielding the weapon you’re most comfortable with, you’ll need to rack up plenty of kills. You can also use a helicopter to get the job done if you prefer. To destroy vehicles, you can use both a tank and a helicopter, making it simple.

In Battlefield 2042, this is the fastest way to obtain all five Ribbons.

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