How To Get Infinite Money In Sims 4 PS4

How To Get Infinite Money In Sims 4 PS4


Let’s face it, the game The Sims 4 with zero money isn’t fun. Making it rich using simoleons is what you should be doing. Learn How To Get Infinite Money In Sims 4 PS4?

Sims 4 cheats aren’t just for players playing on the PC version. They’ve been added to the console version as well! This is great news for those like me who cannot be motivated to make the Sims perform for the money they pay. What’s the point in this? Let’s make a quick buck and build our Sims extravagant, fancy mansions. Yeah!

Like on PC, the same procedure is required to access the text box into which you can enter a set of cheat codes. On PS4 for PS4, to access the cheat box, you’ll need to press the four shoulder buttons at the same time, such as L1, R1, L2, and R2, simultaneously. After this, you’ll see a text entry field and an on-screen keyboard pop-up.

Before you can use your Sims 4 money cheats, you’ll need to enable cheats within your game. To activate them, you must type testing cheats into your game’s box.

The Sims 4 Money Cheat: How Do You Enable Cheats?

The Sims 4 Money Cheat: How Do You Enable Cheats

If you’d like to utilize the money cheat or any other cheat, the first step is to enable cheats. We show you how to do that using any console or computer

  • Computer cheats. Use Ctrl to hold Shift, and then press c
  • Cheats on Mac Use Command and Shift, and then hold C.
  • PS4 cheat codes Use the shoulder button on all 4 sides simultaneously
  • Xbox One cheats. Use each of the shoulder buttons at the same time

One of the most effective cheating methods in games is the shift-click that allows you to shift-click any sim to find cheats available for enabling it:

  • Computer shift-click hack test cheats are real
  • Shift-click Mac cheat Testingcheats is true
  • PS4 shift-click cheat: X+O
  • Xbox One shift-click cheat: A+B

How To Get Infinite Money In Sims 4 PS4

How To Get Infinite Money In Sims 4 PS4

After you’ve enabled cheats in the Sims 4 game, You’ll need to open your cheating textbox once more by pressing the four buttons on your shoulder. Now, you’re able to cheat to your heart’s satisfaction! There are several various money-saving strategies you can make use of:

  • motherlode adds 50,000 Simoleons to your household’s balance
  • Kachingor rosebud both will add 1000 simoleons to the household’s account
  • Money 00000 by substituting the 0s by a number you choose will change your simoleon balance at the number you type in.

After you’ve finished making cheats, you can open the entry area for cheats one more and enter the words “testing cheats” off to disable cheat mode.

Be aware that if you’re seeking trophies with Sims 4 after you’ve turned on cheat mode on a family you’re in, you won’t be able to earn achievements and progress toward trophies for this particular household.

You can now get rich quickly with our favorite Sims 4 PS4 cheat. There’s no limit on how much you can utilize these cheats. You must enter the word “motherlode” five times to receive 250,000 simoleons into your bank account. Have fun and be wild.

Earning Money Without Cheat Code?

Earning Money Without Cheat Code

Yes, it is possible, but would you like to work and study from sunrise to sunset and spend a couple of years to attain the same results as you get using the cheater in a matter of seconds? If you’re interested in that, all you have to do is pick an appropriate profession and pay every day. To help you save some time, we’ll offer you some suggestions for profitable jobs.

  • Paint in Museums (Best way to pay)
  • Fishing is easy at the most convenient spots, like right in the vicinity the museum of Willow Creak’s museum
  • Break up rocks to make crystals and stones (A very quick method)
  • Take things (Kleptomaniac characteristic)
  • The Harvest and Garden (with higher levels of skill)

Of course, if you are a surgeon, you’ll make money, but you don’t need any help.

You can now get wealthy quickly using our top Sims 4 PS4 cheat. There’s no limit on the number of times you could use these cheats. Enter’motherlode’ five times to receive 250,000 simoleons into your bank account. Have fun and be wild.

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