How To Get Google On Nintendo Switch

How To Get Google On Nintendo Switch


Did you realize that your Switch has a hidden web browser? When you power on your device, you’ll notice that there is no web browser. In this guide, we’ll explore How To Get Google On Nintendo Switch with the help of a simple trick.

You can’t download a browser application via the Nintendo store, either. This is a problem when you’re using the Switch and suddenly need to search for something urgently.

How To Get Google On Nintendo Switch (2022)

How To Get Google On Nintendo Switch

To connect to Google for the first time, you must explore some settings. These are the steps to install Google to work on your Switch quickly.

  1. Start by opening the main display of the home screen on Your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Choose the Systems Settings, which is just below the Power button.
  3. Choose Internet > Internet settings using the button A.
  4. After you have found the networks, you want to use, select the network you’re using.
  5. Scroll down to change settings and then look for DNS settings.
  6. Switch your location from automatic to manual. Confirm it by pressing OK.
  7. Click on the Primary DNS, change it to, and press +.
  8. Save these settings, and then Link to This Network.
  9. You’ll notice the “Connecting with the Internet’
  10. Soon you will receive a message.
  11. Registration is needed in order to access this network’s message will be displayed. Click on Next. Now you’ll be able to view the DNS screen.
  12. Keep to the Google button. Click it and you’ll see the Google page.
  13. Write something down and try it out. To change the DNS settings and to turn off access to the internet browsing on the Nintendo Switch, go Back to the Internet Settings screen. Select the network, and then Change Settings. Under DNS Settings, you can change the setting from manual to automatic. Then, confirm that you have done this by clicking the button to confirm OK. Save the settings by pressing”Save. This is all there is to it. Your preferences will remain in place.

What Happens When You Access This Hidden Web Browser From Nintendo Switch?

What Happens When You Access This Hidden Web Browser From Nintendo Switch

Once you’ve finished the steps mentioned above, the Nintendo Switch will now be connected to the internet, especially for Google servers. It might take a couple of minutes to get the system to warm up and get faster, so take your time and be patient. It’s normal since your console continues to build the cache.

The ability to open this hidden browser will not make a massive change for most people; however, it could be helpful in certain circumstances, like when you require a search but your device or phone are not accessible.

The Nintendo Switch Capture Tool Won’t Work

The Nintendo Switch Capture Tool Won't Work

This is because the default camera on your console will be temporarily disabled after it is enabled on your SwitchBru DNS site. This is due to security concerns, and if you want to use your screenshot or capture tool once more, switch your DNS options back to auto.

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