How to Get Gible in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

How to Get Gible in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond


How to Get Gible in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond? Pokemon that have a basic number of stats at 600 and have a 3-stage evolution are called pseudo-legendary Pokemon. Most Pokemon belong to the Dragon kind; however, a few exceptions exist. The legendary Garchomp from Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl. A few Pokemon enthusiasts will recognize Garchomp, the champion of Cynthia of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The players have to be able to capture Gible to acquire this Pokemon.

Gible is a Dragon/Ground type. This makes them invulnerable to all types (such as Fire or Grass), as well as Water) However, they are vulnerable to Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon. Due to its dual-type, Gible is extremely vulnerable to Ice-type Pokemon (4x vulnerability), and trainers should be alert to Ice-type Pokemon. Gible requires a couple of Gym badges to collect, and players should anticipate that it will be available after they’ve completed the story that is Brilliant Diamond in addition to Shining Pearl.

Renri Seong has updated his page as of February 21st, 2022. Gible is a formidable Dragon-type Pokemon found within the two games, Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl. The Pokemon isn’t a standout initially, but those who can wait to develop it will find it worthwhile. Give might transform into the pseudo-legendary Garchomp, one of the most strong not-legendary Pokemon found in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Gible is available in different ways within BDSP; however, players must first go through the main store.

What Trainers Need To Do To Be Able To Get Gible

What Trainers Need To Do To Be Able To Get Gible

Players will require some things before they can capture Gible:

  • HM04 Strength
  • HM03 Surf
  • My Badge

The player will earn the HM03 award for helping their grandmother of Cynthia at Celeste City.

To get HM04 Strength, go south of the village of Solaceonon on Route 209 to The Lost Tower. Two elders will be on the top, who will award you a Cleanse tag and HM04 Strength. The move cannot be used in combat until the player has earned a Relic Badge.

Following receiving the Relic Badge from Fantina in Hearthome City, the game will instruct trainers to head to Canalvine City’s next gym. To reach Canalvine, players need to take Route 218 with HM03 Surf. They’ll have the option of taking on the gym challenge and taking on Byron when they arrive at Canalvine. The levels of his Pokemon range from 35 to 39, and he’s a Steel-type expert. Bring items of the Fighting or Fire-type and stay clear of Ice or rock-type items.

Buy Quick Balls, Dark Balls, and Ultra Balls at selected Pokemart. Also, having a Pokemon in your possession that could cause non-damaging illnesses of the status is a smart idea (paralysis or sleep).

Finding Gible In The Wayward Cave

Finding Gible In The Wayward Cave

Once you’ve done the entire process and are ready to go to Gible’s house, Wayward Cave, there are two ways to enter Wayward Cave on Route 206 under the Cycling Road. Make a left instead of turning right. The entrance is hidden underneath Cycling Road, against the granite walls. Utilize Strength on the Pokemon to move the stone and look for Gible.

Gible is one of the rare Pokemon that could be difficult to catch. Additionally, Gible is likely to be less powerful than other Pokemon in the group; therefore, you should bring the Pokemon with a level of 19-20. To help you catch it more easily, you can use dark Balls and Quick Balls. If you don’t have the weaknesses, you can weaken them and cause health issues before making the Ultra Ball.

Trainers may naturally be awarded the Gible as a trade instead of having to put in the effort. If the trainer doesn’t possess enough Gym Badges, a Traded Pokemon will be more likely to ignore instructions.

Finding Gible & Gabite In The Grand Underground

Finding Gible & Gabite In The Grand Underground

People who want to put off adding Gible to their roster will be able to do so at The Grand Underground. There are three caves: Fountain spring Cave, Riverbank Cave, and Still-Water Cavern hideaways where Gible will appear. The problem is that Gible cannot be spawned until the players have obtained the 7 Gym Badges, meaning they have to battle Candice in Snowpoint City first.

Although it is an enhancement over the initial Diamond/Underground and the Grand Underground still has some limitations to keep the game from becoming too simple for the players. The Grand Underground, the arguably more powerful and well-known Pokemon such as Ralts and Gible, are regarded as “rare encounters.” This means that players must wait a long time before entering and leaving a special hideaway to initiate the spawning of an uncommon Pokemon. It’s good that Gible isn’t considered a rare spawn but makes up for it by appearing earlier in the game.

If you want to stay clear of Gible, try to catch Gabite instead. Gabite, like Gible, can only be located in the same areas as Gible when the player owns HM Waterfall. After earning the eighth Gym Badge, players can converse with Jasmine to get Waterfall. Jasmine is situated on the beach east of Sunyshore City. Jasmine is not willing to release HM Waterfall until Volkner has been defeated.

Gabite will begin appearing on The Grand Underground once you have obtained the 8 Gym Badges.

Finding Gible to be found in Wayward Cave over catching it in the Grand Underground may be the best choice. The only HM ability required to obtain Wayward Cave Gables is Strength which is available when you have completed the sixth gym Badge. The Bible within Wayward Cave, on the contrary, will be less powerful than the ones that are found in Grand Underground. It means that leveling it up and developing takes longer.

How To Get Gible In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

How To Get Gible In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Here’s a brief overview of what you must complete to gain the Gible in the Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond:

  1. On the other hand, from Route 207/Oreburgh City, take Route 206.
  2. Cut the trees near the Cycling Road gate with Cut.
  3. Take a straight line to the north. Then, make a left/west turn when you spot the Hiker, and then return to the north for a short distance. It is possible to locate the entrance to Wayward Cave, hidden under that Cycling Road roadway.
  4. You can push the rock in the way with your Strength. To use Strength, you first need to beat the sixth Gym, Byron the Steel-Specialist, located in Canalave City.
  5. You can proceed straight toward the left until you see an elevator leading to the second floor. Descend.
  6. Explore the area until you spot the Gible.

Gible can also be seen inside the Pokémon Hideaway areas within the Grand Underground and Wayward Cave. Fountainspring Cave, Riverbank Cave, and Still-Water Cavern are all places in which Gible can be found.

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