How To Get Exotic Glaive In Destiny 2

How To Get Exotic Glaive In Destiny 2


How To Get Exotic Glaive In Destiny 2 has been one of the most important concerns for players while they’ve plowed to the end of the Witch Queen content in the past week. The combination of ranged and melee combat that the glaive offers is fantastic as a stand-alone thing but the class-specific glaive, dubbed the Edge (each having its unique suffix) offers a wealth of new capabilities for players as well!

This guide will walk you through current information about how to acquire the exotic glaive obtained from the REVERSE LURE search, how to acquire the rare glaive catalyst, and the function this exotic accomplishes.

How To Get Exotic Glaive In Destiny 2?

How To Get Exotic Glaive In Destiny 2

To unlock The Edge exotic glaive, you’ll have to complete the rare quest Report Reverse Lure. The quest will remain locked till you’ve finished all evidence board reports you’ll discover within The Enclave. They require you to go out to Savathun’s Throne World searching for clues, scouring certain areas, and then bringing the objects to the back of the display, so you can hang them in like a detective.

When you’ve finished them all you’ll be able to unlock the quest. One of the major obstacles to completing this quest is the crafting of numerous legendary weapons that are exclusive to Wellspring and they’re each on a 4-day rotation. It’s therefore recommended to track the guns that are available each day.

How To Obtain The Edge Exotic Catalyst In Destiny 2?

How To Obtain The Edge Exotic Catalyst In Destiny 2

It’s unclear at present how to acquire the mysterious sparks of light that are featured in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. If it’s an incentive from quests in the future or drops randomly from various activities like Strikes and the Crucible and Gambit are things we do not yet know. Once we have figured out how to acquire these catalysts, this section is going to be updated regularly with current information.

What Does The Edge Exotic Glaive Do In Destiny 2?

What The Edge exotic glaive do In Destiny 2

The glaives in their core include a mixture of melee and ranged capabilities or attacks, which you can observe in the video of gameplay above. The exotic glaives come with a melee attack that can thwart enemies at close range, as well as the special abilities specific to each glaive, differ greatly.

  • The Titan exotic glaive is The Edge of Action – can send out armor that shields members of the guardians within from coming attacks
  • The Warlock exotic smile The Warlock exotic glaive The Edge of Intent – is a healing turret that can aid in keeping you and other people alive for a brief time.
  • The Hunter’s exuberant glaive – the Edge of Concurrence is an explosion of lightning that reaches the enemies, inflicting massive damage.

After completing the quest The Investigation, players will unlock the Evidence Board located on Mars, at the Enclave. Players will have to complete the following quests to gain access to the glaive crafting:

  • Report: RESONANCE-COMP – Get three Resonant Runes to collect an Osmic Fragment.
  • Report: ALTAR-REFLECT – Complete the Altar of Reflection quest.
  • Report: SCORN-ORDER – Kill strong Scorn enemies and collect Marching Orders.
  • Report: RELIC-DATA – Shape Red Herring, Empirical Evidence, Likely Suspect, Tarnation and Come To Pass weapons. Reshape a weapon and apply an Enhanced Trait to it.
  • Report: STEPS-RETRACED – Collect Insight from champions from the weekly story mission.
  • Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT – Complete the Preservation quest.
  • Report: REVERSE-LURE – Final quest: Lure out Immaru at the Queen’s Bailey. Defeat the enemies and return to the Enclave.

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