How To Get Eagle Eye In COD Mobile

How To Get Eagle Eye In COD Mobile


The Eagle Eye Medal in COD Mobile can be one of the most difficult to get. Here’s how to unlock it.

The Eagle Eye Medal is one of the many medals available. Mobile Call of Duty We have everything you need to learn How To Get Eagle Eye In COD Mobile. COD Mobile has already made the season 10 shadows’ return available, and players are enjoying it. The season 10 shadows return offers more than just a few new additions and items to the game.

These new additions complete the list of maps, weapons, skins, events, and other items. A new BR Mastermind Seasonal Event was launched in COD Mobile. This event will allow players to unlock the CharlyGreen Marble character skin.

This event has a few challenges and rewards. One of these rewards is the eagle-eye medal.

COD Mobile Medals are achievements that players can obtain when they complete certain in-game tasks. Once you fulfill a specific medal’s requirements, your collection will automatically be added.

How To Get Eagle Eye In COD Mobile

How To Get Eagle Eye In COD Mobile

The COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal can be earned by killing enemies further than 75m without using a scope (except in Warfare mode). Because it is a battle royale exclusive medal, players must only complete the objective using BR mode. You can also view the player’s total Eagle Eye medals by navigating to their medal section.

These are the steps to earn an Eagle Eye Medal in COD mobile:

  1. Launch Call of Duty: Mobile on your device.
  2. Start a battle royale match.
  3. Without using a scope, kill an enemy more significantly than 75 meters.
  4. The Eagle Eye medal can be yours after you have completed the objective.

This is the only way to accomplish this task.

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