How To Get Dragonite In Pokemon Go

How To Get Dragonite In Pokemon Go


Many Pokemon Go players are excited about the new Trading Card game that revolves around Niantic’s Pokemon mobile game. The event will allow users to know How To Get Dragonite In Pokemon Go.

To celebrate the release of the expansion, an event was held at the smartphone title. This event is not that different from previous ones, but it does have one distinct feature.

This event will feature many fan favorites, including Chansey and Snorlax. Dragonite, the original Dragon-type Pokemon, has been the focus of gamers’ attention for this event.

Many are rushing to get their hands on a rare Pokemon like Dragonite, which is now available in Pokemon GO. There are many ways for readers to catch this rare Pokemon during the event.

Where To Find Dragonite In Pokemon Go

Where To Find Dragonite In Pokemon Go

Participating in the Jump Start Special Research Quest is the best way to obtain a Dragonite in PokemonGo. To complete the first objective, players must add one friend, catch three Pokemon with Weather Boost, hatch an egg, and then continue to level up. The player will receive a Dratini encounter once they have completed the first objective. Continue to complete this quest for more candy. To become Dragonair, you only need 25 candy.

You can make Dratini your friend and go around with it until there is enough candy. You can also take a photo with Dratini to add 30 candy to the questline. Another 30 candy can be earned by earning a candy. You can easily complete this questline to obtain enough candy for Dratini to become Dragonite.

Since the beginning, Dragonite was a favorite Pokemon. In the original games, the Dragon-type was very strong and could take down nearly every other Pokemon. Fairy-type Pokemon are now available to provide a needed nerf for Dragons. Pokemon go introduces new generations of Pokemon every year.

How To Get Dragonite In Pokemon Go 2022

How To Get Dragonite In Pokemon Go 2022

There are many options to get Dragonite in Pokémon GO 2022. There are many options. Dratini can be transformed into Dragonair with twenty-five Candies, and Dragonite with a staggering hundred Candies. Although gathering all these Candies can be difficult, you can speed up the process by using Dratini to be your Buddy Pokemon, especially once you have reached the rank of Best Buddies. The grind will still be there, but it won’t be as difficult. You can also find Dragonite on Raids, defeat it and get a chance at catching it. These options are available at all times, provided Dragonite is present in Raids at that time.

Events are another way to obtain Dragonite in Pokemon GO 2022. Sometimes, these events offer the chance to catch lots of Dragonite. The ongoing TCG Crossover Event (Trading Card Game), is one example. There are many collection challenges that you can complete, including one that requires you to catch Dragonite to win it. Learn more about them in the TCG Collection challenge & rewards guide. There is also a Field Research Task where you can catch 40 Pokemon and get a Dragonite encounter. If you are having trouble completing the Collection Challenge, this Field Research task might be your best option.

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