How To Get Dark Markery

How To Get Dark Markery


Dark Markery is a Markerous Marker within the gaming. It was launched on June 26, 2022.


Illustration (Old)

Dark Markery’s illustrations appear in the shape of a marker, with the body in white and a cap in lilac, and a violet side pattern. The character also has a sinister face.

Illustration (New)

Dark Markey’s latest illustration is similar to the previous illustration, but the character is holding the chainsaw. The chainsaw also features a Pink Marker illustration with a cross symbol.


Dark Makery‘s game-play appearance is not yet known, as they’re still not added to the game.

Bossfight Dialogue

Violet Marker, oh, good, you’re here. Please help me; my dark marker kidnapped and refused to release me.

Marker with dark Markey, YEAH! You destroyed my life. So I’m destroying yours.



  • Dark Markey is the only marker to have its entire badge removed. The majority of other markers have their logos removed.
    • Later, it was back, and now you can read the description of his badge.
  • Dark Markery’s badge had been removed after a couple of weeks since its inclusion on the badges list. The designers have since created an entirely new design.
  • Dark Marker and Cowboy Marker are by far the most popular marker. They required the longest time to put into use. It took close to four months to implement.
  • The marker is the one holding something else, the other markers being Markers for Runner Marker and Archer Marker, Greedy Marker, Gingerbread Marker, and, soon to be added Cowboy Marker along with Music Marker.
  • The security code is the 4 first numbers from the ROBLOX ID of the person who invented Dark Markery.
  • The second marker Game that is not including the leaves marker.

How To Get Dark Markery

In this video, I show you how to get the Dark Markery, Forbidden Marker, and Cowboy Marker badges in Roblox Find the Markers!

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