How To Get Cryptographic ALU In Warframe

How To Get Cryptographic ALU In Warframe


Cryptographic ALU is a unique resource in Warframe that can only be farmed during the Razorback Armada event. You need it to build the Razorback Cipher to complete the event’s challenging fight. It will only drop from Corpus Archwing enemies and is only found on Jupiter and Neptune.

How to Get Cryptographic ALU in Warframe 

How To Get Cryptographic ALU In Warframe

Cryptographic ALUs are dropped by Corpus Archwing enemies hanging out on Jupiter and Neptune. According to a few friendly members of the Warframe community, there are a couple of good missions for farming these things en masse.

  1. The sabotage mission is located in the Galilea sector of Jupiter. Recommended level is 15-20.
  2. Mobile Defense mission located in the Salacia of Neptune. Recommended level is 27-32.

The Neptune mission is the better choice if you meet the level recommendation. Cryptographic ALUs only drop one at a time, exceptional quality for an uncommon-rarity resource. Still, there are enough Corpus Archwings lurking around that you can usually get a good seven or so of them in a single mission run-through. Remember to watch carefully when enemies drop them; they look just like Omega Isotopes, albeit with a darker colouration, which may make them a little tricky to spot amidst the scenery if you weren’t paying attention.

Building the Razorback Cipher

You will need 4 Cryptographic ALU to build the Razorback Cipher, along with 1250 Credits, 1500 Polymer Bundle, and 3 Gallium. It has a one-minute build time, like most key items in the game. The Lotus will give you the blueprint for the Razorback Cipher at the event’s start. Even though it only takes one person to use the Cipher and bypass the security door, you cannot play the mission unless you have a Razorback Cipher in your gear slot, and the Cipher will be used throughout the mission. This happens even if it is not you who uses it on the door.

Remember, when you get into the room to fight the Razorback, it cannot be hurt until you hack the Bursas at the top of the room. Once the Bursas incapacitate the Razorback, you can damage it. Now you know how to get your hands on the Cryptographic ALU and build the Razorback Cipher. Good luck taking on this powerful enemy.

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