How To Get Champions In Clash Royale

How To Get Champions In Clash Royale


Supercell introduced a new rare card in Clash Royale, the Champions. They do not fall within a player’s deck cycle and are therefore more efficient than all other rarities. With the November 2021 update, the developers added Champions to the game. Currently, there are three Champion cards: Archer Queen (Golden Knight), and Skeleton King. Here’s How To Get Champions In Clash Royale if you want to add these cards to your collection.

What Is A Champion Card In Clash Royale?

What Is A Champion Card In Clash Royale

The Champion Card is a type of clash Royale card, which was released with the November 2021 Update. It includes 3 types of cards: Archer Queen, Skeleton King, and Golden Knight. King Tower Level 14 is where you can find the champion cards. You can also use Champion Cards in all types of Battles and Challenges.

How To Get Champions in Clash Royale

How To Get Champions in Clash Royale

Only King Tower level 14 or higher can unlock Champions. You also have special abilities that can be interacted with from below the screen. These are the ways you can earn Champions in Clash Royale:

  • Level-up Chests- Reaching king Level 14 will award you your first Champion from your Level-up Chest
  • Chests Champions can appear in any type of Chests.
  • Pass Royale- If you are at King Level 14, opening a Royal Wild Chest in Tier 30 of the Free Reward track will guarantee 1 Champion.
  • Limited Shop offers –Champion Cards also appear in the In-Game Shop. However, they are extremely rare.

Champion cards begin at card level 11, and can be upgraded to level 14.

What Are The Best Ways To Use Clash Royale Champion Cards?

What Are The Best Ways To Use Clash Royale Champion cards

Some special abilities are available to Champion Cards. You can grant them this ability by spending an elixir. These abilities can be used as long as Clash Royale champions remain alive. Champion cards are available at level 11. You can only choose one champion card from your deck.

What Is The Champion Card’s Ability?

What Is The Champion Card's Ability

Each of the 3 Champion Cards has an ability. Check these tips to find out more about each ability.

Archer queen: This ability is for this type of champion card and it’s called ‘cloaking cape’. This ability can be applied to Archer Queen and it will become invisible for 3 seconds. The enemy cannot damage it and its fire rate and overall damages will increase. It requires 1 elixir for application.

Skeleton Kings: This is called Soul Summoning. Each troop that falls on the field will be given a soul by the Skeleton Kings, which is kept in a bar high above. He summons Skeletons based on how many souls he has collected. There is a maximum of 20 Skeletons, and a minimum limit of 6 Skeletons. To apply the elixir, you must spend at least 2 coins.

Gold Knight: Dash is an ability that this Champion Card can use. This ability can be activated on the Golden Knight. It will run until it finds an enemy and then it will sprint through it along with other nearby enemies. To be used, it costs 1 Elixir.

Which Strategy Is Best For Using Champion Cards?

Which Strategy Is Best For Using Champion Cards

There are many strategies to use champion cards, but this is the one that our team has chosen. If you need our recommendation strategy, please see this content:

Archer Queen Strategy The Archer Queen’s ability and its ability are combined to destroy any single unit. This was demonstrated by its in-game card demo against a P.E.K.K.A. This ability should only be used when the archer queen is within 1 second of hitting it.

Skeleton King Strategy The Skeleton King makes a great defensive card due to its high splash damage, high HP, and ability to become stronger as opposing units are defeated. To summon the second layer of defense, place it behind friendly units. This is particularly useful if enemy units lock onto the Skeleton King. It will tank for the summoned Skeletons as well as any other defending units it has.

Golden Knight Strategy The Golden Knight’s unique ability to attack multiple targets at once, such as a Knight and Tower, makes it a very powerful weapon. It can be difficult to defend against because of this. If a Valkyrie approaches a tower, the Defender will use a Knight to prevent all damage. However, if a Golden Knight approaches and the Defender places a Knight near the tower, it will run onto the tower making the defenseless useless.

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