How to Get Awakening Event Packs

How To Get Awakening Event Packs


One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing through the seasons of Apex Legends is that you can play through the events that are part of the collection. Every collection event brings new packs that are available. Here’s How to Get Awakening Event Packs for Apex Legends.

How To Get Awakening Event Packs For Apex The Legends

How to get Awakening Event Packs - Apex The Legends

As with all collection events, the events packs are released as soon as the new event is announced. The Awakening will begin on June 21, when the game is reset in the time zone of your location.

From here, clicking the far leftmost button on your main display will lead you to collection events items, where you can view all the latest cosmetics on a neatly organized grid.

It is expected that prices will not change, which means that each Awakening events pack will cost around 700 Apex Coins. The smallest amount consisting of Apex Coins is 1,000 Coins at $10. Each Awakening event pack contains one guaranteed item for the event and two random items from the regular Apex Pack collection.

With the most current details available, it is the information you will receive when it comes to the Awakening launches on June 21. If anything is changed, then we’ll make sure to update this article.

This article has covered all it is necessary to understand about accessing Awakening events for Apex Legends. Be sure to keep an eye on the event for updates as the event approaches, and we’ll bring you more details.

There’s also additional Apex Legends content in the next section, which you can find helpful, along with other information regarding the platform. The site also has a variety of valuable guides, features, and quizzes you’ll love.

Awakening Collection Event Items

Awakening Collection Event items

This year’s Awakening Collection Event features 24 event-related items that you can purchase in varying amounts in Apex Coins or crafting Materials. When you’ve collected each of them, you’ll be able to get Valkyrie’s family heirloom “Suzaku” as a reward for the money you spent.

Incredible frames, emotive and holospray

The incredible items included in the event cost 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 crafting Materials.

  • “Robot Rampage” Fuse Frame
  • “Rings of Power” Seer Frame
  • “Beamed” Holospray
  • “Skate or Fly” Seer Skydive Emote
  • “Butterfly Barrage” Bangalore Emote
  • “Working at the Angles” Newcastle Emote

Epic skins

Epic skins

The epic skins in the event cost around 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 crafting Materials.

  • “Boiling Point” Caustic Skin
  • “Chrome Dome” Gibraltar Skin
  • “Tip the Scales” R-99 Skin
  • “Brood Buster” Prowler Skin
  • “Underwater Love” Mastiff Skin
  • “Core Sponsor” L-Star Skin

Legendary Skins

Legendary skins

The famous skins from the event cost 1 800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Materials.

  • “Existential Threat” Ash Skin
  • “Supreme Lupine” Loba Skin
  • “Non-State Actor” Mad Maggie Skin
  • “Envious Attitude” Seer Skin
  • “Animal Instinct” Fuse Skin
  • “Atom Heart Mother” Horizon Skin
  • “Limit Breaker” Rampart Skin
  • “Supreme Lethal” Longbow Skin
  • “Unsung” Hemlok Skin
  • “Heaven Piercer” CAR Skin
  • “Hardball” Peacemaker Skin
  • “Black Shower” Rampage Skin

Final reward

When you’ve bought all the 24 cosmetics at the event, you’ll get Valkyrie’s family hero “Suzaku” along with the “Angel’s Arrival” pose and an original intro quip in which she states, “This little viper has her mother’s fangs!”

Reward Trackers

Reward Trackers

Alongside the collection event, Awakening has also launched a brand new prize tracker, which includes cosmetics tracks, trackers, and other items that can be won by completing challenges for free. It is possible to earn up to 1,600 points each day.

  • “Awakening” Banner Badge
  • “Awakening” Music Pack
  • “Awakening” Transition
  • “Kills for Pathfinder” Tracker
  • “Kills for Ash” Tracker
  • 1x Apex Pack
  • “Wins by a Pathfinder” Tracker
  • “Mecha-Moth” Charm
  • “Damage Performed as Pathfinder” Tracker
  • “Wins in the form of Ash” Tracker
  • “Path of Glory” Pathfinder Skin
  • “Reptilian Fury” Havoc Skin
  • “Damage Caused in the form of Ash” Tracker
  • “Widow Wing” Bocek Skin

Apex Lifeline’s Clinic For The Legends of APEX

Apex Lifeline's Clinic For The Legends of APEX

Alongside the other unique cosmetics, Lifeline’s Clinic is a brand new POI on The Olympus map. Described as a “state-of-the-art building” close to Gardens and Grow Towers, the main floor heals any Legends standing on the platform that needs recharging after every use.

The following section is called the “Emergency Platform”, where players can purchase an Emergency Care Package and get some premium loot. It is important to note that this feature will only be available for one game.

Apex Legends Control Mode Return

Apex Legends Control Mode Return

The fan-favorite Control mode is returning in the Awakening event. The first time it was seen during Season 12, the model is where teams compete to control three objectives.

This is all you need to learn regarding the Apex Legends Awakening Collection event.

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