How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original

Have you ever had an instance where you’ve looked all over the place and haven’t found your car key? It’s a stressful situation when you’re away from home and are unable to gain access to your vehicle. How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original, there are several things you can try, such as:

  • Contact your local dealership
  • Make an appointment with an auto locksmith

Imagine that you’ve damaged or lost your sole car key and are desperate to access your vehicle. It’s extremely frustrating and stress-inducing when you are locked out of your car. However, don’t fret; I’ll help you replace your car key quickly and efficiently in this post.

How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original

How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original

Contact Your Local Dealership

Have you heard that nearly 20 million people are missing keys to their house or car each year in the US? (over four million Americans keep their keys locked in their cars every year!) Numerous unfortunate events can trigger you to require an alternative key. Examples include:

  • You’ve lost your sole key, or was it taken? It happens to numerous people!
  • Your car keys are damaged (e.g., broken or broken by a half). This can occur if keys were used in the faulty lock.
  • The car key you have bent. You can visibly observe that the key is stretched out.

There are many ways to help you get back on the road. Another option is to reach your local dealership. The advantages of this option are that the dealership is familiar with the car’s brand, model, and the specific key you require.

However, there are a few negatives to choosing the local dealer. They typically don’t offer roadside emergency assistance. They usually work during regular hours, which could be extremely stressful if you require a replacement key beyond these hours.

In addition, it could be more costly to obtain the replacement key through dealers. You could pay as much as 50% more when you choose to go through an agent instead of a locksmith.

Go To The Locksmith

Go To The Locksmith

You can exchange your lost car keys by contacting a locksmith even if you don’t own the keys from the first. A visit to a locksmith could be cheaper than visiting your dealership. However, you’ll need some details to help you make the process simpler.

Finding a new key at the car dealership could work, but you’ll have to spend more on the cost if you go to an auto locksmith.

An automotive locksmith can create the key you need that will work for your particular vehicle. In addition, an auto locksmith might be capable of programming your new key fob if that’s the problem.

Get Your Information Together

If you want to obtain a replacement lock from a locksmith, you’ll need the following information in your possession:

  • Make of the car
  • Model of the car
  • Year
  • The registration of a car
  • Title
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This information can aid the locksmith in determining the kind of key your vehicle requires. The car’s VIN is on the dashboard, either on the driver’s side or on the driver’s door. Also, you’ll need this information to prove that you are your vehicle’s proprietor. Before the locksmith begins, they’ll have to confirm that you’re the car’s legal owner.

Find Out What Car Key You Will Need

Find Out What Car Key You Will Need

Different cars require different kinds of keys for cars. Most of the time, the kind of car keys you require is determined by the year your car was built.

If your car was made before 1981, you could probably get a standard key from a locksmith or, in certain cases, it’s a hardware store. Older vehicles typically don’t feature specialized electronic components like transponders or chips.

Cars manufactured after 1981 generally are more technologically advanced. Locksmiths might need to make a transponder key. In this situation, it is best to visit an automotive locksmith, or your dealer would be the best option.

If you own a brand new vehicle or your initial automobile key had a key fob, you might require an electronic key replacement. Key fobs can communicate with the ignition in your vehicle and must be close to turning on your vehicle. If you require a replacement, you’ll need to purchase an additional fob from your car dealer or at an automotive shop to have it programmed.

Costs To Replace Keys To Cars

If you need an alternative vehicle key, that’s bound to cost you a bit. If you own an older vehicle, you can purchase a replacement key for $3 to $7.

A new key could cost more if you own a more modern automobile equipped with an electronic key or a different type of car key. Car keys that are replaced that include transponders, chips, or fobs could cost you up to $250, based on the location and costs for labor.

In Conclusion

We’ve all lost keys at some point or another time, but there’s no need to worry. If you’re not carrying the original car keys, you can still find an alternative from the local car dealership or a locksmith for automobiles.

Prices will differ based on:

  • What’s the oldest or most modern version of the security system in your car is.
  • What kind of key do you require?
  • If you require a transponder programmed.
  • If you require assistance on the roadside.
  • You can go to the locksmith or a dealer.

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