How To Get A Cleric Villager

How To Get A Cleric Villager?


Minecraft is a game of world-building which involves crafting trading, exploring, and constructing the world around you. Apart from these options, there is also the possibility of interacting with the villagers to trade. When you trade with them, you will gain a variety of things and resources in the form of. Before that, however, you have to give them a profession to use in the trade. Here’s our step-by-step guide to How To Get A Cleric Villager in Minecraft.

How To Get A Cleric Villager In Minecraft?

How To Get A Cleric Villager In Minecraft

You can give the Cleric job to a villager unemployed to create a Cleric Villager. You can accomplish this by placing a brewing station close to a typical villager. However, first, you have to make the drink.

You’ll need the following ingredients to create the Brewing Stand:

  • 3 Cobblestones
  • 1 Blaze Rod
  • Put all of the above on a craft table to create the stand for brewing.
  • The Blaze Rod was dropped by the Blazes located in the Nether Fortresses.
  • While Cobblestone is easily found and readily available, we have a guide for ways to create the Cobblestone Generator. This will enable you to make a lot of Cobblestones.
  • Once you’ve constructed your stand, head to a village and meet villagers.
  • It is possible to place the Brewing stand near an ordinary villager to transform him into Cleric Villager. Be sure to put it on the ground.
  • Additionally, you can’t trade with a villager who is unemployed and is wearing a green dress. This is because the villagers have been identified as the Nitwits and are not traders even.

Even though the Cleric villagers start at a novice level they can be leveled up by trading with Cleric villagers.

This is all you need to know about how to create the Cleric Villager with Minecraft.

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