How To Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox Controller

How To Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox Controller?


If the controller’s buttons are becoming a stumbling block in your Xbox gaming experience, You may be thinking about what you could be able to do to rectify the issue. So here to learn How To Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox Controller?

It could be quite irritating when you press the jump button to cause your character to sway around for a long time, or even reloading a gun is a nerve-racking fad to your player. It is especially frustrating if it leads to your inability to play your game properly.

What Is The Cause Of The Buttons Becoming Sticky To Appear On The Xbox Controller?

What Is The Cause Of The Buttons Becoming Sticky To Appear On The Xbox Controller

The most frequent cause of sticky buttons is the delightful mixture of dust and dirt and natural oils created from your fingertips.

If you regularly engage in long gaming sessions, sweat and oils on your hands will undoubtedly be transferred onto the controller. Another common cause is food particles, or drinks spilled randomly onto your controller.

What do you need to do to solve this issue if it should be an issue for you?

Consider the following reasons to pinpoint and resolve the issue.

Cause 1: Dirt Build-Up

The buttons can get stuck if there’s dirt or sugar accumulation within the buttons’ crevices. Use this Xbox One Wireless Controller Button Replacement Guide to use the buttons on the controller. Use a moist cotton sponge to wash all the button’s crevices, sugar, or dirt.

Cause 2: Faulty Button

If your Xbox One Wireless Controller still has buttons that stick after cleaning out any dirt build-up, the buttons might be damaged. Follow this Xbox One Wireless Controller Button Replacement Guide to replace the buttons, covers, and gaskets.

Cause 3: Motherboard that isn’t working properly

If your Xbox One Wireless Controller’s button continues to cause issues, you might have to replace those switches on the controller. To replace them, you’ll need to replace the motherboard of your controller with the help of this Xbox One Wireless Controller Bottom Motherboard Replacement Guide.

How To Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox Controller?

How To Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox Controller

Based on your level of competency and self-confidence, there’s a variety of possibilities to consider:

Cotton buds and alcohol for rubbing

An easy, non-invasive solution This combo can be beneficial if you’re noticing a little stickiness. Most likely, just a little cleaning will be enough to solve your issue.

  • Check that the controller is disconnected.
  • Dip the cotton bud in the rubbing alcohol, then rub it off to remove any excess. Don’t use excessively.
  • The cotton buds should be rubbed over the stuck button and reach as deep in the crevices of your skin as you can. The alcohol will assist in dissolving any gunk that’s been accumulated.
  • After pressing the button multiple times, press the button repeatedly to allow the alcohol to move deeper through the system. Pressing the button should help get rid of any remaining dirt.

Allow the controller to dry. The alcohol you use to rub it on should dry quickly. The small quantities you’re using shouldn’t cause any harm to the internal circuitry of the controller.

Dismantle The Xbox Controller

If rubbing alcohol doesn’t resolve the problem, and you’re feeling confident, you could disassemble the controller and ensure it is cleaned all around.

This is a far more complicated job and is almost certain to void any warranty you may have, so bear this in your mind. However, if the controller is not covered by warranty or has become so damaged it’s inoperable, it could be that you’re thinking you’ve got nothing to lose by attempting this technique.

Think About A New Xbox Controller

If none of these suggestions have helped or your controller’s covered by warranty, you can easily replace the controller.

If you’re covered under warranty and have activated your gadget, you can start the process of a Service Request for more assistance from Microsoft. If your device is not covered by warranty, you could try taking your device to an authorized repair service in your area or take the plunge and purchase an entirely new controller.

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