How To Fix Stick Drift Oculus Quest 2?

How To Fix Stick Drift Oculus Quest 2?


Have you been engaged in the course of a VR playing session and realized that your game’s location suddenly seemed to shift? Are you struggling to navigate menus? There are plenty of VR players who have experienced similar issues. The reason for your controller problems is called Joystick drift. Learn here How To Fix Stick Drift Oculus Quest 2?

Joystick drift is a common issue for controllers. For instance, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are infamous for their drift. Also, the PS5 is afflicted by joystick drift. If the device is affected by drifting, it triggers the joystick’s movement by itself without any input from the user. This could lead to the previously mentioned issues of sporadic characters moving and difficulty in the menu navigation.

The issue of drifting joysticks is a significant trouble. The first thought is to replace the controller. However, there are steps you can follow that could help you save money. Follow these steps to try, and correct the Oculus joystick controller drift yourself before purchasing an upgrade to the Oculus Touch controller.

How To Fix Stick Drift Oculus Quest 2

How To Fix Stick Drift Oculus Quest 2

To fix the squeaky sound coming generated by the Oculus Touch controller, there are two options:

  1. Utilizing an effective electronic lubricant
  2. Utilizing compressed air to cleanse the controller

These solutions could be helpful to stop a drifting joystick on the controller of your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 controller:

  1. cleaning and sanitizing the area of the joystick controller areas
  2. Compressed air is blown to remove all dust and dirt
  3. Eliminating the batteries

Let’s go over the various available methods, beginning with the ways to fix noisy noises generated by VR controllers. VR controller.

Repairing Oculus Touch Controller Squeaks With Lubricant

The specifics of this technique are as simple as they appear. You’ll first need an effective and reliable fluid to complete the task. This is specifically a lubricant that is designed for electronic equipment here.

More specifically, I’m referring to the cleaning spray for WD-40 that is designed specifically for electronic devices. It is available on Amazon relatively inexpensively! It’ll last for an extended amount of time, and in addition to Oculus controllers, you’ll also be able to lubricate other electronic devices within your home.

Make Use Of Compressed Air To Fix Oculus Quest Controller Squeaks

There’s air in an array of unorthodox and conventional ways of solving problems—simple, straightforward, and vital air. The goal is to eliminate all dust and other debris that might cause cramps for your controller.

If your lungs don’t seem as healthy as they were and you’re worried about it, don’t fret about it too much. One visit to the hardware store, whether online or not – and you’ll have an air compressor. This small tool will give the stoutest air lungs a run for their money.

Repairing The Controller Drift By Removing Batteries

You’ve probably been familiar with the technique of “turning off and then turning it back on”. Believe that or not, it’s a solution for numerous hardware issues as it’s a method of resetting your device.

Instead of switching the Quest to off or on, attempt to remove the batteries from the controller for two minutes to resolve the problem with your controller’s drift; after removing the power source, put the battery pack into the controller and check whether the drifting issue persists.

What’s The Reason Why My Oculus Controller Keep Changing?

Many people using Oculus Stick Drift have faced the issue. A most effective solution is to clean the controller. After which, two options can be examined. The computer’s use for extended periods exposes the controller to dust and sweat, and other debris may be introduced.

How Can I Repair How Do I Fix Left Oculus Controller?

How Can I Repair How Do I Fix Left Oculus Controller

Connecting the controller first is best and checking if it isn’t working. The Oculus controller will have its battery removed and then seated. It is then time to examine the levels of the batteries and replace any low batteries.

How Can I Set My Oculus 2 Controller?

How Can I Set My Oculus 2 Controller

Select the Devices icon on the bottom menu to launch the settings for your device. Utilize the headset connected to your phone to manage it. To access the advanced setting, tap on the Advanced tab. You can reset factory settings by pressing Factory Reset.

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