How To Fix Snapchat That Keeps Crashing On Your Phone?

My first experience of “Unfortunately, Snapchat has stopped working” and “Snapchat keeps stopping” was awful. I tried to share my most recent Snap with my friends, however, my Snapchat crashes every time I try to open it, and I am left with a grumpy face, So here you’ll learn How To Fix Snapchat That Keeps Crashing On Your Phone?

If you’re facing an issue similar to your device, you’ve found the right website. In the coming paragraphs, this article will aid you in overcoming the Snapchat issue and enable you to keep enjoying its unique features. Let’s get started!

How To Fix Snapchat That Keeps Crashing On Your Phone?

How To Fix Snapchat That Keeps Crashing On Your Phone?

Shutting down Snapchat from all apps currently in eliminating “Snapchat keeps stopping” on Android is as easy as you can close the app using the menu of recent apps. Sometimes, your smartphone may cause Snapchat to switch to idle mode after running within the background for way too long. It then crashes when you attempt to open it.

In this case, it is recommended to close Snapchat from all the recent apps first to stop it from running. Then, you can launch it once more.

Force Shut Snapchat In Android.

Force Shut Snapchat In Android.
  • Click the overview button or press and hold the button towards the lower part of the screen (on Android 10 or later) to access the latest applications panel.
  • Locate Snapchat in the most recent apps, and then swipe it and close the app. You can also hit the Clear button to remove all the latest apps.

Force Shut Snapchat Using An iPhone.

Force Shut Snapchat Using An iPhone.
  • Click twice to tap on the home button or swipe upwards and hold it to the right (on iPhone X and later) to display the most recent applications panel.
  • Find Snapchat from there, swipe it upwards, and close the app.

Once you have done that, run Snapchat to determine whether the issue is fixed. If not, continue to try the suggestions below until you find a permanent solution.

Update Snapchat

Update Snapchat

In the next step, you must be sure that Snapchat is current for Your iPhone and Android device to avoid unwanted issues. Many things change in mobile apps daily, and when unfavorable issues occur, the app’s developers issue an update to fix the issue.

In particular, if, for example, you’ve just changed your device’s software to the most recent software and the Snapchat application on your phone may not be able to keep pace with the latest version until you update it as well. If you notice that your Snapchat is constantly crashing, you should head to your App Store or Play Store to upgrade it.

  • Open your app Store using the iPhone as well as you can use the Google Play Store on Your Android device.
  • Look up Snapchat and choose an official application.
  • Click the Update button to download the most recent update. Launch Snapchat now to check whether it has fixed the issue.

Remove Snapchat’s Cached Files.

Remove Snapchat's Cached Files.

Particularly especially on Android, Snapchat might stop working if there are many cache files stored in memory or become corrupted. One way to remedy this is to clear all cache data. Let’s get started!

On your Android phone

  • Start your settings app and select Apps and Notifications
  • Click the “See all apps” link to open your apps.
  • Open and search for Snapchat in the search results.
  • Select Storage & Cache
  • Then finally, tap then the Clean cache button to delete the cache file.

You can clean the cache files of Snapchat on your iPhone as well but only in the application. If you’re unable to use Snapchat at this moment, leave it out for the next option below.

Restart Your Device

Restart Your Device

We’re sure you didn’t reboot your device this week, but it isn’t the case. Restarting your phone is the best way to fix most issues you could experience at any point.

It’s not that difficult and takes only a fraction of your time. It refreshes both the hardware and software features, ends all background processes, and launches a new session on your smartphone.

If Snapchat is still crashing after following the three methods above, we recommend that you restart your device by following the steps listed below.

  • Whether you are using Android or iPhone, the process of rebooting is simple. Just press the power button to launch the menu for power.
  • On most Android devices, you have to tap Restart or Reboot, while iOS requires you to swipe up.

Open Snapchat and then reboot your device to verify whether it’s working now. If not, we’ve got additional solutions in the following article. Try again!

Install The Latest Software Version

If Snapchat crashes after updating the software on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 11, or any Android phone, you may not be using the most reliable software. There were many reports of the crashes after upgrading to the most recent software version, and they have since fixed the issue after releasing a fresh software update. Also, you could benefit by making sure that your phone is updated to the most recent version, even if it hasn’t been updated in your software in the last few days.

  • To install updates for Android To install updates on Android, go to the following link: Settings > System > Updates.
  • To update your iPhone For updates to be installed on your iPhone, visit the Settings menu General > System Update.

Before updating, be sure to connect to a Wi-Fi network and connect your charging device.

Uninstall Forbidden Apps

Did you download any apps that aren’t available on Google’s Play Store lately? It could be the reason why your Snapchat is constantly crashing on you. The malicious apps can be prone to causing instability on your smartphone, so should you have one, get rid of it as quickly as you can!

Delete And Reinstall Snapchat

Isn’t one of the above solutions stopping Snapchat from being a disaster on your gadget if it’s the case? We appreciate your efforts. But, you may need to start over to get everything working again. You can delete Snapchat and then install it once more; it’s an effective solution to fixing issues with the app.

It will erase your app data and reset your settings, but it won’t erase your camera roll or account. Follow these steps to install Snapchat on your smartphone.

on iPhone:

  • Locate Snapchat at the top of your screen and press the icon.
  • Click the delete button to turn off Snapchat. button to deinstall Snapchat on your phone.
  • Then, go on the App Store to reinstall it.

On Android:

  • Go to Play Store.  Storestraight from the start.
  • Look up Snapchat and choose an official application.
  • To begin, tap then the button to uninstall Snapchat. Button to uninstall Snapchat.
  • Please take a few minutes to get rid of it, after which you can tap the Install button to install Snapchat on your phone.

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