How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector


iPhones have been praised for being one of the most comprehensive smartphones on the market. The iPhone’s reliability and ease of use are just two of the many key features that iOS users love. Its patented Lightning connector receives higher power than any normal Android charger (USB micro B).

Some users experienced errors when using their iPhone lightning connector. One error can be related to water and moisture entering the charging port. This guide will explain How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

What Does Lightning Connector Mean By Liquid Detected In The Lightning Connector?

What Does Lightning Connector Mean By Liquid Detected In The Lightning Connector

The pins can be damaged if the cables are plugged in with a wet or moistened cable. One of these messages might be displayed on the phone to inform you about the best immediate actions you can take.

  • The first message will inform users that liquid has been detected in the lightning connector. It will also suggest that users unplug the charger and allow it to dry for several hours. It will display the message that iPhone charging is not available.
  • After attaching an accessory, the liquid is detected by the sensors. The iPhone will prompt you to dry the accessory and then try again.

You can choose to ignore the message or force-charge your phone. Although it poses a risk to your phone, people will often take this chance in an emergency. A wireless charger is another option. Before attaching your phone to wireless charging, ensure it is completely dry.

What Is The Reason That My iPhone’s Lightning Connector Detects Liquid?

What Is The Reason That My iPhone's Lightning Connector Detects Liquid

First, the iPhone’s charging port can also be called a lightning connector or lightning port. It’s compatible only with a Lightning Cable. The Lightning port allows you to submerge your iPhone in water.

Important – You will see an Emergency override option on the error message. This prompts your phone to continue to charge, even if it detects moisture in the port. This is best not to do as it could cause hardware damage or corrosion within the connector.

The following error can occur if your Lightning connector becomes wet.

“Charging not available: Liquid detected in the Lightning connector. Allow the connector to dry before you disconnect it. You may harm your iPhone by charging now.

This error is especially common in iPhone models XS and higher. Here are some common reasons this error can occur when you connect your Lightning Cable:

  • Humidity– If your phone is in a humid environment, it will get more moisture than the normal room temperature. The Lightning connector is one of the most vulnerable places for moisture to seep.
  • Rain – The lightning connector will likely get wet if your phone is left in the drizzle.
  • Spilled drinks or Water – The Lightning connector can get wet if your phone is near a liquid or drink. This is especially true if the liquid’s container faces the Lightning connector.

If your phone is in one of these situations, it is most likely that the “Liquid detected in the Lightning connector” alert appears on the screen because it has. This can be solved by drying your iPhone’s charging port.

How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

Ok, now the phone shows the message liquid detection. What can you do to resolve this problem? Before we tell you what to do next, let’s consider what not to do.

  • Do not use a hair dryer or heat source to dry the moisture.
  • You should not place cotton products or swabs inside the lightning connector to try and absorb the moisture.
  • To remove moisture, people often dip their phones into the rice. These tiny rice particles can cause the problem to worsen.

Let’s now look at what we should do in the event of the “liquid detect in lightning connector” message.

Take Out The Lightning Accessory, Dry the Moisture.

First, you must comply with the message procedure. Let the charger dry by removing it from the lightning port. To drain any moisture from your phone’s interior, it is best to keep it upright. During this process, you should not shake your phone or blow on the lightning port. This could make the situation worse.

You Can Discard It When The Liquid Detection Alarm Appears.

The message that suggests “liquid detection in lightning connector” should be dismissed immediately and followed by other options. You can dismiss the message or perform an emergency override.

Reboot It if the iPhone charging is not available

You can also try restarting the iPhone if you continue to have issues with the message.

Fix the Lightning Connector bug that detects liquid in Lightning Connector if it is a software issue

Phones running iOS 14 or 15 likely have an unwelcome message about liquid detection. Many people are now distrusting the operating system. This problem can be solved by fixing the bug in the operating system.

However, there is a problem. Apple devices are extremely secure, so manipulating their OS could cause a catastrophe. Tenorshare is a safe way to approach this process. This allows users to reboot their devices without risking data loss safely. Let’s take a look at each step individually.

  1. Install the ReiBoot app on your Mac or PC. Next, connect your device to ReiBoot and wait for it to detect. After the detection is complete, click the Start button.
  2. You will be able to select the type of reboot from the UI. Select the Standard Repair option.
  3. Next, you can choose the firmware that is right for your device. Click the Download button to download the firmware. The application will search for and download the best firmware. It might take several minutes, so be patient and wait until it is done.
  4. After the system has downloaded the firmware, you can click the Start Standard Repair button. This will allow you to recover your phone. The screen will display a message that has been completed and a Done button at its bottom.
  5. Bring your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store.
  6. You’ll have to contact a professional if none of the above methods works. If the phone displays “Liquid detection within Lightning Connector”, do not open or poke at it.


  1. It can be very frustrating for users to get liquid stuck to their mobiles or receive messages like “Liquid detection with Lightning Connector” that are not related. The article outlines the best ways to recover your iPhone. To recover your iPhone safely, you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot. You will not experience any issues with data loss.
  2. The message will no longer be a problem. Tenorshare ReiBoot can provide a simple solution to issues related to Liquid detection within the Lightning Connector.

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