How to Fix Add Post to Your Story Missing on Instagram [5 Easy Steps]

Instagram has a lot of amazing features and they keep changing every day. It helps you to share stories with your friends and I guess it is the best thing on instagrm. You can post your own story and you can also post someone’s else story on instagrm. People nowadays are facing certain issues with posting stories on Instagram and they are unable to see any option for sharing stories on IG. there can be many reasons behind this and we are here with How to Fix Add Post To Your Story Missing on Instagram.

You need to follow these methods in order to share your creative stories with people and then they will look perfect for you and it is the best way to engage with people and it will increase your visibility of your on the platform. You need to know the method to fix this problem.

Well, there is no specific reason that you are not finding this option on your Instagram. There can be three reasons behind this and we are going to discuss those three here and then you will be able to fix this problem on your account. So keep reading and know how to fix this thing on your account.

Reasons Behind Your Story Missing Option

Well, there is a cause to every problem similarly there might be certain reasons behind this problem too that you are facing this. There is no specific reason and major thing that is hard to solve or you need tech experts for that to solve. You can easily solve it and firstly you should be aware of the reasons.

Type Of Account

Many people switch frequently from the type of account they have like they switch to private to public. this might be the reason and then you will be able to see this option when you switch your account. But I guess you will see this option in both the modes on instagrm. But in case you are having a private account then you will not be able to tap on the Share button under that post you want to share. You need to check whether you have a private account or a public account.

You need to open Instagram in incognito mode in your web browser and then search for the username of the person and if that account and you will not be able to post a story on your account. There can sometimes be bugs and that can be fixed with time and with the updates of the app. For this you can report your problem and then IG will help you to solve this problem. 

When this will get solved then you will be able to post stories from your account and then this option will be available for you. 

Check Your Story Privacy Settings

Users have all the access to allow someone to share their stories or reshare their stories on Instagram. If you see that there is so such an option of adding a post to your story then there might be the case that the user has disabled the resharing their posts as stories. If you want to make this in your post then you need to follow these steps.

You need to go to your profile and then you need to go to the menu and then tap on settings. After that, you need to tap on privacy and then need to go to the story and under the sharing tab, you will see that there is one option to disallow other users to reshare to stories. This is what you need to d if you want others don’t share your stories. Then you will not be allowed if the user has set these story settings. 

Instagram App Itself

There might be a case that there is some bug in your app that you are unable to see this option. Users are facing these kinds of issues every day when there is some bug at the backend of Instagram. You can report such kinds of problems to IG within two weeks. And then you need to wait to get it solved and you might get another update. Then your problem will get solved automatically.

How To Fix Add Post To Your Story Missing on Instagram

How to Fix Add Post to Your Story Missing on Instagram

You need to follow these steps in order to fix the problem or add a post to your story missing on Instagram. There are different four ways and you can try them one by one in case one doesn’t work for you then the next will work for your definitely. So go and follow the procedure in order to fix this problem.

Update Your App

If you are facing this kind of problem then it is advisable that you should check whether your app is updated or not. And in case your app is not updated then you should update it to the latest version that will be available on your app store or play store. After that, you need to restart your Instagram app and you can also restart your phone. This will help you bring back the add post option that is missing in your profile.

Clear App Cache And Data

In case you are not seeing that option then you need to clear app data and cache on your android device and if you are having an iOS device then you need to reinstall the app. You can clear your cache by going into your settings and there you will see the storage option and two buttons to clear cache and clear data. 

You need to tap on these two buttons and then restart your device. You can also clear the cache of your phone also. This will help to fix your problem and you will be able to see add post to your story on Instagram.

It is the best and the fast way to fix this. As this will reduce the loading time for the app and the features of the app. This will occur even if you update your app and don’t clear your cache and data. The reason behind this is that your app is using the old cache stored for the app. So it is important for you to clear the cache and also its data.

Try Switching Mode Of Your Account

The user needs to set the privacy settings. If you are unable to see this then you need to change your account from private to public or public to private. When you will switch this then your missing story option might get back and then you will be able to see this option on your Instagram. 

To change the mode of your account you need to go to your profile page and then you need to tap on the menu after that three lines will come up for you and then go to settings. You will see the option for switching your account mode to private or public. You can fix your problem by using this method.

Report To Instagram

If you are unable to see this option then it is advisable to tell this to the app and then you can report this problem and they will help you to fix it. In order to do this, you need to take a screenshot and then you need to go to your profile page on Instagram and go to the menu button that you will see at the top right. 

After that tap on the settings and go to help and then you need to add your screenshot by tapping on the plus icon and you can also write something there to fix this problem of yours. Then they will soon respond to you by providing a valid reason in your Instagram profile. 

Try Using A Different Phone

This also might help you in solving your problem. You can take your friend’s phone you can also use the web browser instead. Then you need to log in with your username and password. Then you can check whether you are able to see it or not by tapping under the share under a post option.

So this was all about how to fix add post to your story missing on Instagram. You can follow these steps and solve your problem. If you still find the problem then try updating your app and then it might help you. Still, if you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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