How To Fix A Sticky Button On Xbox Controller

How To Fix A Sticky Button On Xbox Controller


The Xbox and its controllers allow for long gaming sessions that let you immerse yourself in action.

No matter what game you are playing on Xbox One, a slow or sticky Xbox Controller button can ruin your gaming experience.

If you are prone to sticky buttons, it can cause problems in the future. Here we will describe How To Fix A Sticky Button On Xbox Controller and how to clean it to make it look like a new controller!

It’s not uncommon for a stuck Xbox controller button to cause problems.

Switching between the rubber and plastic buttons takes more effort and time. You will be amazed at the final result.

Your Xbox One Controller Button is Broken

Your Xbox One Controller Button is Broken

The most common reason for button sticking is a buildup of dirt and grease on the Xbox One Controller’s buttons.

Your hands will become greasy and sweaty if you play video games for a long time. You may also get crumbs from food or drinks accidentally spilled onto your controller.

As annoying as sticky buttons can be, I have created a complete guide on how to fix sticky buttons on Xbox One Controller.

Is it necessary to disassemble my Xbox One controller to repair it??

You’re bound to come across stuck buttons as a gamer. It cannot be easy to get the most from a game if the controller’s pressing buttons don’t respond quickly enough.

This is a quick and easy fix that anyone can do with just a few tools. It’s much more cost-effective and convenient than buying a new controller.

How To Fix A Sticky Button On Xbox Controller

How to fix stick buttons on Xbox One Controller

Depending on your level and confidence, many options are available.

#1) Cotton Swabs and Rubbing Alcohol

This combination is non-invasive and simple to use if you are beginning to notice any stickiness. You may need to do a little cleaning to resolve your problem.

  1. Unplug the controller.
  2. The cotton buds should be rubbed with rubbing alcohol. It’s not necessary to have a lot.
  3. Use a cotton bud to wrap around the stick button. Alcohol can be used to break down the gunk.
  4. Once you have circled the button a few more times, keep pushing the button to allow the alcohol inside to penetrate further. Press on the skin to loosen any dirt.

It would be a mistake to touch the controller while it is still damp. You can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to speed up the drying process, and it will not cause any damage to the internal components.

#2) Repair an Xbox Controller

You can also take the controller to a repair shop for a free diagnosis. A specialist will take apart your Xbox One controller and diagnose the problem. If you are having trouble with your UBreakiFix controller, it is time to have it repaired.

Do’s and don’ts when repairing stuck buttons on a controller.


  • To clean, you can use alcohol and swabs.
  • Use the right resources
  • The controller should be handled with care.
  • Rely on the professionals at a repair company.


  • Never use water to clean.
  • Screwdrivers don’t need to be used.
  • Be careful not to squeeze too hard.
  • If you don’t have prior knowledge, it is best to avoid DIY.

Pro Tips: How to fix stuck buttons on Xbox One Controller

The most popular method of repairing Xbox One controllers is alcohol. But, it is possible for the controller to be damaged if you drink too much alcohol.

Avoid exposing the item to any liquids. You can clean the item with a cotton bud or Disinfectant. Avoid touching the controller with your bare hands, especially if you are using alcohol or any other liquids that could cause skin irritation.

The Xbox One controller should not be scrubbed with soap and water. It is possible to cause damage to the outer layer. It can damage the outer layer by using a good amount of cleaning and just a few swipes.

Do I need to continue using the Sticky Button on my Xbox One Controller while playing?

The sticky buttons on the Xbox One Controller are a serious problem. Although you may be able to avoid the issue initially, the Xbox One Controller will stop working after a few use with a sticky button.

It is common for game controls not to respond when you play. It can cause your gaming experience to be less enjoyable if the buttons on your controller feel stiff, sticky, or slow to respond.

You may have to replace the Xbox One Controller if you keep using it with this sticky issue. Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your Xbox One Controller and save you money.

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