How to Fix a Broken TV Screen

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen | Best Way To Do That


If you moved your TV and it fell, or one of the children threw a ball at it, you’re probably wondering How to Fix a Broken TV Screen.

Unfortunately, most of the time, you can’t repair the damaged screen of your TV. Television makers do not offer screens to replace them, and there’s no market secondary to used screens. This is because screens are the most expensive part of the TV. Replacing it will cost more than purchasing a new one!

Sometimes, your local electronics or TV repair shop will not even consider fixing your damaged TV screen. They’re aware that it’s not worth their time.

Learn from the experts, and don’t bother to repair the issue yourself.

Why Do TV Screens Cost So Much?

Why Do TV Screens Cost So Much

To better understand why your TV screen is an excessive amount, let’s take an overview of the production procedure and the processes involved.

If you purchased your TV in the last few days, chances are incredibly high that it originated from China. Mainly it was made by the BOE technology factory located in Hefei, the capital of the Chinese province of Anhui Province.

The BOE factory, where most US Television screens have produced the present, is one mile long and costs around 7 billion dollars to construct! Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, etc. All purchase television screens at BOE.

The process of creating the TV screen is highly complicated. For an LCD screen, for instance:

“Liquid Crystal Display screens are created by joining two glass sheets together. An unusual metal alloy can be seen through one of these glass sheets, transistor “cells” formed by first applying a layer of indium zinc oxide (ITO). This is how you get electrical signals into the middle of the screen.

Then, you apply an insulating layer of silicon followed by a process that creates millions of precisely-shaped transistor components. This patterning process is repeated to create tiny cells for each dot (known as pixels) that appears on the screen. Each step must be precisely aligned with the previous step within the range of a couple of microns. Remember, the average human hair measures 40 microns in size.

It is many technicians to keep the facility functioning.

It’s the primary reason your television screen is expensive. They are extremely challenging to construct and, as a result, are made by a handful of companies worldwide who produce these screens.

I’ve also read that only one out of 3 television screens passes testing during testing at the END of the production process. That means that 2 out of every 3 screens created are useless!

Another reason for the television screen’s cost is the cost of shipping.

The screens are manufactured in China and must be shipped to other countries for sale within the US. The cost of shipping these screens is expensive, and lots of damage could happen during the shipping process.

Therefore, the complexity and shipping also add to the cost of television screens. Nobody sells the screen independently because it does not make sense financially.

Your TV’s rest is comprised of plastic, which is inexpensive, as well as circuit boards.

If a new television costs $1,000, 800 dollars is how much the screen will cost with 200 bucks for circuit and plastic boards.

Common Causes of a Cracked TV Screen

Common Causes of a Cracked TV Screen

First of all, it is why TV screens are damaged. There is a myriad of causes for this. Most of the time, the damage is caused by accident. The child may be kicking or striking at a ball thrown, but it ends on top of the television! The TV is placed at a risky edge of the table, is pushed over and forms cracks! At times you could be able to drop it while moving it or installing it.

Therefore, putting your television out of children in their reach is recommended. It would help if you did not permit children to play ball in the space. Additionally, its installation and move (from one location to another) must be flawlessly executed, preferably with the assistance of trained experts.

What to Do if Damage is Done?

The next issue is, what happens if your television screen is damaged? Do you think it’s the end of the world (as some articles on the internet appear to assert), or is it possible to be able to get it repaired?

Access the damage If TV screens crack, they can be at various degrees of severity. You may face anything from a dead screen, tiny lines appearing in the image, no sound, and poor image quality.

Before you give up, it is essential to relax, look at the harm, and consider the possibilities before making any decisions.

If you’re not a pro at electronics, don’t attempt to fix the issue at home, particularly in the case of a flat-screen CRT. In most cases, you’ll be doing something wrong and likely experience an intense jolt.

Verify Your TV’s warranty: A feasible thing to check is to take out the warranty papers and determine if your TV remains in the warranty. If so, all you have to do is take your TV to an authorized service center (Please ensure that you contact the experts only through an authorized service center for genuine service). You will probably earn a free repair, a paid repair, or a replacement (depending on the reason behind the damage and the sub-clauses in the warranty contract from your TV manufacturer/supplier).

Find a Professional Repair, Authorized by the manufacturer: Taking your TV to an authorized professional service center is the best option to bring your TV screen restored. If you notice any problem with your Synix TV’s screen, head to the nearest Carlcare service center immediately. Our highly trained TV technicians will inspect the screen thoroughly and provide exact details about the damage in addition to providing the most cost-effective repair.

We have experience in fixing damaged TV screens of different brands. If your TV isn’t a new purchase and the warranty expires, we’ll give you the highest quality repair for the most affordable price, along with honest and expert assistance from our specialists.

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll enjoy when you join us.

  • Pocket-friendly Repair Service
  • Reliable Warranty
  • Professional Advice Before Repair
  • Guaranteed solutions
  • Genuine Parts Replacement
  • On-time delivery

TV specialists at Carlcare can assess the extent of the damage before providing the correct fix. A minor scratch may be easy to fix and might not be costly. A slightly more severe or multiple cracks might be irreparable and need replacement. In any scenario, you can rest at ease knowing that we will not guide you; instead, we will assist you to the best of our intentions.

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen

If you’re dealing with a damaged LCD LED TV screen with any damage, such as lines that run vertically, patches or spots, cracks or breakages, This page will offer tips on how to repair it. Most TVs today (Plasma and LCD, as well as LED) are heavy and fragile.

If a huge flat-screen TV isn’t connected to a wall, it is at the possibility to fall over and break the screen. The screen will likely be hit when your flat-screen LCD TV has slid over. Check out the following options to repair this issue without purchasing a new LCD TV.

If your TV doesn’t display a cracked screen and the issue has only developed on its own, you might be able to benefit from the warranty provided by the manufacturer of your TV. If the TV’s screen displays vertical lines, spots tiny dots, bright pixels, blurred or distorted shading, or color problems, there is a chance to benefit from the warranty.

To make getting in touch with your TV manufacturer simpler, we’ve included the contact information for most TV brands below. Ensure you keep your receipt from the purchase, and note the serial number and model number on your television’s back.

TV brand names for warranty claims are listed according to the most popular: Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Insignia, Toshiba, JVC, Philips, Magnavox, Sanyo, and Emerson. These links can help you contact the manufacturer to make a warranty claim. If your TV has a broken screen or a knock to the screen has created bright vertical lines, it is an event caused by physical damage and therefore is not covered by a warranty.

If your flat-screen TV displays dreadful vertical lines and the screen’s half is darker, or the screen has been damaged or is broken, this could be fixed; however, it could cost more than what you have paid for the entire TV. If your screen has been damaged or cracked, You can replace the LCD, Screen LED, or Plasma component. On certain flat-screen TVs, you will find a glass panel on top of the screen. Identifying the part that is damaged before you decide to buy replacements is essential.

Repairing a Broken Flat Screen TV

If you’re planning to repair the flat screen of your TV, there are some issues you might encounter. The most common issues with broken TVs are damaged screens, broken black spots, picture lines, or image distortion. When the damaged screen damage has not extended beyond the screen and has not been absorbed into the LED, LCD or plasma behind the screen, replacing the television’s flat screen is likely possible if you find the parts you need reasonably priced.

If your TV screen is cracked severely and the damage has gotten into the underlying structure, the crack is so deep that it could be causing damage to the LCD, Plasma or LED. If that is the situation, it could be more expensive to fix the TV rather than replace it.

There could be LCD LED PLASMA repair shops for TVs nearby that could help you with your questions. Certain flat screen repair shops will not fix damaged screens since the cost isn’t worthwhile. They can, however, replace other internal components of the TV that have failed. The parts that failed in the TV might have led to the TV not showing the screen correctly, ghosting, or a screen that isn’t working.

If your screen is not damaged, however, the screen will not appear, but your warranty has expired; it is valid; here are a few ways to fix it. One single part may have failed in the flat-screen TV you have. There are a variety of circuit wiring harnesses and boards inside your flat-panel TV. A few components inside the LCD TV include power supplies, a t-con board, capacitors and inverters, controller boards signal inputs, IR sensors, and much more.

Single components might have failed on your TV, causing the display to light up. It is determining which part that is malfunctioning within your TV could be a challenge. This can be accomplished but is not recommended if you do not know how to use the multimeter or have no prior experience in electronic repair. If this is the circumstance, you may take your TV to a repair shop so that they will be able to troubleshoot the issue for you.

Ask them to tell you about the component that went bad, pay them the around $40 that they charged to fix the issue, and then return home to purchase the part yourself. This will help you save cash, and your TV will perform like new.

When your television is not repairable, Most people remove the circuit boards and separate the pieces. Selling the video and audio components that make up your damaged TV could be the only option to recover the cost of your television. It’s not recommended, as certain used TV parts don’t have much value. If you choose to take them off, you might consider offering them for sale on eBay.

For a guide on disassembling and fixing flat-screen television (or monitor), check out some videos below that can help you navigate in the correct direction. Be aware when you take away a TV since electricity could still be stored in a few components that could cause electrocution.

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