How To Find Trending Sounds On Instagram

How To Find Trending Sounds On Instagram


Have you ever wondered why one song is stuck in your head lately? The trending audio has likely caught on if you are a regular Instagram Reel user. Reels that connect with your audience and capture attention are made possible by trending audio. Let’s find out How To Find Trending Sounds On Instagram.

Reels works similarly to TikTok and allows users to view short-form videos directly from the Instagram app. Instagram is constantly releasing Reels features to encourage creators to create engaging videos, challenge others and establish viral trends. Creators can use hashtags, captions, and text as well as stickers and audio to create unique videos and connect with users. This will help them increase their visibility and grow their following.

Many factors contribute to a successful reel, but engaging and on-trend audio is the most important. This will ensure your audience stays relevant and authentic. The correct use of audio trends engagingly and uniquely can result in higher engagement, greater reach, and more eyes on your content, ultimately leading to more subscribers, sales, and followers.

How do you choose which audio trends to follow? How can you know what audio is booming, and where can you find it? Let’s get started.

What Songs Are The Most Popular On Reels?

What Songs Are The Most Popular On Reels

Reels include audio that is trending (or audio/sound). But just because a song or sound is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s trendy. Audio that isn’t trending can be found in Reels with hundreds of thousands of views.

Momentum is the key. Is it possible that people suddenly listen to particular audio more often? Is tapping audio creating more Reels? Is it possible to save the audio for later use?

If the answer is yes, that audio is trendy.

Trending Songs Are Worth Your Attention

Trending Songs Are Worth Your Attention

Social researcher and writer Alex Boswell researched the benefits of trending music and audio in Reels.

He looked at the Reels Explore page and noted the following data points. Reel views, audio trending, and number of Reels that included the audio.

36.7% featured trending audio, and those Reels had a view count of just over 13,000,000. The Reels with no trending audio (63.3%) only received a little over 9 million views, a difference of 4,000,000.

These facts show how trending audio can impact your Reels strategy and results. Other benefits are also easy to see. These include:

  • Higher chance of virality: Sounds which are trending (i.e. those with low Reel counts but a trending symbol) have a high probability of increasing your reel’s virality prospects.
  • Improve your branding: Creating original audio to accompany your reel will make your brand more memorable and engage people’s ears.
  • Increased engagement: Instagram values Reels, including songs or sounds that users like to remix into their Reels. These users will share your audio and engage with your brand.

Now that you know how trending audio can increase your brand’s growth on Instagram let us discuss how to find these tracks.

How To Find Trending Sounds On Instagram

It’s easy to find trending sounds for Instagram Reels, even though there isn’t an explicit “Trending” list (which Instagram may eventually implement). There are three options you can use until then:

Manual search

Although it can sound tedious when you hear the term “manual”, this method can be fun. Keep in mind that Instagram often changes its UI when introducing new features. This could change in the future.

You’ll need to open Instagram and go to the Reels Explore Page (centre icon).

You can then scroll through the Reels that Instagram suggests for you. It’s easy to identify trending audio: Look at the audio section and try to spot the “trending” icon.

Click on the ” trending ” symbol to access the audio page.

The dedicated page will tell you if the audio is original and how many Reels feature them. It also contains a scrollable page with those Reels. You can also save and play the audio.

The dedicated Use button is also visible with the camera icon. This will open the Reel creation. It will apply the latest audio to your reel.

The Trend Report is available here.

You don’t want to scroll through Reels yourself, or you are afraid of procrastinating. You can also check out the Reels Trend Report.

Instagram’s @Creators account publishes Trend Reports every Friday. They usually look something like this:

Each report summarises the week’s most popular content, such as sounds, music and hashtags. Sometimes, it also highlights the creator’s account. You are a step behind the rest when you use Trend Reports.

There’s an easy way to get ahead of the rest on Instagram.

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