How To Find Stream Key On Twitch?

How To Find Stream Key On Twitch – Easy Steps


Twitch is perhaps the most well-known streaming website around the globe. Many different streaming applications allow broadcasting via Twitch.

Before you stream on Twitch, you’ll have to set up the streaming software. To complete the setup, you’ll need to know How to Find Stream Key On Twitch

It is important to note that your Twitch stream key lets the software know the location to upload your video. Each Twitch channel has one, and most streaming applications require you to input your stream key before beginning recording.

Many popular games include ” Twitch integration,” which means you can input your Twitch stream code to link the game to your account. It is often possible to unlock new game modes and features that allow players on the Twitch chat interface with the game in a way.

It is essential to keep the Twitch stream key private because anyone could use it to broadcast content you do not want streaming to your account.

Find out how to locate that stream key using any internet-connected software using the Mac or personal computer.

How To Find Stream Key On Twitch?

How To Locate Your Twitch Stream Key

1. Use an online browser to access your Mac or PC and go to Twitch and sign in If you’re not already.

2. Click your profile’s circular icon at the top-right corner and choose “Creator Dashboard” from the drop-down menu.

3. On the Creator Dashboard, Click the gear icon on the screen’s left-hand side. It’s identified as “Preferences.” If you do not see it, press the three horizontal lines in the upper-left part of the display to show it.

4. If you select “Preferences,” more options will be displayed below. Click “Channel.”

5. You’ll find a page called “Stream Key & Preferences.” The stream key will appear located at the top. Copy your stream’s key without seeing it by selecting “Copy” or clicking “Show” to show it, and then duplicate it by hand.

Once ready for streaming, you’ll need to provide this stream key to the selected streaming program.

What Is A Twitch Stream Key Used For?

What Is A Twitch Stream Key Used For

Once you’ve received your stream’s key, you’re ready to stream live. It is worth knowing without knowing the best way to set up your stream. To do this, it is essential to, at a minimum, know how to choose the scene within OBS for broadcasting.

To begin, in OBS, you will need to click on the + icon beneath scenes and choose a source for broadcast. It can be anything like recording your entire screen, a game feed, your webcam, or just a tiny portion or area of the screen.

When you have at least one scene, you can work your way outwards and set up several scenes that you can switch between. Many streamers have an all-screen camera chat via chat or games. Some streamers have intricate transitions that you can configure to switch between the different scenes.

Put it this way, a Twitch Key or Stream Code is the thing that “points” OBS, your software for broadcasting toward your channel. It informs OBS, for example, which location to which it should “send” your video once you have started the broadcast.

In other words, if you share your stream with someone else, they will have access to the key; they may broadcast your channel without consent, which is why it’s crucial never to broadcast it to anyone else.


A critical item associated with an account on Twitch account’s account is your Stream Key. In the article above, we explained the importance of securing it, what it’s employed for, and how to “fetch the key” from the Creator’s Dashboard, whichever reason you require it.

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