How To Find Someone's Comments On Instagram

How To Find Someone’s Comments On Instagram – 2 Quick Methods


Are you a Social Media Manager for a company? Are you looking to locate How To Find Someone’s Comments On Instagram? If yes, continue reading this article, and we’ll explain how to find an individual’s comments and locate someone’s comments on Instagram with step-by-step directions.

Can You Find Who Has Commented On Instagram?

Can You Find who has commented on Instagram

Before the free months were available, there was an Activity tab on every profile. It was possible to view that user’s activities from the tab for activity that includes the places he made comments and what posts they enjoyed, along with the dates and times. However, the tab is not secure, and as a result of numerous complaints across the globe, Instagram has removed this feature.

After taking out the “Activity” “Activity” tab from the user’s profile, there’s no way to verify comments posted by a specific user.

Solution To How To Find Someone’s Comments On Instagram

You can use a solution to find comments posted by someone on Instagram; however, it will take a lot of time. Since it’s a manual process, you can form teams and divide tasks to make them more efficient.

A. Users Can Search Instagram Comments Using A User’s Username

Users Can Search Instagram Comments Using A User's Username

It is necessary to go to the particular user’s follower list and then open the posts that they’ve made. You can then load all the comments made on that post and locate the comment posted by the user.

To speed up the process, you can access the Instagram website on your computer and use Ctrl+S or Cmd+S after you have opened every comment and then enter the username of a specific user to determine what they’ve commented on. Repeat the process for every follower’s post one at a time.

B. Find Instagram Comments From Competitor’s Posts

Find Instagram Comments From Competitor's Posts

Suppose you’re an executive/social media manager and want to turn a particular user into a customer. In this case, you can use the following strategy: To check the commenters on a particular post, look through all your competitors’ Instagram profiles or your product’s relevant recent posts. You can then determine whether the user you are looking for has commented on the posts. It is also possible to use the web version of Instagram to locate comments from users by searching.

You can also see what comments someone made on the message they sent to you. If you get a lot of notifications, you might locate the specific person’s notification by searching for it within the older logs of notifications.

How To Find Instagram Comments Posted By You?

How To Find Instagram Comments Posted By You

If you’re interested in finding out what kind of your comments were previously, you can find out by using the Instagram App.

  1. Launch the Instagram app and tap the icon for your profile at the bottom.
  2. After that, tap the menu icon located at the top of the right-hand corner.
  3. Tap on the Settings option in the settings.
  4. Go to then the security option on the menu option.
  5. Click for then the download data option from the new screen.
  6. Enter the email address on the screen, followed by entering the Instagram password.
  7. Log in to the Email and access the email sent via Instagram.
  8. Open the link within the Instagram app or browser and click the” Download Information” ” Download Information” option.
  9. It will then be downloaded to your phone’s download folder.
  10. Open then the Zip file and then navigate through your comment folder.
  11. Navigate to the comments.html folder within the browser to browse all your posted comments.

How to Hide and Filter Instagram Comments?

How to Hide and Filter Instagram Comments

You can filter or hide user-specific comments –

  1. Launch the Instagram App, then tap the profile icon.
  2. Tap onto the Menu icon and then select the Options option.
  3. Tap then on the “Privacy”—”Privacy” option.
  4. Click to open your comments option, disable comments if you’d like, or add a few users to the blocklist to stop users from commenting on your blog posts.
  5. You can also include words to filter comments and then auto-hide when the term is used within the comments.

How To Turn Off Comments On Your Posts?

How To Turn Off Comments On Your Posts

You can also deactivate the ability to comment on new posts or previously posted posts.

  1. Tap on the 3-dot menu of the already published blog post. Then, tap”Comment Off,” and the ” Turn off commenting” option.
  2. Before you publish Before publishing, click on advanced options to publish new posts. Then, tap the” switch off commenting option.


As we all know, there isn’t a way to search for someone’s posts on Instagram. We have also suggested a method to locate and search Instagram comments posted by users and you.

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