How To Find Live Videos On Instagram

Instagram Live is a feature that allows you to live stream or broadcast video to your Instagram followers in real-time. Live videos live next to Stories, just above the main Instagram feed.

When you go Live on Instagram, your followers get notified, and then they can join your live, and this way you can communicate with multiple friends at the same time.

You can also look for live videos to pass your time when you are online.

In this article, we have explained How To Find Live Videos On Instagram and amuse yourself for hours end.  

A Step-By-Step Guide To Find Live Videos On Instagram

A Step-By-Step Guide To Find Live Videos On Instagram

As you already know it is a fairly easy task to find out live videos of people you already follow. A ‘LIVE’ sign is displayed on their profile picture, and you can watch them live by clicking on their profile picture.

Additionally, you can also watch random live videos on Instagram, the step-by-step guide on how to find live videos on Instagram is given below:

1. Search For “IGTV”

Firstly, open Instagram and log in to your account if you haven’t already. On the bottom navigation bar, you’ll see multiple icons. This includes a home icon, a search icon, a plus icon, and more. 

Tap on the search icon on the bottom navigation bar to go to the explore page. On top of the explore page, you’ll see a search bar. Search for “IGTV” using the search bar. Next, tap on “Tags” to see only the hashtag search results. Then, tap on the IGTV hashtag to see posts that have the IGTV hashtag.

2. Tap On An IGTV Video

After you’ve tapped on the IGTV hashtag, you’ll see a grid list of posts that have the IGTV hashtag. Now, you need to find an IGTV video. An IGTV video is marked with the IGTV icon. Tap on an IGTV video

3. Watch The IGTV Video

After you’ve tapped on an IGTV video, it will expand. If the video is an IGTV video, you’ll see a “Watch IGTV video” option. However, if the video is not an IGTV video, you won’t see the “Watch IGTV video” option. Now, you need to expand the video again. To do so, tap on “Watch IGTV video” to watch the video on fullscreen.

4. Tap On “Browse IGTV”

After you’ve tapped on “Watch IGTV video”, the video will expand. Now, you’ll be able to watch the video on fullscreen. On the bottom right corner of the video, you’ll see a “Browse IGTV” option. Tap on “Browse IGTV” to browse IGTV.

This will allow you to see random live videos/live streams on Instagram.

5. Tap on “See All”

After you’ve tapped on “Browse IGTV”, you’ll land on the IGTV page. On the IGTV page, you’ll see a couple of headers. This includes “Live Now” and “Videos For You”. Under the “Videos For You” header, you’ll see recommended IGTV videos for you. Under the “Live Now” header, you’ll see random live videos on Instagram.

 You’ll also see a “See All” option next to it. Tap on “See All” to see all live videos on Instagram. Keep in mind that the “Live Now” section might not show up all the time. This is because not many people are live streaming on Instagram. If you don’t see it, you need to check back again after a few hours.

6. Watch Random Live Videos

After you’ve tapped on “See All”, you’ll see a grid list of random live videos on Instagram. Typically, the live videos at the top of the list have the most views. In other words, the most popular lives are at the top of the list. As you scroll down the list, the views get lesser and lesser. Tap on a live video on the list to watch it. You’ve successfully learned how to find and watch live videos on Instagram!

How To Go Live On Instagram In Two Easy Steps

How To Go Live On Instagram In Two Easy Steps

Going live on Instagram is simple.

To start, you need to have an Instagram account (surprise!), and a phone since many of Instagram’s features are only available on mobile.

Then jump into the first step:

Step 1: Tap The Plus Icon On The Top Right

From your profile or feed, tap the plus icon on the top right. This will prompt you to choose what type of content you want to create.

Step 2: Tap Go Live

Once you tap Live on the list above, Instagram automatically pulls up the Live option you can see in the screengrab below.

Tap on the recording icon. Instagram will briefly check your phone’s internet connection before starting your broadcast.

Voila! That’s how to go live on Instagram in two steps. See, we told you it was simple.

Celebrate those flying hearts! That’s the audience showin’ you love.

At the bottom and on the top right of your screen, you’ve got some spicy features you can use to make your Livestream even better.

  • Questions. You can collect questions from your audience by posting a question sticker on an Instagram Story before you go live. You can access your viewers’ questions in the stream when you jump on
  • Send. You can send your live video to a user on Instagram during a broadcast. Notice your mom’s not watching your stream? Send it directly to her!
  • Add a guest. This allows you and another user to share the live video. When you add a guest, you’ll both appear in the video via split-screen.
  • Face filters. Want a new hair color, facial hair, or to look like a puppy? Entertain your followers with filters.
  • Change camera. Switch the camera from selfie mode to regular mode.
  • Share a photo or video. Grab a picture or video from your camera roll and share it with your live audience.
  • Add a comment. Use this field to add a comment to your stream. Or, if your mom did join and is trolling you, you can use it to turn off commenting.

When you’re done filming your Instagram Live video, tap the X icon at the top right-hand corner. Once your video has ended, you’ll be prompted to either view it in your Instagram Live archive or discard it.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, we hope we were able to provide you with meaningful insight on how to find live videos on Instagram and how you can go live. 

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